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I don't know about you, but one of the most difficult things I find about running my own business is finding the time to plan ahead, to invest in myself so that I can develop my skills and competences. The day-to-day business of running a business is so time-consuming that it leaves little room for anything else - getting your tax returns in on time, sending out invoices, preparing quotes and simply 'doing' what it is you do with your business all take so much time that planning ahead and investing in the future tend to take a back seat.

And that's a shame, because running a business successfully means also looking to the future, learning new skills, increasing your knowledge and developing yourself. This month's WISE is full of events about moving forward, about looking at and overcoming the obstacles to your business success. For example, if your online skills need a little push in the right direction you should read Charlene's Bubble, in which Charlene gives us the lowdown on Move it Forward: Female Digital Starters Week-end - a great opportunity to develop your digital skills.

Or maybe you're still unsure about what you really want from your business and what is best for you. During the WBII network event on 25 October, Ria van Doorn will share with us 'The Clarity Process', explaining how we can overcome the obstacles that are causing us to play small. Alternatively it may simply be that your work space is a shambles, making it difficult for you to find the things you need to work efficiently. In her 10-minute pitch during the October WBII network event, Darina Veen will talk about the Feng Shui of your desk - how to de-clutter your desk and your thoughts.

And looking even further ahead, there's the Start Your Own Business Seminar in April next year.

So as you can see, we may be moving into the autumn and approaching the end of the year, WBII is moving ever-forward. Read on about all the great and inspiring events in store over the coming weeks.

October network event - 25 October 2018

Become Crystal Clear on what is holding you back!

How would your life be different if you had resolved any confusion and had total clarity about what you want and what is best for you?

During this month's WBII network event, Life & Business Coach Ria van Doorn will facilitate “The Clarity Process” to help you overcome any obstacle that cause you to play small.

In this Clarity Process you will

✔︎ Create a Crystal-Clear Vision on how to attract clients, without feeling overwhelmed

✔︎ Uncover Hidden Challenges that are sabotaging your ability to earn a sustainable income

​✔︎ Feel Renewed, Energised and Inspired to take the next step in your career


Register here
Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel, The Hague.
Time: Doors open at 19:00; presentation at 19:30 and plenty of time to network afterwards.
Did you miss the Rise and Lead Summit (which replaced the usual WBII network event)?

Alongside part 1 of this review of the day by Lisa Hall of Lemonberry, below some of the many reactions to what was, by all accounts, a great event and some fantastic photos:
' was fun, great content, inspiring speakers & awesome network..'
' Thank you for putting a great event together, it was a great inspirational to all of us.'
' It was an amazing day and it was an honor to be a part of it.'
' A very inspiring event! '
' Thank you Ebere, panelists and everyone for an awesome event! '
' Congratulations! Let’s not wait a year. Us CEO’s are hungry for more.'
Great and refreshing speakers, positive energy whole day!! '

And so it goes on! Nothing but praise for the event itself, the organisation, the 'back stage' workers and the speakers. Let's hope that next year the event will be just as successful.....!

Charlene's Bubble

Moving It Forward … in an inspiring and collaborative week-end
WBII is so pleased and honoured to have been able to support our own Ebere Akadiri’s amazing Rise & Lead Summit in last month! At the end of the day, I was only sorry that it was all over, and would like to thank Ebere and all of her team for their leadership and passion in organizing this fantastic event!
Continuing on the theme of inspiring and supporting women, WBII is thrilled to be partnering with a number of organizations to bring you the Move It Forward - Female Digital Starters Week-end on November 10 & 11. This 2-day event will help to develop your digital skills, by introducing you to building an app, a website, and showing you how to launch your business in the cloud. It will all be done in an atmosphere of sharing, caring, collaboration, and most of all, fun! The theme chosen for the event is Women – Food – Health – Nutrition, and participants will be invited to consider using this theme when applying their digital and business skills. 
This event has major sponsorship behind it, and thanks to the many organizations that are supporting us, we are pleased to be able to offer it at such a low price - €20 for the entire week-end, including delicious meals and refreshments! The Digital Leadership Institute (DLI) based in Brussels has organized these events in a number of European cities, and through our membership of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform, we were able to invite Cheryl Miller and her team at DLI to come to the Netherlands. Webster University has generously offered to host the week-end event at their beautiful campus in Leiden, and other sponsors and partners, including the Expat Centre-City of Leiden, and our own Ebere Akadiri of Ataro Food and Spices, are hosting the food and beverages, prizes, and speakers, and providing support. It’s been a great pleasure and wonderful experience to organize Move It Forward - in large part with Dr. Yang Fan of Webster’s Department of Business & Management - and seeing it come to fruition is for me personally extremely rewarding. I also plan to take advantage of this week-end to polish up my ‘rusty’ digital skills!!
Even if your digital skills are already excellent, you may still like to join us as a coach or mentor! This is free of charge, and you can attend the entire week-end if you like! We need coaches and entrepreneurial role models for the female students and participants who can give them some guidance and advice about everything from fine-tuning their business ideas, to guiding them through the ins and outs of building an app. And on top of the learning environment, it will also to be great for networking!
We look forward to having you join us at this very special week-end! Please visit the Move it Forward event page to register as a participant or as a coach. Feel free to contact me directly for any additional information at:

Member Events & Notices

Jet Sichterman  Expat Child Psychology Open(ing) Day

Have you always wondered what child psychologists do? Curious about our Social Skills 4 Kids programme? Confused by all the terms on psychologists’ websites (CBT, ABA, ASD, ADHD, to name but a few…)?

Find the answers at our Open(ing) Day!

Expat Child Psychology is on a mission to help international children thrive. We have just moved to our new location and are keen to show you around and give you a peek inside our world.

Joining in is free of charge and open to everyone who is interested.

Date: 10 October
Time: 16:30 – 18:30
Location: Koninginnegracht 101, The Hague

Why Feng Shui for your office desk?     

  • Why top business tycoons never compromise the direction of their desk and how to arrange yours.
  • Why and how teh energy of your environment can influence a third of your manifesting abilities.
  • The secret of 'de-cluttering' people rarely talk about.

These are some of the secrets Darina Veen will share with us during her 10-minute pitch during the WBII network event in October.
Date: 25 October 2018
Time: 19:00
Where: Carlton Ambassador

Best of Enemies - a play of hope and reconciliation

Monika de Waal of Unique Sources has invited Kelli McLoud-Schingen, female entrepreneur and artistic director of he World Stage Theatre Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and cast  for performances of Best of Enemies, a play of hope and reconciliation in times of polarisation.

This week the play will be performed in Delft and The Hague (having already been performed in Amsterdam)

9 October  - Het Rietveld Theater in Delft
13 October - Theater De Vaillant in The Hague

Upcoming Business & Networking Events

17 October - Leiderscahap op Hakken, Haagsche Vrouwen Zaken - The Hague
25 October - Ondernemers High Tea, Ondernemers Huis - The Hague
25 October - BitterBallenBorrel - The Hague
6 November - Connecting Women November gathering - The Hague
7 November - Zakelijk Speeddaten, Haagsche Businees Club - The Hague

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