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September 27, 2016
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Recent NZAL events
How to grow Asian SMEs to maximise their potential to NZ Inc
Hosted by major sponsor, Vodafone, NZAL facilitated a session on "How to grow Asian SMEs to maximise their potential to NZ Inc". Attended by NZAL leaders as well as some of their partners, clients and staff, the session was an open minded and engaging discussion with a diverse group of leaders on entrepreneurship, innovation and the growth of small business in NZ.

The speakers shared their innovative approach on growing their own SMEs, challenges faced by them – how to maintain and grow entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that propels into a sustained growth stage – and how to break down innovation in SMEs. The event was a full house with a presence of many diverse leaders who greatly resonated with the speakers.
NZAL Advisory Board and Established member, Brijesh Sethi - MD of NZ Skills and Education Group was the facilitator for the evening.
Speaker quotes
NZAL Established member and MD of Trademonster, Gavin Yang spoke about his company's exclusive partnership with NZ Post for their China strategy and having in-depth cooperation with 45 major brands. While talking to the audience on the growth of Trademonster, Gavin provided insight from his experiences on export business by SMEs and said, "Limited experience in expanding overseas is the most common barrier to small businesses wanting to export."
Talking about growing MedTech to 8 cities around the world, with over 50,000 customers and being the market leader in the allied health market, NZAL Established member and Executive Chairman and CEO, Vino Ramayah said, "We live in a disruptive world. We live in a world that has a high velocity of change and to survive in this environment we have got to have two concepts - speed of thought and speed of execution."
NZAL Emerging leader and Co-founder, COO of The Next Billion, Priti Ambani talked about her crowd sourcing venture with The Next Billion and her work with Tech Futures Lab. Speaking on the advantages of crowd sourcing, Priti said, "We are in an incredible moment in history, where we have access to technology, minds and capital like never before. So, how can SME's tap into the technology, minds and capital they need? Through crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is simply tapping into the minds of many."
Scott Pollard, NZ Manager – The Internet of Things, Vodafone talked about the change in pace of the way we live because of technology and innovation. Speaking on the disruption in digital technology and its result, Scott said, "The drivers for why people are adopting digital innovation and the internet of things are primarily three things - reduced costs and efficiency in business processes and growing sales and increase in customer base."
To view their speeches, click here
NZAL Leadership Training Programme in Wellington
Developed and delivered by the Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business
Following the inaugural NZAL Leadership Training programme held in June, NZAL and the Superdiversity Centre facilitated a training programme for superdiverse leaders in Wellington on 19 – 20 September, 2016. Keeping in mind the sector representation of the city, the training programme was tailored towards the public sector with approx 85% representation. 
Participant organizations included Careers New Zealand, KiwiSport and ActivAsian, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Office of Ethnic Communities, Ministerial Services, State Services Commission, Bank of New Zealand, Greater Wellington Council, Kiwibank, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and SuperU.
Councillor David Lee opened the training programme on behalf of NZAL corporate member, Wellington City Council. David who was a part of the inaugural NZAL Leadership Training Programme held in June shared his reflections and insights from the experience.
Mai Chen, Chair, NZAL and Superdiversity Centre set the stage for the training programme with her session on how to break through the bamboo ceiling.
Hon Louise Upston, Minister for Land Information, Women, Associate Minister of Local Government, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment shared her journey as a woman of influence.
Mervin Singham, Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Governance, Department of Internal Affairs spoke to the leaders on his journey to becoming a superdiverse leader in Wellington.
Tracey Bridges, Managing Partner New Zealand, SenateSHJ provided insights on the mechanism behind media. 
Dr. Karen Poutasi, Chief Executive, New Zealand Qualifications Authority provided key points on working with government. 
Glenis Philip-Barbara, Deputy Secretary CYFS and former Chief Executive of Maori Language Commission brought forward myths, stereotypes about Maori and how to operate in Te Ao Maori.
Andrew Kibblewhite, Chief Executive, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet shared  his thoughts on strategic excellence in the public sector.
Ginny Baddeley, Acting Chief Talent Officer, State Services Commission elaborated about  leadership and talent in the state sector. 
CEO, Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business, Marina Matthews facilitated the one and half day NZAL Leadership Training Programme.
Day one of the training programme was followed by networking drinks with the NZAL Wellington Advisory Board, current delegates, speakers of NZAL Leadership Training Programme, along with other top leaders in Wellington.

NZAL Emerging leader and participant of the training programme, Loretta Mamea commented on NZAL LinkedIN page, "A true & genuine super diverse leader with passion to inspire and galvanise all leaders to own their journeys, know their value and to lead with purpose, conviction, empathy, love and respect for all humanity. Our diversity gives us the edge and we should celebrate it and nurture environments where diverse leaders and people will thrive and where our unique perspectives are normalised in society.
Mai is a true visionary and transformative leader who is inspiring a generation of diverse leaders to have a clear sense of direction and understanding of the benefits and value to be gained by harnessing and embracing our diversities for success locally, nationally and globally.
Thanks also to NZAL leadership team Karinia, Marina, Priti and others for such a fantastic Superdiversity leadership training programme aptly titled: "From Good to Great: Becoming a Top Global Leader". Thank you enormously.

Janryll Fernandez, NZAL Emerging leader, Senior Communications Advisor, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and participant of the training programme commented, "The Leadership Training Programme was superb! We need to give credit to NZAL for this pioneering initiative and to Mai Chen really who is the driving force behind it. As Aotearoa has become culturally superdiverse, the perspective of emergent diverse groups is crucial whether in business, government or civil society. This programme will catalyse the rise of Asian/Maori/Pasifika leaders to positions of influence. That is inevitable if NZ is to be a stable society.”
With a purpose of developing more training programmes, the next NZAL Leadership Training Programme in Wellington will be held on February 27 - 28, 2017. 
For further information, contact Karinia Lee
NZAL Established Member
Karenza de Silva
Sole Practitioner Environmental Lawyer (Barrister and Solicitor)
NZAL Established Member
Sunit Prakash
Founding Director & Principal Consultant, Sun IT Ltd
NZAL Established Member
Dr Andrew Zhu

Company Director, Trace Research Ltd
NZAL Emerging Leader
Rafael Lee
Business & Innovation Advisor, ATEED

NZAL Emerging Leader
Jarrod Qin
Commercial Sales and Leading Broker, Knight Frank NZ Ltd

NZAL Emerging Leader 
Jackie Li
Sales Manager Auckland, DHL Express Ltd
NZAL Emerging Leader
Nicholas Fu
Senior Project Engineer, McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd

NZAL Young Member
Alex Walsh
Manager, SoulThai.  Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
Other new member include:
NZAL Established Member

Marja Lubeck, President of FARSA (Flight Attendant and Related Services Assn)
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Save the date - November 17, 2016

Save the date for the final NZAL event of the year.
Watch this space, our website and our social media activity as we give you 226 reasons to attend the final event of 2016!
Book your place now. RSVP to Priti Garude
FEB, Thurs/Fri- 16/17 (Auckland) NZAL Members Only
Governance Session Part II; 11/2 day workshop  - Facilitated by Janine Smith (The Boardroom Practice)

FEB, Thurs 16 (Auckland) NZAL Members Only
Asians in Governance - Interviews with top Asian Leaders as Board of Directors and disruptors on boards"

FEBRUARY 27/28 (Wellington)
NZAL Leadership Training Programme

MARCH, Thurs 9 (Auckland)
Profit that Benefits - Asian Leaders talk sustainability in business

MAY, 12 (Auckland)
One day retreat

JULY 27, 2017 (Auckland)
Asian TED

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 (Auckland)
NZAL Three generations share their views on one topic
Law Commission Review of Property (Relationships) Act 1976

Part of the recent NZ Law Commission review included a community leader mini-consultation with nine NZAL members from a range of ethnic backgrounds. Each of those conversations provided NZ Law Commission with new insights, perspectives and/or ideas. The interviews also provided further introductions with other individuals and organizations.
As well as providing a range of cultural perspectives on the substantive issues in the review, the Commission received invaluable advice as to how to consult effectively with community groups during their formal consultation in 2017.
NZAL members are acknowledged for their generosity of time and their willingness to engage in the review process undertaken by NZ Law Commission.

(Not) Seeing is Believing: Presenting a "Blind" Shortlist
by NZAL Young member, Fern Seto 

Recently, a client asked if it was possible for us to present our candidate shortlist on a “blind” basis – that is, with no names or gender indicators on any of the covering letters, CVs, or any of our accompanying collateral.

The objective of this exercise is to eliminate unconscious judgments from the recruitment process – biases or pre-judgements that we might hold about men, women, or someone with an unusual name’s capability to perform the role. Some blind shortlists go further, eliminating factors such as marital status and universities attended. A blind shortlist allows a candidate to be judged on their skills and experience alone.

I immediately said yes – progressive requests like this are one of the reasons we love our client base, and I was more than happy to make this happen. After doing some brief research online, however...

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NZAL Emerging Leader Robert Lay and friends take up the Oxfam Challenge
The Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia's original 100km team endurance event over a period of 48 hours. Six hundred teams of four walked through rugged bush land (mostly mountain climbing) from the Hawkesbury River to Sydney Harbour. 
Robert says "this was the most painful event I'd ever done (physically and mentally demanding). I couldn’t walk properly after the event with both knee injuries, However, I only had to suffer for 48 hours - it was worth it because all participants were walking for those who can’t.  Sponsorship funds will help people in poverty globally. In total this event raised over $AU 2M.
Mai Chen
Chair - NZ Asian Leaders

NZ Asian Leaders Advisory Board Members
Thomas Song - Deputy Chair
Dr Xiaoying Fu
Bharat Guha
Sameer Handa
Ziena Jalil
Carolyn Luey
Mitchell Pham
Ming Lim-Pollard
Brijesh Sethi
David Tse

Karinia Lee - General Manager
Priti Garude - Marketing & Communications Manager
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