We are taking orders for American Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys. 
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Thompson Rivers University teaches ranching...

Rosebank Farms was part of TRU's Applied Sustainable Ranching program. In September, Andrea taught economic diversification through sustainable pastured poultry production to a group of eager TRU's students. 

In the afternoon, she joined them for a visit to Big Bear Ranch, an animal welfare approved operation raising pork, beef and chicken in the South Cariboo. The link to the program is here:

Thompson Rivers University students training at Rosebank Farms this September.  
The animals at Big Bear Ranch...more on their facebook page:

Pigweed and turkeys

don't mix!


Our turkeys were set back in August when they got into a patch of pigweed from the garden. Apparently, pigweed is poisonous to pigs, horses, cattle, goats and sheep, as well as turkeys.

There is no known antidote but one of the vet schools in the US recommended dosing affected animals with sugar water so Andrea made up buckets of honey water & Steve dipped each turkey's beak to ensure they each had some to drink. The flock recovered with few losses and is enjoying their time on pasture.

If you didn't order one in time for Thanksgiving, we will have fresh turkeys for American Thanksgiving and frozen ones for Christmas, delivery or pick up at the farm during the week of December 18.

Kayla and Zetteh ran the farm

while Steve and Andrea enjoyed a short trip to the Brittany coast in France in August. Their trip to attend a wedding and have a little holiday was made possible by their daughters stepping up to look after the farm, work at the processing plant and coordinate shipments and deliveries.

Thanks very much to all the customers who made this easy! Here are a few shots of the poultry displays in France:

Changes in poultry processing at Rosebank Farms 

Our provincially licensed processing plant invested in a humane captive bolt gun this year after much communication with the research team at Guelph University and the University of Saskatchewan.

The gun is powered by an air compressor and delivers a stunning force of air causing immediate insensibility. We have found it to be a much less stressful system for all concerned. 

We are grateful for the funding and research support provided through the Humane Animal Welfare course offered by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and the Abbattoirs Association of BC.

Rosebank Farms' Mistrel Gris chickens (French)
Our production season is coming to an end with fresh chickens only available until the end of October.  If you would like any livers, feet, necks etc. please contact us as soon as possible. We are proud to deliver pre-sold fresh, frozen and smoked chickens and turkeys throughout the North Okanagan & Shuswap. Our products can also be picked up at the farm. Prices are on a per lb. basis and birds are available whole in sizes from 4–8 lbs.

We also sell chicken livers and hearts by request, cut-up chickens in batches of 5 birds or by the piece. Smoked chicken is available as whole birds or halves. Ground chicken and ground turkey is available in 1 lb. packages. Sicilian chicken sausages and Sicilian turkey sausages are available in packages of 4. Price List
Fresh Chickens: Fresh whole chickens are available Wednesdays until the end of October. 

Frozen Products: Frozen inventory of whole chickens, chicken pieces, sausages, ground and smoked chicken.
Turkeys: We are taking orders for fresh turkeys for American Thanksgiving and frozen turkeys for Christmas. 

We also sell chicken livers, hearts, necks and feet by request. Price List

Poultry Price List
Order poultry by email
If you would like a tour at any time, please phone ahead to make sure we are home: 250-546-2712.

Our contact information is:
Andrea and Stephen Gunner
4218 Wyatt Road, Armstrong, BC 
V0E 1B4  Canada

Phone: 250-546-2712
Andrea's cell: 250-308-6146 

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