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Incorporate EM® Technology Into Your Daily Living Routine


EM Technology® can be incorporated into so many aspects of your daily life for a more sustainable and chemical-free way to maintain your health. From bathing and oral health to water conditioning and septic tanks, EM® Technology can be used throughout your household.

Dr. Don's and Oral Health


When most people think of probiotics they tend to only associate them with gut health. However, beneficial microbes play an equally crucial role in your oral health. The most commonly used bacteria in probiotics is Lactobacillus, since they are naturally found in the human biome (or the population of microbes in the human body). L. paracasei, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus and L. salivarius are commonly found in saliva. Although some bacteria can cause plaque and lead to poor dental health, our oral health depends on beneficial bacteria to stay healthy. Along with proper brushing, flossing and mouth wash; beneficial microorganisms can help prevent plaque, fight bad breath, manage gingivitis, and decrease inflammation from gum disease.


Dr. Don's® uses EM® Technology to provide a antioxidant toothpowder as well as an oral rinse to incorporate into your daily routine. Dentists often use tooth powder to clean and polish teeth, Dr. Don's® offers a powder that contains no harmful soaps, anti-bacterial agents (alcohol), parabens, or fluoride. Dr. Don's® helps prevent particles from adhering to teeth and gums while supplying a deep cleansing and polishing that traditional pastes alone cannot provide. When the two products are used together they produce a more alkaline saliva that helps to improve the overall health of the oral cavity; and assists in producing more alkaline body fluids as well. CLICK HERE to see some clinical trials done with Dr. Don's® products.

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Natural Spa Treatment | Spa Ceramics and Far Infrared Therapy

Most people enjoy the occasional hot bath to relax at the end of the day. With EM® Technology you can make your home bath experience more spa like with bath salts, ceramics and probiotic soaps that are free of chemicals and healthy for the environment too. EM-1® can be used as a bath water treatment for better skin, as well as preventing and eating up soap residues. Soaked hands and feet will become less cracked, and foot odors and nail fungus can be eliminated.


In spa treatments, EM-X® Ceramics are placed in the water as part of far infrared therapy. The far infrared ceramics have a penetrating heat and keep the water warmer longer. EM-1® can also be used for cleaning up massage oils, as it digests leftover oils and works well on unsealed stone.

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Water Conditioning
Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that stick the solids to each other and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside. To purify the water, we need to break up these molecule clusters and remove the impurities. Since the molecules are ionized, we can do this effectively by using a charge to pull the clusters apart, a process known as ion water purification.

This "pulling apart" is the basis of how magnetic water treatments work. The magnetic charge pulls the molecules apart and separates the clusters. EM-X
® Ceramics emit an ultrasonic frequency that will break water molecules and dissolve solids clusters apart. The ceramics adsorb the impurities into the ceramic pores. The EM-X® Gold Beverage Stone is a great option for drinking water and lets you enjoy tap water without the taste of chlorine.
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Septic Tank Maintenance


There has been much debate in the professional arena about the use of inoculants in septic systems for septic tank maintenance and odor control. Many products contain large amounts of fillers and very little active bacteria. Some products work well under certain conditions. As more and more of us continue to use antibiotic soaps, increase the use of bleach and other disinfectants, and increase the intake of pharmaceuticals; the moving force of an onsite treatment system (the septic tank microbes) start to die. As professionals have stated in published journals, "The septic tank is dead. The leaching field is dead and plugged. The only way to revive it is to inoculate it with a strong, live culture of microbes."


EM-1® Septic Treatment has been shown to effectively eliminate septic tank odor, lower maintenance costs, control future odors, vastly improve drain field performance and prevent groundwater pollution. The naturally fermented live microbial blend of beneficial, food-grade microorganisms digests solids and deodorize solids. Safe for home septic systems, portable toilets as well as RVs, boats and buses.

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Dr. Don's oral health kit helps control bad breath, reduces gum swelling and bleeding, and helps reduce plaque. They contain no fluoride, alcohol, parabens, or sodium laurel sulfate.

Shabondama soaps from Japan incorporate EM
® Technology in their formulas. Made with high quality natural oils, fats and caustic soda. Shabondama soap is free from additives such as perfume, bleach and chemical moisturizers. It is also unscented for those sensitive to strong chemical perfumes.  

N Type Ceramics use ultrasonic and infrared frequencies. The ceramics have a penetrating heat that keeps your bath water warmer. EM Ceramic jewelry uses the infrared waves to generate a warming effect on body tissue, leading to improved blood circulation.

® Septic Treatment is a safe probiotic for digesting solids and deodorizing. Non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. Use it once a month in your home septic system, in portable toilets such as RVs, Boats, and buses to eliminate odors and make pump-outs easier. Can simply be poured down any household drain. 

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