June 2018 Newsletter.
Volume 49, Issue 2

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Calendar of Events

Field Days

2nd - 3rd  November 2018


2019 - Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Joint conference with Australian Region in Australia
Novatel Twin Waters Resort, Maroochydore

29th May - 1st June
International Tour: Port Douglas to Maroochydore: 17th May - 2nd June

2020 - Invercargill

2021 - Hamilton - our 50th conference so time to celebrate

2022 - Timaru

In this issue:

Wanaka Field trip preview
Conference 2018 - 'Mind Blowing'
2018 Four Pack
2018 Conference pre-tour report
Award of Merit
John Follett Award 
Presidents Choice Award
International Tour 2018
2019 Joint IPPS Australia & New Zealand conference
IPPS Western Exchange - Megan Robinson
University of Florida online training courses

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IPPS New Zealand 
 Executive 2018
International Director (until 31/12/2018)
Lindsey Hatch
International Director (from 1/1/2019
Jill Reader
Richard Beaumont
1st Vice President:
Antony Toledo

2nd Vice President
Lisa Burton
Glenys Evans
Shirley Ogilvy
Hayden Foulds
Trevor Allan
Graeme Watts

Jackie Williams 

Mark Seebeck 
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Presidents Column
At our most recent conference - ‘Mind Blowing’, held in Palmerston North in April I accepted the role of President. I would like to acknowledge the support of the committee and I look forward to the role.  It was a fantastic conference, well organised and profitable for our organisation. Thank you to those who took time out to attend and support. 
Other conferences this year will include: 
The Western Region Pacific Meeting:Pacific Rim Conference from July 31st – August 4th in Hawaii. This will include a pre-conference tour of O’ahu followed by the main event in Kona on the “Big Island”, where the active Kilauea volcano has been erupting since May. I am excited about the opportunity to attend this event and hopefully see some flowing lava up close! 
Later in the year the International Tour starts in New York in September followed by the conference in Newark, Delaware.

It’s great to attend conferences where there is an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends in the industry but also to take away new ideas from speakers. One topic which has been discussed recently at conferences is how we can look at improving processes. 

'Technology for propagation: simple to mind-blowing'  by Paul Fisher at the Palmerston North conference, demonstrated how small adaptations to a process can result in significant increases in production, close even to those of a robot. This prompts us to consider ‘What drives improvement?’ 
When thinking about a personal experience of improvement I reflect on my time as a member of the NZ National rowing team. Everyday we went out on the water in our crews with a target distance to row, approximately 30-40km per day or 200km per week. As well as that we talked as a crew prior to each session about an aspect of our technique that we wanted to improve. This provided us with a shared focus. Also during the session we had coaching to adapt or tweak our technique and at the end we had a de-brief. So while the total mileage was relevant, we also examined processes within that to seek out where improvements could be made. As in nursery production we do need to think about our target daily or weekly output, but we also need to consider ‘What small changes make this team faster/safer/reduce defects?’ Continually reflecting on the process and improving it. 
As today is the worst way we will perform the process, we need to enable ideas from the ‘shop floor’ to improve our processes and the more that we can involve the team the greater the improvement. 


Outgoing IPPS NZ Region President Jill Reader passes the gavel to new President Richard Beaumont
Wanaka Field Trip 
Provisional Programme
Friday 2nd November
Jo Wakelin’s garden
Dry land gardening
Salt Pan Reserve 
Cryptic plants and halophytes (salt lovers) in their natural habitat. Exposed site.
Lunch at Goldmining Village (Kawarau Gorge)
Bendigo Conservation Reserve
Local flora and goldmining history
Back to Wanaka
Saturday 3rd November
Matukituki Natives 
Native plant nursery specialising in eco-sourced plants and revegetation.
Walk to Diamond Lake
Observing local native flora
Lunch at Alphaburn Station, Glendhu Bay
Large country garden
Pat Stuart’s garden, Wanaka
A wonderful woodland garden collection of herbaceous perennials, trees and shrubs all on 1 acre in downtown Wanaka

Accommodation in Wanaka
(to be arranged independently as required):
Archway Motels 03 443 7698
Aspiring Motels 03 443 7816
YHA Backpackers Hostel 03 443 1880
Base Backpackers Wanaka 03 443 4291
Conference 2018 - 'Mind Blowing'
‘Mind Blowing’ was the theme for the 2018 IPPS Conference held in Palmerston North and even the notorious Manawatu weather came to the party with mostly good weather for the conference which included the usual blend of papers, field trips and plenty of time for socialising and networking.

Once again, the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture joined in for a joint conference. Their AGM and awards were held on Thursday evening before the Banks Memorial Lecture was held with former Pukeiti Curator Graham Smith speaking about his lifetime involvement with plants.

Friday morning saw local IPPS legend Eddie Welsh open conference with a look back over 40 years of nurseries in the Manawatu and 
a look into where things might be in 20 years.  The Four Pack were then introduced – Scott Denham & Katja Wilson (both Auckland Botanic Gardens), Eriza Jose (Headford Propagators) and Toni Robertshaw (Dunedin Botanic Gardens) along with our guest from the IPPS Western Region Andrew Abate. 

Papers were presented on grafting rhododendron standards, hybridising, conserving germplasm and Myrtle Rust before the afternoon field trip which took in Plantlife Propagators, Kilmarnock Nurseries, Leafland andPerssons Nurseries. The evening dinner was held at Central Energy Trust Arena and with the theme of ‘Student Times, it was bound to get interesting with many reliving their student days. After dinner and a quiz, the band ‘Six Chairs Missing’ cranked up until it was time to leave.

Saturday morning saw papers presented on propagation technology,
kakabeak conservation and growing superfoods before the AGM proceeded the afternoon field trip to Starter Plants, Plant and Food Research and Sunshine Environmentals.  The formal dinner was held at the Hotel Coachman with the annual auction being held and awards presented during the evening. Congratulations to Philip Smith who was presented with the Award of Merit and Hayden Foulds was announced as the recipient of the John Follett Award of Recognition. Special mention was also made of the President’s Choice Award which had been presented to Gordon Scott before he passed away the previous month. 

Sunday morning saw the last of the papers presented on Biosecurity schemes, growing hemp and seed banking before presentations from the respective exchange scholarship recipients from the New Zealand and Western Regions.  An invitation to a field trip in Singapore in 2019 and next years conference which will be a joint one with the Australian Region in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast brought the conference to a close.  

More on the conference will be in future newsletters
2018 Four Pack
Back left to right: Katja Wilson & Scott Dehham (Auckland Botanic Gardens), Andrew Abate (Western Exchange visitor)
Front left to right:
Eriza Jose (Headford Propagators), Toni Robertshaw (Dunedin Botanic Gardens)
From Scott Denham
I really enjoyed the conference in Palmerston
North, and got a lot out of it. Seeing how different nurseries operate, the variety of equipment in use and the vast number of plants they produce gave me a much greater knowledge of the industry. Meeting people who had been in the industry for a long time and hearing how they started out resonated with me as to why I have started on a career path in horticulture. Introducing the speakers which was really nerve-racking at first, only served to boost my confidence by the end, and has helped me when giving my own presentations at work. Some of the talks have definitely inspired me and grown my knowledge in horticulture, and will greatly contribute towards the rest of my apprenticeship.

From Katja Wilson
I would really like to write a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity to have been a part of the IPPS conference this year. I learnt a lot about the propagators and the new techniques and technology available to propagators and this industry. It was interesting to visit the different nurseries and how they operate, compared with our nursery at the Auckland Botanical Gardens and that of Zealandia nursery, where I worked for 9 months prior to starting my apprentice at Auckland Botanic Gardens. I was honoured to be allocated the position of ‘Sales Rep’ for the merchandise stand. We didn’t manage to sell a clock…..there is always next time!
I am now back to life as a very busy apprentice, finalizing all of my units and assignments ahead of the end of my apprentice/contract, in Nov this year.
I met some really great people, all with a wealth of knowledge. I enjoyed dancing the night away on the dance floor, on the ‘Student Night’. I have included some photos taken in the photo booth. If you are ever up in Auckland would be great if you could please make a visit to the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

2018 Conference Pre tour
by Philip Smith & Courtney Rudman.
It was with a hiss and a roar that the IPPS NZ Region Conference Pre-tour began. Some were so excited to visit Delta Gardens in Longburn that they overshot the Walker Road turn-off and ended up 10 km further on at Opiki. After the quick tiki tour, everyone ended up safely at Neville Dickey’s Delta Gardens where Neville and his daughter were kind enough to give us a guided tour. Delta Gardens is primarily a cut flower business which dabbles in seasonal pick/dig your own vegetables and berries. The cut flower operation grows many old favourites plus some new introductions, both out in the field and under plastic. He noted trends and fashions are always changing, thus constantly keeping him and his daughter on their toes. Neville supplies several florists in Palmerston North, including his daughters’ two flower shops. Neville also explained that he enjoys having visitors in the summer when the community comes to harvest their own veggies however; he couldn’t do it all year long!
The next destination was the locally famous Victoria Esplanade, where Ryan Buckler of the Palmerston North City Council kindly allowed IPPS to plant a Magnolia ‘Vulcan’ to commemorate our 2018 conference. The planting took place in the Dugald MacKenzie Rose Gardens, bordering the trial grounds. Jim Knight of Elliott’s Wholesale Nursery and Courtney Rudman of Starter Plants were the lucky gardeners for the day and although not being dressed appropriately for the occasion did a professional job! After a very quick walk through the Rose Gardens, everyone was back in the vans and heading to Ashhurst, ‘Gateway to the Manawatu’.
Tree & Shrub Propagation is a small but successful propagation nursery that specialises in GOL’s, in particular buxus hedging, trees (including farm forestry), shrubs, perennials and grasses. Helen Johnson is the lady behind the Pohangina Road nursery, unfortunately for us Helen was spoiled with a surprise family holiday to Disneyland by her husband, Graham, which coincided with the conference, thus meaning she was unable to be in attendance when we visited her operation. Helen’s staff and friend Sarah Frater, who owns the local Edible Garden nursery, treated us to a lovely morning tea and a stroll around the propagation nursery. With some fresh baking in our stomachs we were off to have more food in Feilding....
After some free time in ‘Friendly ‘Feilding which consisted of a wander around some historical buildings and some lunch, the vans made their way to Pedley’s Nursery on Queen Street. Owner operator Clem Pedley informed us of the family and land history, many of us were shocked to hear that back in the 1950s’ his father lost a lot of the nursery land with no compensation under the governments housing scheme of the time. We were also impressed by the blue cedar on the front lawn which was planted in 1874 by the original owner, Henry Worsfold. Pedley’s Nursery is considered one of a few ‘old-fashioned’ nurseries or garden centres left in New Zealand and specialises in providing great personal service. A highlight to some of us was a 98 years ‘young’ customer who had popped in, just to have a quick chat and banter with Clem, and pick up some vege seeds to sow in the weekend...I think we heard Gus Evans say “wow bugger me, there’s hope for me yet!” Clem was kind enough to provide the polyanthus plants presented as gifts to the speaker and fieldtrip hosts. The polyanthus were germinated from seed that had been stored for 15 years in a freezer. The seed was special, as it was some of Noel McMillan’s bred seed, collected and hand pollinated by Noel, and given to Clem by his wife after Noel’s passing. Noel was a well known nurseryman and respected IPPS member (past recipient of the Award of Merit) from Huntly, Waikato. 
Our next stop was Harrisons Trees five minutes from Feilding, along Awahuri Road. Terry Patching and his wife Lesley have been in the nursery industry on and off for 30 plus years. Harrisons Trees are a split off nursery from the original Harrisons Nursery in Aokautere, Palmerston North. Terry and Lesley’s open ground, wholesale nursery specialises in supplying deciduous trees to retailers and landscapers throughout New Zealand. Much of the root stock comes from Appletons Nursery in Wakefield and once grafted stays (on average) with Harrisons Trees for 2-3 years before being dispatched. Many of the trees do not require wrenching and are either lifted manually or by machine before bagging. We were all impressed with the good size of the trees, and the tidiness of the nursery. As true to form, IPPS was now running a fraction behind time and needed to rush off to the next destination, 2 minutes away.
Boness Road is home to Wilflora, and owner operator Martin Wilson is New Zealand’s biggest grower of Freesia cut flowers. By using underground water cooling and ducted air systems, Martin is able to manipulate the environment so that flowers can be produced 9 months of the year instead of just their natural 6 week flowering season in spring. While we were there, Martin explained that Wilflora is currently experimenting with Sunflower crops to fill in the off peak gaps between harvesting Freesia bulbs and sterilising. Their operation is currently made up of 7 large greenhouses and a recently purchased propagation greenhouse purchased through Redpath New Zealand. Again everyone was impressed by Martins dedication and commitment to his well-run operation.
The final stop of the tour was at the Redpath factory in Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North. Redpath specialise in clear roofed buildings for the horticulture and agriculture industry. Redpath not only manufacture a large variety of plastic houses, but also import various fabrics, films and tapes that are then be shipped throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. While at Redpath, we began to appreciate the time it takes for buffer tape to be applied along the tops of greenhouse framing. We experienced machinery shaping wire for metal hoop framing, insertion of thread for hardware as well as the manual cutting of fabrics and assembly of hardware packs for distribution. The operation is in expansion mode again taking over the neighbouring commercial building to increase production and storage space. The visit at Redpath ended with afternoon tea before clambering back into the vans one last time to head back to the Hotel Coachman.
A special thank you to the following people for their support of IPPS and hosting us during the Conference Pre-tour; Neville Dickey, Ryan Buckler, Helen Johnson, Clem Pedley, Terry Patching, Martin Wilson and Glen Williams.

Photos clockwise from top left

Jim Knight and Courtney Rudman planting the Magnolia 'Vulcan'
Pedleys Nursery
Terry Patching at Harrisons Trees
Delta Gardens 

Photos Murray Dawson and Gus Evans

Award of Merit

Philip Smith
Presented by Glenys Evans and Shirley Ogilvy
Philip has been interested in growing things from a young age. He won the School Garden cup in his final year at primary school. He would have won it the year before if he had not watered his beloved garden using an old can he found lying around that had 245-t written on the side. Dead veges and very mangled carrots, gradually becoming less distorted further along the rows after the residue was slowly diluted.
Judges, of which his Dad was one, quietly smiled and awarded him Highly Commended!
Philip began his studies at Massey, Eddie Welsh was one of his Tutors, so he was bound to succeed. He finished Massey in 1985 and went on the road for Turners and Growers as a technical Rep, based in Wanganui.
After 2 years he took leave and did his O E where he happened to chance upon Janine. She helped him write his resignation and he stated he would never be a Nurseryman!!
In 1988 in began working at Home Creek Nursery in Manapouri, so he could be close to where Janine was living and working. 
He has always liked to challenge himself with learning plant names and very quickly built his knowledge base. While working in Manapouri he did a spot of work as a relief Hut Warden and also did landscaping work in Queenstown.
In April 1989 he moved to Taupo Native Plant Nursery as Production Manager. At that time it was still a DOC Nursery and was not privatised until 1993.
In June 1995 he became the Manager of Taupo Native Nursery, where he remained until 2016. He enjoyed the challenge of developing both the South Auckland and the West Coast branches.
In 2017 an exciting new chapter began with Philip and Janine beginning a new chapter of their lives, establishing Totara Glen Nurseries on the outskirts of Palmerston North.
During all this time Phil joined numerous Societies. New Zealand Botanical Society, Rotorua Botanical Society, New Zealand Alpine Garden Society, Farm Forestry and Duck’s unlimited. He loved the philosophy of Ducks Unlimited wetland restoration and how it dove tailed into his strong passion of duck shooting.
BUT of course he also joined the IPPS New Zealand Region. He became a member in 1990.
Phil quickly became the epitome of “Seek and Share”.
He more than fills the criteria for this Award. 
Meritorious service to the IPPS New Zealand Region. 
Meritorious service to New  Zealand Horticulture.
An active Member at time of presentation.
He has served on the Committee, going up the ranks to International Director and filling all roles with total commitment.
His time as International Director stands out for Shirley and I. He worked tirelessly to try and instil the passion that he has instilled in all of us. 
You can have fun with IPPS with things like exchange’s with other regions do work. Membership per capita, NZ Region is way above all others. It is people like Philip that have maintained the importance of IPPS and what it stands for. 
He represented New Zealand with the passion and drive he has always shown.
On top of all that, some of us have been lucky enough to experience his pre-conference tours he leads with Janine, both in New Zealand and overseas. They make the most awesome tour leaders and have given us heaps of memories to treasure. His knowledge of areas that we visit is always right up there, true “Seek and Share” commitment. Comradeship is so important in any Society and all the above builds a strong base. Philip has encouraged this at every turn and tried hard to do the same internationally. 
We are a very strong Region, due to people like Philip.
John Follett Award of Recognition
Hayden Foulds
Presented by Philip Smith
This person’s father was a past member of IPPS New Zealand back in the 1980’s.
This person grew up in a wet and windy place, not unlike the mighty Manawatu.
This person joined a prodigious horticultural society whilst still at a Primary school, thus showing his interest in ornamental horticulture at a very young age.
This person has been an active member of the IPPS New Zealand Region for over 15 years.
This person could be known as Beaver, not because of his hairiness or 
laid back attitude like the well-known rugby player, but because of his very diligent nature and continuous ongoing work ethic, often behind the scenes, to the many various horticultural organisations this person belongs to.
This person is held in high regard as an international horticultural judge.

This person is Hayden Foulds.
Hayden is I believe quite unique, having joined the Manawatu Rose Society whilst still at Primary school. He is currently the Vice President of the New Zealand Rose Society and as I mentioned an international judge of new release rose selections. He is held in high regard in this role as I have personally witnessed in an IPPS trip to California where he was not only was an invitational judge at the San Diego County fair, (by all counts a big county fair)  as well as a few other similar events, but also an invitational judge of new roses in the United States and Europe. We all noticed he was ‘insink’ with various rose 
offiandos we met on that tour.

Hayden obviously had an early interest in Horticulture, and as such completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Horticulture at Massey University in 2003. This is also the last time the IPPS conference was held in Palmerston 
North, when also Hayden joined IPPS.
Hayden currently works at Kilmarnock Nurseries where he is a senior team member of this very well run nursery, some in tribute to his highly valued work ethic and 
in depth horticultural knowledge he possesses.

As I alluded to, Hayden joined the Manawatu Rose society (with his family) in 1995, holding several 
office positions and is currently its President. He has been member of the New Zealand Rose Society Council since 2008 and is currently Vice President, Webmaster and editor of the New Zealand Rose Review. Hayden is an honorary trustee of the Pacific Rose Bowl Festival Trust in Hamilton. He also serves on the Rose Trial grounds Committee in Palmerston North acting as it publicity manager.

His editing work has just got him recognised as being named a Fellow for the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture (RNZIH) just this past Thursday at our conference.
Hayden has been on the IPPS committee since 2008. At that time he started doing the collation of the newsletter and was produced and sent out by John Liddle. When we started using MailChimp to send out the newsletter, Hayden took over as Webmaster for IPPS NZ from John. He also liaised with Des Snell, and still does today, to produce articles of interest into the Commercial Horticulture magazine on behalf of IPPS.

Hayden took on the editing role, editing the conference papers with Jill in 2013, and assumed the job by himself from 2014 when Jill became 1st VP. When the IPPS International website was overhauled in late 2015, Hayden took on the job of uploading new information to the New Zealand site on our behalf. He also organises a Facebook presence for New Zealand IPPS.
In summary, Hayden is a great organiser, an extremely reliable committee member across various horticultural organisations and societies. He is a well deserving recipient of the John Follett Award of Recognition.

Presidents Choice Award

Gordon Scott
Presented by Jill Reader
Award ceremonies are normally joyful occasions, a time to recognise deserving winners and celebrate along with them. This would be especially true of the President’s Choice Award – a relatively new award which is given out to a member of this Region who has worked hard behind the scenes and is the epitome of Seek and Share, a person who is seen lending a hand wherever it is needed and often without being asked – helping organise field days, conferences – you get the picture.
This is the second time it is to be awarded, and Peter Waugh has crafted a lovely wooden sculpture for the recipient to have for two years until the next outgoing president, Richard, makes his choice. I do not have this award with me tonight to present because I already made my presentation in March. 
Why then? Well because Gordon Scott, the person I chose to receive this, was expected to live only a few more days at that stage. So with his family’s blessing (and Sally, Mike and Kat are here tonight) I flew to Auckland to visit him at his home, along with Terry, Lindsey and Antony. 
The award will be held by the Scott family to honour Gordon, or Scotty or Gordy, to some of you older members, for the next two years.
Here’s a little history: Gordon joined IPPS way back in 1979 – 39 years ago! He started out working at Model Nurseries and then he and Barry McKenzie set up Topline, and it was probably Barry who introduced him to IPPS as Barry was also a member. It was a GOL nursery, and Gordon used to travel around New Zealand selling plants for Topline.    As part of his apprenticeship he went to Lincoln College to attend the Lincoln Block Courses. Another apprentice on those courses is here tonight. Gus Evans. Turns out that both Gus and Gordon shared the same birthday – same date and same year, so Gus always called him his brother.  Through the many years he was an IPPS member, Gordon was always forthcoming in lending a helping hand, assisting with many conferences and field days. He also spent time on the committee, and was still a committee member when I joined as Editor in 2009. He was always willing to pass on any knowledge about plant propagation, but from what I can gather he wasn’t so keen to pass on the coordinates of his favourite fishing spots.
Most of us here will know him from Scott Base Nurseries. Gordon Scott was truly deserving of this award and I was honoured to present it to him.       Thank you.   
International Tour 2018

The Big Apple and beyond...
September 11th - 22nd 2018

Click here to visit the International Tour 2018 page on the IPPS Eastern Region website including final program and registration information 

Tour Companion wanted for International Tour

Anyone wishing to share on the International Tour to New York in September please contact Jenny Barrett.  03-3471469 or 027 494-3952 or

2019 Joint IPPS New Zealand & Australia Region Conference

Wednesday May 29th - June 1st 2019

Novotel Twin Waters Resort
Sunshine Coast, Australia

The IPPS Australian Region is also hosting the 2019 International Tour and Board meeting so a great opportunity to attend an International tour and meet members from other regions so close to home.  There will be a limited number of places on the tour.  

Long Tour: Fri May 17th – Wed May 29th: Port Douglas to Maroochydore

Short Tour: Wed May 22nd – Wed May 29th: Townsville to Maroochydore  
Expressions of interest open in June
Registrations open in October
Cost: AU$3500 – AU$4000
Includes everything but one dinner, two breakfasts and one lunch
Extra activities may be organised prior to tour starting (extra cost)

IPPS New Zealand selects exchange recipient to North America.

The IPPS New Zealand Region has chosen Megan Robinson as the recipient of the Western Region Exchange Scholarship for 2017. Megan will be travelling to Hawaii to attend the Western Regions conference in Kona before travelling onto San Francisco.

Megan works for Grant & Robynne Hayman at Headford Propagators near Waimate and has fulfilled a number of roles from seed collecting through to dispatch since starting with Headfords in September 2015.  
“I am committed to horticulture as a career and I love learning about the bigger picture with plants” says Megan who has completed the Greenhouse 101 for Plant Science Commercial Production online course with the University of Florida and in 2017, completed the Primary ITO Certificate in Horticulture to Level 2. “I have picked up a lot of information from my formal training but I feel like the training I get on the job is more valuable and rewarding”. “Two things I have learnt in order to be good at growing plants are, one, to be observant at all times and two, don’t be afraid to try new ideas but realise that every action has a consequence”. 
University of Florida Online Training Courses

All courses are in English and Spanish, and last 4 weeks. Each individual will receive a personalized certificate for each course when they complete the requirements. The courses do not count for credit towards a university degree. Each participant needs their own email address. Feel free to email us at with any questions.​

The 20% discount code for NZ growers when they register is NZGROWERS18. $US199 for all courses except Costing & Profitability ($US499) before discount, so $US160 for most courses and $US400 for Costing & Profitability if they use the discount code NZGROWERS18 during registration.
Click to download online course flyer

IPPS Membership

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in joining IPPS? The best method of recruiting new members is by word of mouth by existing members. Download the membership form below and see who in your organisation or local area might be interested in joining.

Don't forget to mention some of the great benefits of joining IPPS including:
  • Great conferences and field trips.
  • Scholarship and exchange opportunities.
  • Free, unlimited access to all IPPS papers online. 
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Free Student Membership

The New Zealand Board has decided to introduce free student memberships as a way of attracting younger members into IPPS New Zealand. 

Student Membership will be free and each membership will be for two years, with one right of renewal for a maximum of a further two years.  The criteria for recognition as a student will be set by the New Zealand IPPS Board and is as follows:
  • The individual must provide proof of enrollment in any NZQA approved program of study to qualify for Student Membership
  • The individual should provide details of a contact person from their education institution/training provider who is able to confirm their student status
  • Student Membership will apply whether someone is studying full time or part time.
 If you know of anyone who would be interested, download the application form below to apply for this membership option. 
Click here to download Student Membership Form


Hayden Foulds
40 Gordon St, Woodville 4920 
P: work 06 326 8500
M: 027 232 4589


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