Tech & Sustainability themed events in and around Berlin, plus interesting green links from around the web.
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Hello there,

Welcome to issue zero of the Cleanweb Berlin newsletter!

We've been wanting a way to share some of the events, jobs and links we come across in the time our meet-ups, and we're experimenting with sending newsletter between meetups, to see if this is something useful or interesting for you. Let us know how you get on with it! 

Events in Berlin

Cleanweb Design: Oct 25th - We're running our next event at the swanky offices of Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, who have been nice enough to lay on some drinks and food on for us - huzzah!. We'll be joined by "Design for Sustainability" author Tim Frick, and we'll hear about the service design challenges of launching a Coup, electric scooter mobility startup in Berlin.

Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2016: Oct 25th - If that doesn't float your boat, there's another event at BetaHaus that night. See pitches from a Berlin Ecopreneurs, and other green businesses.

Ecocrowd Fundraising Workshop: Oct 22nd - if you're comfortable speaking German (we are in the German capital, after all…), and you have a project you're trying to raise funds for, this workshop with Ecocrowd and Thinkfarm may be of interest for you.

Climate KIC Climathon: Oct 28th - If you're itching to make something, Climate KIC is running a Europe-wide Climate Hackathon, with three specific challenges to tackle  at their EUREF campus.

Events further afield

Cleanweb London: Oct 24th - our friends across the channel Cleanweb London, are looking into supply chain startups at their next meetup. If you're in London, that week, it's worth a look.

Smogathon, Kwakow: Nov 27th - Poland has a problem with smog - with many, many dying prematurely each year due to poor air quality. And so, In Krakow in November, they're running a hackathon specifically to find new approaches to solving their problem.

Interesting Links around the web

Sustainable UX 2017 - Earlier this year, the lovely folk behind the Sustainable UX conference put on a free, virtual conference where speakers around the world presented topics on the intersection between user experience and environmental sustainability. They're doing it again in 2017, and if you fancy presenting, they're looking for speakers.

Ecosia - If you haven't heard of Ecosia, Berlin's very own green search engine, it's worth a look, and it the only one in the world that plants trees on your behalf. 

Tracking Tuna on the Blockchain - Berlin and London based supply chain startup Provenance recently released a report about using the blockchain to audit the supply chain for pole caught Tuna, and work towards a slavery free supply chain. Fascinating read.  

What can a technologist do climate change? - It's easy to feel overwhelmed about the scale of the problem facing us when ww think about climate change. This essay is long, thorough and is absolutely required reading if you have an interest in using your skills to help meet the challenge ahead.

XKCD - Earth Temperature Timeline - XKCD is known for creating, fun, witty, graphics explaining various topics, and a recent one showing the recent climate in the context of the last 20,000 years is definitely worth a look. You'll thank me.

That's all for now!

We're experimenting with the format of this newsletter and we'd love to get some feedback - was this useful or interesting? What else would you like to see? How often would you want to see this? Once a month? Once a every two weeks?

Let us know, either by replying to this email, or chatting in person with us at our next meetup Oct 25th.


Chris, Anna, Darina, and Philipp, at Cleanweb Berlin
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