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Working on this newsletter, I've spent time on the WBII website flicking between members' profiles, the home and the events pages. In so doing, I've been struck by the wide diversity of WBII members, and how, despite which, or maybe because of which, we seem to manage to create linkages between each other to provide better products and services to our clients.

There are some prime examples of collaborations in the Member notices this month and many of our new members listed below talk of their desire to meet and work with other members. The same goes for Charlene's Bubble in which Charlene talks about the deep need women especially seem to have for affiliations.

I see this as one of the main strengths of WBII - we are individual entrepreneurs but we look for ways to work together. And despite the ease with which we can now meet online, nothing beats face-to-face contact. Not necessarily to 'close the deal', but as a way to get to know each other on a personal level. I'm convinced that you're more likely to recommend or feel comfortable working with someone with whom you've shared a drink and spent some time.

The events organised by WBII are a great way for us to meet in person. In the coming weeks, there will be several opportunities for us to get together, starting with pre-season festive office borrel on 15 November.

At the newly renovated WBII office on Nassauplein, you can meet and chat to other members in an informal setting and enjoying a drink and some nibbles. No agenda, no presentations, just gezellig!

Hot on the heels of the borrel, we have our monthly networking event on 28 November with guest speaker Erica van Engel (see below).

And then we'll be into the last month of 2019 and our annual Festive Lunch on 12 December.

This year the lunch will be held at the Brasserie Zinq at the Hotel School and includes a  3-course lunch, aperitif, one drink during lunch and a hot beverage. Places are limited this year, so register as soon as you can!

So as you can see, plenty of opportunities for us to meet, chat and do business together. I hope you enjoy this WISE and look forward to meeting many of you face-to-face in the coming weeks.

November network event 28 November

Make it happen Masterclass - set your strategy for 2020 with Erica van Engel, sustainable business strategist and the founder of Belief in Business.

Erica  van EngelIn a change to our programme, during this mini masterclass, Erica van Engel will share her method to make things happen.

You will learn how to:
  • (re)focus on your goals
  • (re)frame your plan
  • (re)fuel your spirit
Register now!

Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel, The Hague
Doors open: 19:00
Presentation starts: 19:30 and plenty of time to network afterwards. 

Would you like to review this presentation? Send me an email at

Did you miss our last networking event, Making something out of nothing with Sara Kemppainen?

Not to worry - Deborah Valentine has written this great review - Young, poised, driven, grateful and making waves

What a pleasure, and honour it was for the WBII to have had Sara Kemppainen share with us her story “Something out of nothing: The story of building a Flourishing Network” .... In essence, her story was one of observation – experience – acknowledgement of her privilege & mother – finding others who shared the observation and, together, taking action....Read the rest of this review on the WBII website!

Member highlight

A new feature to the WBII networking event is the '10-minute highlight' by a member during which she gets to talk about herself, her work and upcoming projects in more detail.

A great way to introduce yourself and your business to WBII members and to practice your 'pitch'!
Do you dare?
Ready to be give a 10-minute pitch about your business? Send an email to the WBII board at

New members

5 new members to greet this month!

Julieta Timane Julieta Timane, Workshopsforyou. Julieta is Certified Career and Transition Coach and founder of Workshopsforyou.

Kalpee HowardKalpee Howard, Living Well Unlocked. Kalpee runs health and nutrition workshops for the community and the workplace.

Eva RogojanEva Rogojan, Expatself. Expatself offers different types of courses tailored to expats’ needs in the field of self-development and focuses on the development of practical skills.

Manuela DamantManuela Damant, Azkua. Azkua offers personal developmental coaching for women and men wanting to make a change.

Cigdem GuvenCigdem Guven, Crocusfield. Crocusfield is a graphic design studio based in Den Haag and specialised in branding, print design and illustration.

A very warm welcome to you all!

Charlene's Bubble

‘Affiliation’ is a word that is in my working vocabulary and means, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘a connection with a political party or religion, or with a larger organisation’. I recently learned about another use of the word ‘affiliation’ which helps me to have a better understanding of women’s entrepreneurship and explains why organisations such as WBII are needed and continue to thrive.
Need for Affiliation
According to extensive research by the respected Harvard psychologist Professor David McClelland and his followers around the world, women tend to have a greater need for affiliation. As used in the field of psychology, we understand that affiliation refers to the need and desire for women to be together, and to share and support each other. Furthermore, this need for affiliation many be particularly important during more stressful situations.
Psychologists are not sure if this in an inborn or acquired need, but the result is that, especially when things are uncertain (for example, having a new baby, starting a new job, etc.), it has been shown that women in particular like and need to be together. This also applies to becoming and being an entrepreneur, another uncertain time for many women.

With women currently representing only 1/3rd of all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Europe, and the potential economic benefits of women’s entrepreneurship recognised as being a huge ‘untapped resource’, this stronger need for affiliation alone is a reason to have special programmes for women entrepreneurs. In fact, when Suzy Ogé started the WBII nearly 14 years ago, one of the reasons that she gave is that she wanted to have her own business, but needed also to have a community around her, and so the WBII was born.
Starting a business can be stressful
It has been demonstrated that women have traditionally been held back, for a number of reasons, from starting their own businesses, especially where society traditionally mainly valued the place of women in the home. Because of this tradition, starting a business may be more stressful for women. This need to band together also explains for me why there are so many women’s entrepreneurship organisations, both formal and informal, throughout Europe, and around the world, giving the word ‘affiliation’ a fresh, new meaning for me. Becoming and being an entrepreneur is facilitated, is more interesting, and/or more enjoyable when women are engaged together with their sisters.
Many of the women who are members of these organisations are working in positions where few women may have worked before. They need guidance and want to be in touch with others who have worked their way up. These groups are frequently small and operate on a shoestring, but still find ways to continue, simply because the need is there. In the case of the WBII, the fact that many of our members are internationals, who may be unfamiliar with Dutch language and culture, means that the need for affiliation becomes even more important.
Supporting the entire spectrum
Perhaps when a business is more mature, and when women entrepreneurs are more sure of themselves, they may have less of a need for affiliation. But affiliation can also be a rewarding source of support at a more mature stage of business growth, including as an opportunity to give back and share our know-how with others who are new or younger than we are. Affiliation is fundamentally about enjoying each other’s company and learning from each other, which is actively facilitated in entrepreneurship organisations such as WBII. The WBII board recognises the need to support our members who may be at different points in the spectrum of business start-up and development, and we always appreciate your suggestions!

Top Tip

Have you heard about the new tax ruling that is available to ZZP'ers? In the small entrepreneurs scheme (KOR), the VAT regulations will change with effect from 1 January 2020. Instead of a tax reduction, there will be a VAT exemption. You can use this if your turnover stays below 20,000 euros. If you are eligible for the tax exemption, take action! Make sure your registration is received by the Tax Authorities before November 20, 2019.
The WBII has signed onto this scheme and will therefore no longer be charging BTW for membership or events. The price of membership will be €175 from January 1st 2020, so all those renewing next year will be charged this amount. As the tax reduction is no longer available, we are increasing our net price to cover the reduction amount that will be lost. For those of you who don't claim BTW (and those under the 20K threshold), this is a reduction in costs.
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Member notices

Dovile CorriganInformation from Dovile Corrigan about this 2-day Enliven - Love Your Work! workshop by Azkua.

A 2-day intensive workshop brought to you by AZKUA
21st-22nd of November, The Hague

enliven (ɪnˈlaɪvən) 
vb (tr) 
1. to make active, vivacious, or spirited; invigorate
2. to make cheerful or bright; gladden or brighten
We all possess unique traits and strengths that we could bring to our work and the world as a whole. Yet many of us have been losing touch with what energizes us, gives us meaning and adds purpose to our careers.

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning excited to go to work. Being able to dedicate your talent to benefit your stakeholders, your team and yourself. Tapping into your intrinsic motivation by living into your values and making a difference.

More details from the azkua website

 *50% discount applicable to WBII members

Jet SichtermanFinding your Inner Peace - Parent Forum organised by Jet Sichterman of Embracing Horizons

Wednesday, 27 November at 19:00

Finding your inner peace can be a challenge, even more so if you are a busy and potentially sleep-deprived parent! How can you be more in control of our thoughts and emotions and feel more balanced? During our last parent Forum of 2019, Psychologist Vassia Sarantopoulou of Antiloneliness will give you the insights and tools you need to move closer to that place of Inner Peace.

Julieta TimaneOffice space

New member Julieta Timane, is offering office space on the Bennordenhoutseweg in The Hague. All the details are in this pdf.

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Upcoming Business & Networking Events

14 November - BitterBallenBorrel (Dutch) - Rotterdam
20 November - Amsterdam American Business Club networking event - Amsterdam
26 November - Den Haag Onderneemt (Dutch) - The Hague
29 November - KoffiePitch (Dutch) - The Hague

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