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North Harbour Ulysses Newsletter.
Edition 65
April 2020

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Hello fellow Uylssians,
Due to recent complications created for Craig and myself by the Covid-19 pandemic, it was more practical for Craig to remain editor for this edition rather than rush the hand-over.

However as “Editor-in-Waiting” I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself. Firstly though I would like to extend the warmest thanks to Craig on behalf of all North Harbour branch members for his dedicated service to the club in creating our branch newsletter for so very many issues particularly as he has had to fit in this task around a demanding work schedule, which is now probably even more complicated by the pandemic.

Some of you will know me, many will not. I’m a relatively new member and have been living in NZ for less than a year but like many of you I have been riding motorcycles on and off (but mostly on) for many years, more than 35 years in fact and I hope to keep doing so for many more although another 35 years might be asking too much!

I’m married with two grown-up kids both of who are living in Europe at the moment. I ride a Yamaha FJ1100 and a Husqvarna SM610. Timing is everything, they say, and I fear that my timing in taking on the role of editor could not be much worse... as I’m writing this on the day that the government announced ‘Stage 3’ was in effect and that ‘Stage 4’ would follow in 48 hours.. this along with already confirmed cancellations of club meetings and rides means that there may not be very much current news to report for the next issue or two.

So, it would be great if you could start to compose some tales of yore to entertain our readers next month, anything amusing would be greatly appreciated to help cheer us all up a little while we are isolating ourselves. Perhaps some stories of getting lost in pre-satnav times or embarrassingly
disastrous attempts at home motorcycle repairs will spring to mind?

If you have something you want to share or something to say please send it in. I will try to avoid any editing or censorship whatsoever unless material is clearly offensive or inappropriate. That said, please avoid the universally controversial topics of Politics and Religion (neither of which interest me much), after all we are a social club with a common interest in motorcycles, let’s keep more-or-less focussed on these two things.

Finally, at the risk of repeating the message, let’s do what we can to look out for other members in these difficult times especially for members at higher risk from Covid-19. If you could use a little help or could offer a little help please use Facebook/SMS/Phone etc. to reach out to other members.

Hope to get to meet more of you after another 4 weeks or so…
Simon Slater
Wow who would have believed we would be in a lock down such as this. Corona Virus has taken and is taking its toll on all aspects of our Society and lives. As I sit here at my laptop looking out over the playground it is eerily quiet with only a few car’s in the carpark and few on the roads. The boy racers that have been going wild the last few days have also disappeared. I have my own health issues going on at the moment and no I don’t have Corona Virus!! It’s a man’s issue. Still more tests to be done but given the current situation not sure how that looks, I have another sit down with the Dr. tomorrow.

As I am sure you will be aware at the present time there are No Meetings and No Rides which means that our Branch AGM has been postponed until further notice. I have put a proposal to Nat Com as to a possible solution for this. Tim has advised me that Nat Com are doing a video conference to consider possible solutions so we will wait until we get a response from them. You all will be pleased to know we have enough nominees to fill all available positions, and that I and your current committee are still working hard for you. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact one of us.

At this time, it is important that we keep in touch with one another via phone and or social media. Now I know some of you have avoided the whole social media thing, but it is a useful tool and now would be a great time to learn how to use it more effectively. I do have a few laptops in stock that I am happy to loan people if you find yourself without a computer during the lockdown. If you are experiencing issues with your PC/Laptop and have an internet connection, I can remote in and assist. This will be free to all Ulysses members.
Can I say that the National Rally and AGM in Blenheim was a great success and great fun to attend. What a beautiful part of our country. I had been through the Queen Charlotte sounds on one prior occasion this was when returning from Nelson National Rally and AGM and at the time had noted it was nice and worth a journey back, well that was a bit of an understatement! On the Saturday John Heebink and I went on a treasure hunt through the Queen Charlotte sounds, and we did find treasure! We sure did! I must say it was most enjoyable and relaxing to stop often to look at the scenery and find answers to the questions (incidentally John won this one all be it a lucky dip).
So I would like to say that this comes as a timely reminder to us that we need to slow down and smell the roses, life is a Journey Not a Race we miss so much beauty in this life racing around from one point to another. Also, at this time, I think we should remind ourselves that money, although important is not so important that it comes at the cost of relationships.

Be kind contact each other care for one another and please don’t panic buy, listen to our leaders, and obey the instructions that we are given. Lord only knows being a bit of a rebel myself, I do struggle with this at times. But now for everyone’s sake just please just follow the instructions as will I. I don’t know how long this will take to resolve but we all need to do our part.

Please spare a though for those of us who have family overseas.  Annette and I have 1 in the USA and 3 in Australia, our daughter who is a chef just lost her job and gets no support from Australian Govt. so interesting times ahead.

Be Safe, keep in touch and we will get through this together
Rob Bissett #7822
North Harbour Branch
Ulysses North Harbour Facebook Page
Ulysses North Harbour Website
2023 National AGM & Rally
Last Year the North Harbour Branch committed to organising & running the 2023 National AGM & Rally. The Branch Committee asked me to be the AGM Coordinator & nominated Steve Crow as Committee Liaison person, now we need to start putting together a sub-committee of branch members to organise individual parts of this important event. 

From past experience we can expect between 350-400+ people attending many of them from other branches and requiring accommodation, I would like to be able to billet visitors with branch members so would need some-one to take on this responsibility as well as teeing up motels.

Also needed are; Assistant AGM Coordinator, Venue Liaison, Scribe, Treasurer, Sponsorship/Event Display Liaison, Transport Liaison person, Catering Liaison person, Gear Sales Person, Registration person, (would also need someone to help prepare the registration form to go on National Website) and finally some-one to look after entertainment. There may be other jobs created as time goes on.
I envisage these people being team leaders so they don’t carry the whole burden of their job by themselves and would also have a team member to continue in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Personally, I will be 80 by the AGM time and although I have no intention of taking my last ride before then, who knows??

If you think you have the skills and energy to be part of this exciting event please email me on or phone me.
Wayne Painter #1756NZ L/M
National Vice President
(National Raffle Organiser)
2023 National AGM & Rally Coordinator.
027 289 1018
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Out Cruising
March 18 - Charlie Tee

Ten riders on this beautiful sunny day. It started off a little chilly but soon warmed up. No handshakes, fist tapping or boot taps today; we're all keeping our distance at the meeting point, but we did sit next to each other over lunch.

Philip Burns led us to Omaha via SH16 and Matakana Valley Road. A good ride, except that when we arrived at Omaha Beach Cafe it was closed for the day. We went to Omaha Golf Club for lunch instead.

March 11 - Charlie Tee

Eleven riders out today. In the Wednesday group, both the booted foot tap and the fist bump are in use as a greeting to replace the handshake. It's only a matter of time before someone gets confused and kicks someone else's fist!

Harry Handley agreed to lead us to Tinopai via SH16. Various riders dropped out along the way; some didn't have time for a long ride, others just didn't want to go too far, and some were dispirited by the occasional heavy showers. By the time we stopped for lunch at Real Town Pies in Maungaturoto, only four were left, and two of those decided to head back to Auckland after lunch, so we called off the ride at that point.

Three of us headed back to Auckland in convoy. Just out of Maungaturoto we passed a truck, quite safely and without exceeding the speed limit. We then came to a 50 km/h area of new seal, and slowed down a bit. I was the middle rider and spotted a police car ahead mostly hidden by some trees, so I slowed down a bit more. The rider ahead of me apparently didn't see the police car until he had almost reached it but didn't get waved over. The police officer stepped into the middle of the road and waved me to the side. The rider behind me went on. Before I had even turned my bike off, the police officer was saying something very forceful to me, and it took me a moment to comprehend. She had pulled over the truck behind me, I was free to go!

March 10 - Charlie Tee

Twelve riders today, and one other who came to socialise with us. We've adopted a fist bump instead of shaking hands in greeting. It's probably somewhat effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 (you probably don't touch your face with your knuckles very much), and keeps us all aware of the need to be careful about contact with other people.

Kevin Piper took us to the Willow Glen cafe in Gordonton, with a stop at Noe-o-Tainui Hall on Tahuna Road, and another down a short gravel road at Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve. There was a loop walk to the top of Pukemokemoke, and I took this to enjoy the view from the summit, then joined the others at lunch.

On the way home, we took the new motorway bypass of Huntly, and some of us stopped off at Pokeno for an ice-cream and farewell fist-bump.

March 8 - Max Kenny

Great Sunday ride - here's a few more photos. Thank you Linda and thanks Dave for being TEC.

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Ulysses North Harbour
Runs and Event Calendar
Runs Coordinator
Rider in Charge (RIC) would appreciate all participants of rides to be at the departure point 10 minutes early with a full tank of gas.  If the weather looks suspect then please phone the RIC or check out North Harbour Ulysses facebook page to see if the ride is postponed or cancelled. 

The Rider in Charge will be organizing the day.  Contact them for details.  All riders participating in a Ulysses Ride are expected to hold a current motorcycle license, wear suitable clothing and to have a registered and warranted road-worthy bike.

The organizers and/or the Ulysses Club are not responsible for participants safety and all participants participate at their own risk.

All participants are aware that they are traveling on open public roads and are responsible for their own safety and compliance with all Rules and Laws.

Please check your runs list as some rides or destinations may have changed from initial calendar entry.
Upcoming Sunday Runs
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All events are postponed until further notice
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Mobile 021 503 101
Our Club Insurances have been renewed again for the coming year with AON.
Please note, our insurer has made particular mention that we communicate to all members that in the event of a incident that may require activating our insurance policy that the insured party (that's all of us as members of the Club) does NOT admit liability for, or settle any claim or incur any defence costs without the prior written consent of the insurer (that's AON).  In other words admit nothing and immediately advise Natcom of the situation.
This information is posted on the links page of the Club website.  

ULYSSES 2016  

            AON has a New Policy Wording with a New Underwriter:
In collaboration with NZI, Aon has a new improved policy wording for Motorcycles.  This Prestige Motorcycle Policy gives you the best of the best in cover for all types of On-Road Motorcycles including 3 wheelers, Off-Road Motorcycles including Quad Bikes, Competition Motorcycles (not covered whilst racing), Motorcycle Collections and Classic/Vintage Motorcycles.  A new policy wording will be sent out shortly.
Some of the BENEFITS:
New replacement Motorcycle if a total loss occurs within 12 months of the insured motorcycle being first registered as a new Motorcycle up to 20,000km – this increases to 24 months and 30,000km for Ulysses Members.
Windscreen/shield, headlights or tail lights covered – Nil excess
Roadside Assistance is now provided on comprehensively covered motorcycles by
FIRST ASSISTANCE – 0800 120 102
AUTOMATIC RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (indemnity value) any one claim per year.
Option to have REPLACEMENT RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (REPLACEMENT value) any one claim per year.  Premium for Ulysses Members $50 plus GST.  (Normally $75+GST)
DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS – Age Discounts, Multiple Bike Discount (conditions apply), Loyalty Discounts, Trike Discounts, Named Rider Discounts and the Restricted Usage Discount – this is now based on riding less than 7,500km per year, per bike! (was 5,000km)
LOWER EXCESSES – The standard policy excess is now $250 (plus underage excesses applying), $500 theft excess and on approved track days a $750 excess only will apply.
RIDE FOREVER If you complete a Ride Forever training course, provide us with your certificate and we will apply a NIL excess for one claim within 12 months of completing this course.
Call us on 0800 65 62 64 and ask for Leonie, Annaliese or Brandon if you have any queries.
ASURE Accommodation Group
Welcome to ASURE Accommodation Group – a nationwide group of motels, motor inns, motor lodges and apartments strategically placed throughout New Zealand, offering you quality, affordable accommodation. 
10% discount is available to all Ulysses Club Members for bookings made online on using the promo code Ulysses  
In addition, all members are eligible to receive our ASURE Loyalty Programme – stay at three or more ASURE properties and receive $100 off your tenth night stay.
Completed loyalty cards must be redeemed direct with the ASURE property and cannot be redeemed online.
Terms & Conditions: Discount available on room only, excludes public holidays and special events and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
You will need to enter your Ulysses Club membership card number to complete your booking – see screenshots below, and you will need your card when you arrive at the accommodation.
StraitNZ has provided us with the following discount for members using the Bluebridge – this promotion runs through until 30 September 2019, although there are some peak dates (highlighted below) when it cannot be used.

The Club’s promo code is ULYSSES10
Full details / terms and conditions are:
• The 10% discount only applies to Ulysses club members.
• Upon check-in all passengers must provide proof they are part of the Ulysses club. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding.
• Travel exclusions: 15 December to 15 January and Easter weekend including Thursday before Good Friday and Tuesday after Easter Monday.
• The discount applies to all available fare types and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.
• The deal can only be redeemed via the Bluebridge passenger service and does not apply to any Travel company or freight bookings.
• Standard fare terms and conditions apply.
• To take advantage of the special fares above simply contact us to make a reservation and quote ' ULYSSES10’. Alternatively you can book online by entering the following promo code: ULYSSES10. Please remember that you must present your official forms confirming you are related to the club.
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