We are taking orders for 2017 chickens starting with the May batch and turkeys in October. 
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Cook it, Try it, Like it!

Rosebank farms participates in school cooking programs for students in grades 4-7. These photos were taken at Alexis Park Elemantary School.

In the Cook it. Try it. Like it! (CITILI) program at Alexis Park, we had 4  x 3rd year nursing students from UBCO who ran the program (with Andrea's assistance) as an in-school elective for 30 students from grade 4 - grade 7.  The students got a chance to try a lot of ingredients that many of them were not familiar with (eg. black beans, coloured peppers, mushrooms, cilantro, cumin, fresh pineapple). 

Our approach, beyond the food safety, knife safety & healthy food choices that are inherent in the program,  is to encourage them to try at least one ingredient that is new to them every time.  It is very gratifying at the end of the program, during the grocery store tour, how enthusiastic they all are to try whatever ingredient the grocery tour host offers them.  Not only are they willing to try whatever ingredient (eg. jicama, star fruit, dragon fruit, purple carrots) is offered but then, they all stand around talking about the flavour, texture & other attributes!  It never fails to impress the tour host! 

Cook it. Try it. Like it! is a five week after school program designed to promote healthy eating habits by providing students with hands-on experience cooking and tasting nutritious foods. During each lesson students will be creating simple, healthy recipes that they can take home to share with their families. Students will have the opportunity to learn important concepts such as:
  • Food handling and preparation skills ·   
  • Grocery shopping    
  • Basic food safety
  • Nutrition
  • How food is grown
  • Where food comes from
Schedule: Week one - Mini pizzas / Week two - homemade granola & fruit parfaits / Week 3 - roasted veggies & fruit smoothies / Week 4 - Fresh salsa & black bean quesadillas
Over the years we've offered specialty poultry packs to auction for charitable causes mainly Rotary Clubs, Jess4Kids, An Evening Among the Angels and supported Elementary school food programs. 
Pruning on the farm is in full swing here with Andrea, Steve, Kayla and Zetteh vying for the same tree.

Our daughter Zetteh

has drawn up a new intensive pasture grazing rotation plan for our farm using her coursework and learning opportunities as one of the students in Thompson Rivers University’s Sustainable Ranching program at Williams Lake campus:

At Rosebank Farms Zetteh and Steve spend lots of time in the horse’s paddock training our two four-footed grazers to the “hot-wire” so that they can pre-graze the pasture so the chickens and turkeys get the short, sweet grass and forage that they prefer.
Zetteh Gunner places the electric fence insulator on the page wire fence.
Photo: Angela Abrahão, The Green Gazette

Sustainable Ranching—Learning Applied Skills and Diversification

By Angela Abrahão, The Green Gazette –

The first cohort of students from the Sustainable Ranching Program at Thompson Rivers University is finishing up the program’s very first year, ending with Applied Skills and Diversification. It’s been about experiential learning this summer and fall and we’ve had many amazing experiences.

In true Cariboo form we headed west, hands on right away with our fencing component. We had the great privilege of working on a fence at Rafter 25 Ranch with the masterful fence builder, Keith Jones from Kiwi Fencing. You see, there was life before I learned about building a fence and life after. I used to be scared I wouldn’t do it right. “Who me? Build a fence? No way! Now it’s all like, “Get me a post pounder. Where’s my page wire. Who took my fencing tool?!”

We moved through human animal care and livestock handling systems and the students had the unforgettable experience of attending a stockmanship clinic at the historic Gang Ranch with clinician Curt Pate. We learned about dog handling from Lorne Landry in 100 Mile and general equipment maintenance from Lynn Bonner and the folks at Grasslands Equipment. After equipment it was all like, “Grease, grease, and more grease. Go to the manual. Read the manual. Follow through with what the manual says.”

We moved onto fruit and vegetable production and learned about greenhouses and nurseries, moving onto food processing and farm store enterprises. Truly an experience, we are learning from the people in our region who are producing the food and the value-added products that allow their farms or ranches diversification opportunities. Read more...

We have ordered a batch of Mistral Gris from True North Heritage Hatchery (new to Armstrong) which will be ready in early August. 

If you have a preference for flavourful dark meat, don’t wait until August to place your order, these birds from French Label Rouge breeding lines are in high demand from our 2015 customers.
We are proud to deliver pre-sold fresh, frozen and smoked chickens and turkeys throughout the North Okanagan & Shuswap. Our products can also be picked up at the farm. Prices are on a per lb. basis and birds are available whole in sizes from 4–8 lbs.

We also sell chicken livers and hearts by request, cut-up chickens in batches of 5 birds or by the piece. Smoked chicken is available by breast, leg or whole. Ground chicken is available in 1 lb. packages, chicken smokies and Sicilian chicken sausages are available in packages of 4.
Fresh Chickens: Fresh whole chickens available Wednesdays starting May 30th and chicken pieces will be available on Saturdays. We're taking orders for May chickens and October turkeys.

Frozen Products: Frozen inventory of whole chickens, sausages, ground and smoked chicken.
Turkeys: Fresh turkeys are available the weekend before Thanksgiving and frozen turkeys are available between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We also sell chicken livers, hearts, necks and feet by request.

If you would like a tour at any time, please phone ahead to make sure we are home: 250-546-2712.
Order poultry by email

Our contact information is:
Andrea and Stephen Gunner
4218 Wyatt Road, Armstrong, BC 
V0E 1B4  Canada

Phone: 250-546-2712 

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