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Edition 59
September 2019

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Hi All

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.  I certainly hope you make the most of the day and do whatever you want to do.

There has been a lot of rides going on.  The weekday rides have been very popular.  If you are retired or get weekdays off.  Consider meeting up with the guys and gals for the weekday rides.  They leave from The Warehouse Albany covered carpark at 10am on Wednesdays.

See below in the newsletter the poster for the 2019 Ronnie Run.  We need all North Harbour members to attend on the day as well as all your motorcycling mates.  Start booking them in now.  This is such a great cause.

Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for the latest events and news about the club.  You can also post your stories and pictures about your adventures there as well.  I know I love reading about rides that I can't make it on and even the stories that come out on the rides where I do attend.

If you want to see rides and events that are a little further out.  Visit the North Harbour Ulysses website. The links are below in the newsletter.

Thanks to the members that supply content for the newsletter.  I appreciate all that I get but I would like a lot more.  If you come across anything of interest.  Please send it to me.  The link is just above.

See you all at club night this Thursday 5 September.
Happy & Safe Riding  
Craig McEwan #9243
Editor - Ulysses North Harbour
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Next Club Night is Thursday 5 September
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Cyclespot Group, Major North Harbour Branch Sponsor
Grant donates vouchers monthly for Social Evenings and
 advertises in the monthly newsletter.  
Pop into Cyclespot and check out the range of bikes & accessories.
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For those riders who are taking advantage the ACC Cashback Offer and did a Ride Forever Silver or Gold course in July, they will be eligible to sit another Gold course in October to claim their Cashback. We have our October dates on the website now, here is a link to the GOLD COURSES.

Use Promo Code ULYR4E when booking your course.
Click Here to View Cashback Q&As
Talk to Barry Holland regarding rider training or visit the Prorider website for course and booking information. 
Become part of the Pro Rider Community
Visit your local motorcycle/scooter shop and ask about a Ride Forever voucher from Pro Rider, get one for a friend. Book via the Pro Rider website and have your say on our Facebook page!
The Pro Rider Riders Club is coming soon. Keep an eye on Facebook!
Check out ProRider Website for all available courses.
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If it is your birthday this month, don't forget to take a bottle of wine for the raffles on club night.
If you have any unwanted gifts, donate them for the raffle prizes.
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Wine Bottle Caps
Save your bottle tops from your wine bottles and bring along to each monthly meeting. These get passed onto Lions Club who collect as a fundraiser for Child Dialysis.  Get your local restaurant on board and have them keep the bottle tops for you.  
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Out Cruising
Aug 7 - Charlie

Nine riders today, and three others turned up to socialise. We were almost evenly split between those who wanted a longer ride along the Paparoa-Oakleigh Road and those who wanted a shorter ride to Port Albert, and the latter won by a single vote. Harry Handley took us there via Old North Road, with Don Baverstock as TEC. There were a couple of unforecast heavy showers, and SH16 was slippery in a couple of places. We rode down to Port Albert wharf, and on our way back to the general store for lunch a tiny dog decided to challenge us and darted amongst us on the road barking madly. Fortunately we all managed to avoid hitting it.

After a nice lunch, I headed home on my own, taking G M Gubbs road towards Wellsford for a change of pace. A slightly larger dog decided I was fair game and I had to swerve around it on the gravel road. So beware the small dogs in the Port Albert vicinity. Their heads are apparently too small to accommodate anything which might confer common sense on them!

Aug 14 - Charlie
Twelve riders today, and two more came to the meeting point to socialise. Ian McArthur led us up SH16 to Wellsford. Along the way it showered a bit leaving the road wet. A rider in front of me used a little too much throttle on a sweeping left hand band and his rear tyre lost traction. He managed to stay upright but crossed over the centre line, fortunately with no traffic coming. It rained more heavily while we were at a rest stop in Wellsford, so we let it pass before continuing, then rode cautiously along Whangapiro Valley Road and then even more cautiously over the very twisty and steep Matakana Valley Road. Our lunch stop was planned to be at Morris and James Pottery, but the cafe there was closed, so we continued to the Red Barn Cafe on Omaha Flats Road. We hadn't been there before. Our numbers were more than the cafe could handle, so this is unlikely to be a place we'll go back to.
Aug 21 - John Heebink

Today we had 12 people gathering at the starting point. 11 members came on a motorbike and one person to socialise. We were all hoping for a sunny afternoon.

The majority decided for a shorter ride so Shelley Beach was our destination.

No other members volunteered to lead the ride so I offered my service.

We rode via mostly back roads to Muriwai Beach first. One member said that he had no idea how we got there. This is a nice compliment in my book.

We phoned the nice people in the Shelly Beach café and they were happy to have us for lunch.

The friendly and helpful young couple, who are managing the café since 4 1/2 months, served us with nice drinks and meals.

Afterwards some rain came over so everybody made their own way home again.

Thanks Wayne for being “Tail end Charlie.”

21 Aug - Annette Bissett
What a super night out 👍 32 of us for dinner at Hobsonville RSA. Our hosts were so welcoming, food was great, lots of storytelling and laughs, and I think the sheriff overheard more than a few snippets of disgraceful episodes that he will no doubt be able to embellish before next club night.
25 Aug - Greg Norton
Daffodil Cancer Rally - Warkworth - Sunday 25 August - Great selection of Classics!
And I managed to catch up with our President for a coffee ☕
27 Aug - Charlie

Ten riders today, and the weather was good. John Stephens took us to Nikau Caves cafe, where as always they served us good food and coffee. Another biker came past the cafe while we were having lunch, and seeing our bikes in the carpark came in to see who we were.

Three of us came back via the gravel road to Port Waikato. The rest planned to return on Glen Murray Road and then back to Highway 22 on Churchill Road.

28 Aug - Charlie

Fifteen riders took advantage of the nice weather today, and three others came to the meeting point to socialise. The mood was for a longer ride, so as soon as the suggestion of riding to Marsden Point via the Paparoa-Oakleigh road was made, a motion was put from the floor that nominations be closed. Harry Handley volunteered to lead. Since the route was straightforward, we didn't use corner markers, but regrouped a few times, with a rest stop at Wellsford. 

At Marsden Point marina, some of us went to the bakery for a quick lunch, while others went to the Land & Sea Cafe. 

A good ride on nice roads!

29 Aug - Charlie

Eleven people came to the Auckland Maritime Museum for our cultural outing today. We started with a guided tour, which took an hour and covered the ground floor, then wandered at will for the next hour before meeting in the lobby and heading to a cafe for lunch. The museum does a good job, and I enjoyed everyone's company.

Next month, on 26 September, we have a booking to visit Waitakaruru sculpture garden near Hamilton. See

Raffle Prizes and Tattle-Tales Wanted
 “Sheriff wants unwanted gifts and wine for birthdays and worthy events in your LIVES “
And please email ‘SHERIFF, I HAVE A TALE’ to Pete. 
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Ulysses North Harbour
Runs and Event Calendar
Runs Coordinator
Rider in Charge (RIC) would appreciate all participants of rides to be at the departure point 10 minutes early with a full tank of gas.  If the weather looks suspect then please phone the RIC or check out North Harbour Ulysses facebook page to see if the ride is postponed or cancelled. 

The Rider in Charge will be organizing the day.  Contact them for details.  All riders participating in a Ulysses Ride are expected to hold a current motorcycle license, wear suitable clothing and to have a registered and warranted road-worthy bike.

The organizers and/or the Ulysses Club are not responsible for participants safety and all participants participate at their own risk.

All participants are aware that they are traveling on open public roads and are responsible for their own safety and compliance with all Rules and Laws.

Please check your runs list as some rides or destinations may have changed from initial calendar entry.
Club Night Meeting and Social Evening
Held at Pupuke Golf Club  
 231 East Coast Road (opp Sunnynook Rd) Campbells Bay
1st Thursday of the Month.
Meals available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.00pm during winter months.
Our next social dinner is on 21 Aug - 6:30pm - 9:30pm.   
Change of venue this month to Hobsonville RSA, 114 Hobsonville Rd, Hobsonville, Auckland
Midweek Wednesday Rides (check out NH Ulysses facebook page for details.)
Are you free to ride Midweek?
Why not join fellow Ulyssians on Wednesday's

Departing Warehouse covered carpark in Albany at 10.00am
Destination decided on the day.
These rides are proving very popular.
Andrew Leader runs the "Twists and Turns" low speed manoeuvring sessions that Ulysses set up some years ago.

They are run on the first Saturday of the month at  Kelston Girls High School, 1 Archibald Rd, Kelston, West Auckland 0602.

All North Harbour members are invited to attend. 
It’s a great opportunity to practice all those key low speed skills in a safe, supportive environment.  For instance when did you last practice an emergency stop?  Plenty of skilled riders attend to help with technique and encouragement and they are not judgemental.  Better to practice where there are people to help pick the bike up if you lay it down!
 The school entrance is first on your right as you turn off Great North Road into Archibald Road: 
Andy #4460
Upcoming Sunday Runs
September 8

Bikers In Blue 2019

The Bikers in Blue motorcycle ride is a symbol of
support for the many people who have been
affected by prostate cancer, this September we are
calling for all bikers to register for this fun filled
event and soar through the streets in support of Kiwi

Goto for more details
Saturday 21 September
8:30am - 3:00pm
Day Trip to support the Far North Ulysses Branch.
Departing from Warehouse covered car park, Albany. Tiki tour on some great northland backroads, to Parakao Store for a lunch stop Far North RIC Peter Groves– 0212532628
Upcoming Events

27th Far North Ulysses Branch Rally

Friday 20 September 2019 - Sunday 22 September 2019
Tent Sites, Bunk Rooms, Music, Raffles, Prizes, Meals, Free Tea/ Coffee/home baking Cheap Booze (No BYO), Plates, Cups & Cutlery Supplied An organised ride on Saturday
Click Here to Download Info and Entry Form
A big city lawyer went duck hunting in rural North Dakota. He shot a bird, but it fell into the field on the other side of the fence.  
As the lawyer climbed over the fence, an elderly farmer drove up on his tractor and asked him what he was doing.
The litigator responded, "I shot a duck and it fell in this field, and now I'm going to retrieve it."
 The old farmer replied, "This is my property, and you are not coming over here."
The indignant lawyer said, "I am one of the best trial attorneys in New York and, if you don't let me get that duck, I'll sue you and take everything you own."  
The old farmer smiled and said, "Apparently, you don't know how we settle disputes in North Dakota.  We settle small disagreements like this with the Three Kick Rule."
The lawyer asked, "What’s the Three Kick Rule?"  
The Farmer replied, "Well, because the dispute occurs on my land, I get to go first. I kick you three times and then you kick me three times and so on back and forth until someone gives up."
The attorney quickly thought about the proposed contest and decided that he could easily take the old codger. He agreed to abide by the local custom.  
The old farmer slowly climbed down from the tractor and walked up to the attorney. His first kick planted the toe of his heavy steel-toed work boot into the lawyer's groin and dropped him to his knees!
His second kick to the midriff sent the lawyer's last meal gushing from his mouth. The lawyer was on all fours when the farmer's third kick to his rear end sent him face-first into a fresh cow pie.
The lawyer summoned every bit of his will and remaining strength and very slowly managed to get to his feet. Wiping his face with the arm of his jacket, he said, "Okay, you old fart. Now it's my turn."
The old farmer smiled and said, "Nah, I give up. You can have the duck."
Don’t you just love old people
2019 Executive Members
Committee Members
Non Committee Positions
Linda Bleasedale is our Welfare Officer so if you know of a Branch Member who is sick, injured or in need of help from the Branch please contact Linda on
Mobile 021 503 101
Our Club Insurances have been renewed again for the coming year with AON.
Please note, our insurer has made particular mention that we communicate to all members that in the event of a incident that may require activating our insurance policy that the insured party (that's all of us as members of the Club) does NOT admit liability for, or settle any claim or incur any defence costs without the prior written consent of the insurer (that's AON).  In other words admit nothing and immediately advise Natcom of the situation.
This information is posted on the links page of the Club website.  

ULYSSES 2016  

            AON has a New Policy Wording with a New Underwriter:
In collaboration with NZI, Aon has a new improved policy wording for Motorcycles.  This Prestige Motorcycle Policy gives you the best of the best in cover for all types of On-Road Motorcycles including 3 wheelers, Off-Road Motorcycles including Quad Bikes, Competition Motorcycles (not covered whilst racing), Motorcycle Collections and Classic/Vintage Motorcycles.  A new policy wording will be sent out shortly.
Some of the BENEFITS:
New replacement Motorcycle if a total loss occurs within 12 months of the insured motorcycle being first registered as a new Motorcycle up to 20,000km – this increases to 24 months and 30,000km for Ulysses Members.
Windscreen/shield, headlights or tail lights covered – Nil excess
Roadside Assistance is now provided on comprehensively covered motorcycles by
FIRST ASSISTANCE – 0800 120 102
AUTOMATIC RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (indemnity value) any one claim per year.
Option to have REPLACEMENT RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (REPLACEMENT value) any one claim per year.  Premium for Ulysses Members $50 plus GST.  (Normally $75+GST)
DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS – Age Discounts, Multiple Bike Discount (conditions apply), Loyalty Discounts, Trike Discounts, Named Rider Discounts and the Restricted Usage Discount – this is now based on riding less than 7,500km per year, per bike! (was 5,000km)
LOWER EXCESSES – The standard policy excess is now $250 (plus underage excesses applying), $500 theft excess and on approved track days a $750 excess only will apply.
RIDE FOREVER If you complete a Ride Forever training course, provide us with your certificate and we will apply a NIL excess for one claim within 12 months of completing this course.
Call us on 0800 65 62 64 and ask for Leonie, Annaliese or Brandon if you have any queries.
ASURE Accommodation Group
Welcome to ASURE Accommodation Group – a nationwide group of motels, motor inns, motor lodges and apartments strategically placed throughout New Zealand, offering you quality, affordable accommodation. 
10% discount is available to all Ulysses Club Members for bookings made online on using the promo code Ulysses  
In addition, all members are eligible to receive our ASURE Loyalty Programme – stay at three or more ASURE properties and receive $100 off your tenth night stay.
Completed loyalty cards must be redeemed direct with the ASURE property and cannot be redeemed online.
Terms & Conditions: Discount available on room only, excludes public holidays and special events and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
You will need to enter your Ulysses Club membership card number to complete your booking – see screenshots below, and you will need your card when you arrive at the accommodation.
StraitNZ has provided us with the following discount for members using the Bluebridge – this promotion runs through until 30 September 2019, although there are some peak dates (highlighted below) when it cannot be used.

The Club’s promo code is ULYSSES10
Full details / terms and conditions are:
• The 10% discount only applies to Ulysses club members.
• Upon check-in all passengers must provide proof they are part of the Ulysses club. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding.
• Travel exclusions: 15 December to 15 January and Easter weekend including Thursday before Good Friday and Tuesday after Easter Monday.
• The discount applies to all available fare types and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.
• The deal can only be redeemed via the Bluebridge passenger service and does not apply to any Travel company or freight bookings.
• Standard fare terms and conditions apply.
• To take advantage of the special fares above simply contact us to make a reservation and quote ' ULYSSES10’. Alternatively you can book online by entering the following promo code: ULYSSES10. Please remember that you must present your official forms confirming you are related to the club.
Members Free Ads

Space here for Members advert.  Please include Your name and membership number.
Proud Sponsors of the Ronnie Run
Paul Gallagher # 3266
Steve Brackenridge  
Ben Becker 
Steve Crow
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