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Edition 30
February 2017

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Hi All

RIP Vaughan. He was a colleague, a friend and an all round good guy.  We will miss you.

It's the start of a new year and we are enjoying riding in the 2017 summer months. However we need to remain vigilant when we are out on the roads so we don't end up a statistic that the media is portraying our age group to be. Personally over the break I saw a very near miss and I had a very near miss. Neither caused by the motorcyclists.

I'm excited as we have a lot of great rides and events coming up this year and I'm glad to be part of North Harbour Ulysses family.  Although you only get out of it what you put in.  So take part in club meetings, social events and rides.  They are a lot of fun and you meet so many like minded people who fast become friends.


Craig McEwan #9243
Ulysses North Harbour
Ulysses North Harbour Facebook Page
Ulysses North Harbour Website

Dale & I hope every-one had a great Xmas and wish you a Happy Safe New Year.
(Next Club Night Thursday 2nd February)
Our Xmas Bash at the Squash Club went off well with 80+ members & partners enjoying this lovely spot, our thanks to Peter Unstead for supplying the music. Many of you asked for another function at the squash club in the mid-year, I thought a late June early July function with a BBQ about 8.00pm would be nice. I am getting costings, unfortunately when you use these places we have to use their caterers. I will keep you informed on progress.
         John’s New Year’s Day Ride was well supported with 47 bikes turning up some with pillions, if you haven’t done one of these rides before I can thoroughly recommend them as John knows a lot of roads you have never been on before. No! we weren’t there,  some of us enjoyed the hospitality of Paul & Niki Morrison to bring in the New Year and didn’t wake up in time. Hopefully we will have some photos of the Xmas Bash & John’s ride further on.
         The committee have asked NatCom to approve Barry Holland & John Heebink as Branch Rider Mentors, they will then be available to give you riding tips. Both John & Barry are IAM members and approved IAM observers so are well qualified to help improve your riding if required. They will not/cannot act as riding instructors. If you think you could do the IAM course contact them to see what is involved, but it would be a good idea to do a Ride Forever Silver or Gold Course before attempting the IAM.
         Don’t forget if you do a Ride Forever Course or similar to let the committee know and email a copy of your certificate to as the Branch gets a $20.00 rebate for every course completed.  
           John & Barry are also doing a RIC introduction night in February hopefully a date will be announced at club night.
         The National Raffle tickets will be on sale at club night, the proceeds from this raffle go towards Ride Forever & Rider Improvement/Training courses, tickets are always in great demand so get in early as there are only 2500 tickets available nationwide and there is a great selection of bikes as prizes. Tickets are only available to Club Members $10.00ea or $50.00 a book of 5.
Buy & Sell Table
We all have something we no longer need but could be useful to some-one else, if you have something you want to sell bring it along for the sellers table. This is an experiment to see how popular it will be. 
NOTE to those going to the LEADFOOT FESTIVAL.
CYCLESPOT have a display marquee on the inner portion of the track close to the start line, Grant has offered to store your gear while you enjoy the days racing. Just look for the Cyclespot/Indian flags. Thanks CycleSpot.
There are still some members who haven’t renewed their membership, after the 31st January you will have to re-join and pay a joining fee,  DO IT NOW.
REMEMBER! All subs run from 1st January to 31st December regardless of your joining date.
When you need something motorcycle related please remember our Sponsors, 
The CycleSpot Group, (Honda, BMW, Victory, Indian, Husqvarna, KTM, Ducati, Norton & Vespa), Spectrum Motorcycles, (Hyosung, Kawasaki & HD imports) and Techmoto for Helmets, Clothing and accessories. Ronnie Run Ride sponsors are Heritage Hotels and Apex Trophies & Engraving.,

Wayne Painter #1756NZ L/M
Branch President, North Harbour Branch

Your North Harbour Executive 
Committee Members
Andy Kelly is our Welfare Officer so if you know of a Branch Member who is sick, injured or in need of help from the Branch please contact Andy
on 021 144 9734 or Email Andy
Non Committee Positions
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North Harbour Ulysses AGM is coming up in April 2017
Click here to open the Nomination Form for the 2017 North Harbour Committee 
If members want to put an article in the
March Ulyssian NatMag it must be with the editor
Paul at:
By the 10th February latest.
Please support North Harbour Branch sponsors.
Cyclespot would like to offer condolences to Vaughan’s family at this time,
our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Vaughan was a great friend of Cyclespot’s and will be sadly missed.
Grant Woolford and the team at USA
Cyclespot Group, Major North Harbour Branch Sponsor
Grant donates vouchers monthly for Social Evenings and
 advertises in the monthly newsletter.  
Pop into Cyclespot and check out the range of bikes & accessories.
North Harbour Ulysses Facebook Page
North Harbour Ulysses Website
Message from the New Zealand Police after Vaughan's Funeral

Good Morning Wayne.
Thanks for the photo’s – what a send-off !!
I’m a motorcycle rider – rain, hail & shine and I know the love & support you & the Ulysses family have shown to Vaughan & his family will be much appreciated.  
I have thanked all  of our Police staff involved, especially Pete Johnstone the traffic engineer form ATOC - Smales Farm who organised & managed the Green Wave for Vaughan’s last journey.  I appreciate your feedback. Take Care.
Senior Sergeant Mike FLATT
Police Liaison Officer. Auckland Operations Transport Centre – (ATOC Smales) 
Our pleasure Wayne, the lads all commented it's nice to help the good guys for once.
Hope it helped.
Jason Homan, Acting Inspector, Relieving Area Commander, Rodney
If it is your birthday this month, don't forget to take a bottle of wine for the raffles on club night.
If you have any unwanted gifts, donate them for the raffle prizes.
Subscriber Details
At the bottom of this newsletter is a link so you can update your subscriber details.  There is also a button if you really want to cancel your subscription.
Wine Bottle Caps
Save your bottle tops from your wine bottles and bring along to each monthly meeting. These get passed onto Lions Club who collect as a fundraiser for Child Dialysis.  Get your local restaurant on board and have them keep the bottle tops for you.  
Andrew Leader runs the "Twists and Turns" low speed manoeuvring sessions that Ulysses set up some years ago.

They are run on the first Saturday of the month at  Kelston Girls High School, 1 Archibald Rd, Kelston, West Auckland 0602.

All North Harbour members are invited to attend. 
It’s a great opportunity to practice all those key low speed skills in a safe, supportive environment.  For instance when did you last practice an emergency stop?  Plenty of skilled riders attend to help with technique and encouragement and they are not judgemental.  Better to practice where there are people to help pick the bike up if you lay it down!
 The school entrance is first on your right as you turn off Great North Road into Archibald Road: 
Andy #4460
Food for Thought
Recently Barry Holland got $8.85 off his WOF at VTNZ just for showing his Ulysses Membership Card.
Do you want to earn month for Ulysses North Harbour Branch and upskill at the same time?

Calling all Ulysses IAM (Institute of Advance Motorists) Advanced Motorcycle Division Members  , or those who would like to become members.  According to the last Ulyssian NatCom will give $20 to our branch for each member who has passed (or when they pass) their IAM Advanced Motorcycle test!

So if you have already passed. Please scan and email your certificate to Wayne Painter, Who can then claim the $20 back for the North Harbour Branch coffers.  Likewise when you pass, email a copy of the certificate to Wayne so the money can be claimed.

What a great way to really improve your riding skills and raise a bit of cash for the branch. If you would like to know more about IAM, how you can improve your riding skills and increase your chances of staying safe on our roads (and don’t forget the $20 for the branch)!!

Contact Barry Holland or John Heebink who can give you all the necessary Information.
Peter Webb
Raffle Prizes and Tattle-Tales Wanted
 “Sheriff wants unwanted gifts and wine for birthdays and worthy events in your LIVES “
And please email ‘SHERIFF, I HAVE A TALE’ to Pete. 
Motorcycle Safety Tips and Tricks

1. Gear up.

Contrary to popular belief, looking cool is not the top priority when getting on your bike. No matter how hot it is outside, shorts, a T-shirt and sandals are not proper riding attire. Even jeans provide minimal protection against injury and road rash if you happen to slide. You can go for extreme protection with leathers or reinforced jackets, pants and boots.

Glasses or goggles are a must if you have an open-faced helmet and to protect your hands, you should always wear gloves. In warm weather there is specially designed gear that is intended for ventilation and cooling. And, it should go without saying, never ride without a DOT-approved helmet. It doesn’t matter if you look silly because it will help keep you alive.

2. Stay in the comfort zone.

Know your abilities and make sure that neither your chosen route nor motorcycle is more than you can handle. Your bike should fit you; that means that your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground when seated – no tiptoes.  And if the bike feels too heavy for you, it probably is.

You want to be able to easily get on and off your motorcycle and the handlebars and controls should be easy for you to reach. The more familiar you are with your route, the easier it will be for you to focus on safety instead of not missing a turn. And if you’re riding with a group, don’t push yourself just to keep up with the pack. Always ride to your comfort level, not theirs.

3. Inspect your ride.

Give your bike a good once-over before hitting the road. Things you should check out every time you get on your motorcycle include tire pressure, mirrors and lights. Taking a quick walk around your bike will give you an idea if there are any loose bolts, leaks or other potential mechanical hazards.

You also need to be diligent about regular care and maintenance. Don’t delay fixing something that needs attention, conduct all recommended regular maintenance including oil changes, chain and suspension adjustments, and stay on top of brake pad and tire wear.

4. Use your head.

While mirrors are there for a reason, you can’t solely rely on them to remain aware of what is in your immediate riding space. To keep cognizant of your surroundings and your position in relationship to those around you, you need to use your head.

Experienced riders know that it’s important to keep your head and eyes up while rounding corners and that the safest way to change lanes is to actually turn and look over your shoulder to make sure you are clear. You will also be able to get a feeling for whether other drivers are paying attention to you.

5. Watch the road.

As a motorcyclist, you need to pay attention to the road you are riding on. Err on the side of caution when going into curves; be vigilant for potential gravel or other unstable road conditions. Be careful when crossing rail road tracks because the paint can be slippery – the same goes for the white lines at stoplights.

6. Find your happy place.

One of the biggest dangers to a rider is getting on your bike in the wrong state of mind. Riding angry, drowsy or distracted can be a recipe for disaster. Remember, when you’re on a motorcycle you are ultimately the only one on the road looking out for you. If your mind and emotions are anywhere other than the road ahead, you are susceptible to making rookie mistakes that can end in a crash, injuries or worse.

7. Know the forecast.

Weather is a regular foil to perfect driving conditions and the dangers of wet or icy roads multiply when you’re on two wheels. Not only do you have half the stability of a car, but the lack of a windshield and your body’s exposure to driving rain add to the risk.

Lack of visibility is a rider’s worst nightmare and until you’ve been caught on your bike in the rain you will never understand just how much being pelted by rain drops at 50 or even 30 miles per hour can hurt.

8. Make sure two isn’t a crowd.

Who doesn’t want to cruise around with a hottie riding on back? But you need to make sure you are comfortable with a passenger and also make sure that your passenger knows how to do their part to make sure the ride stays safe and sexy. Something safe and sweet is ensuring your passenger has the right gear.

They need a helmet, protective clothing and the right shoes. You also need to make sure they know what to do when you turn corners or need to stop. It might be a good idea to take a test run together in a safe environment like a parking lot before hitting the open road or the stop-and-go of city traffic.

9. Brake for motorcycles.

Just because you’re on a motorcycle doesn’t make it any easier for you to see other motorcycles. Always double-check when changing lanes or turning. You also need to practice braking in all sorts of conditions.

To make sure that a quick stop won’t result in tragedy, always give extra space to the vehicles in front of you and know how to stop on a dime without locking your brakes. In fact, you might want to upgrade to anti-lock brakes. According to IIHS research, having ABS brakes on your bike can reduce your chances of being in a fatal accident by 37 percent.

10. Spread the love

There’s no denying that motorcycles are often overlooked or regarded as the second-class citizens of the road. As a rider, you have the chance to help make that different. When you’re on the road, always drive as if you are an ambassador for motorcyclists everywhere.

Ride with courtesy, care and awareness that you are representing motorcycles for those around you. Don’t let an urge to prove a point or retaliate against an inconsiderate driver overwhelm your better judgment – after all, that takes away all the joy, which is why you’re riding in the first place.

When all is said and done it boils down to this: wear your gear, know your bike and know your abilities. You can’t control your environment but you can control how you react to it. What other tips do you have to stay safe and sane on two wheels?

Click Here for Printer Friendly Runs List
Ulysses North Harbour
Runs and Event Calendar
Runs Coordinator
Rider in Charge (RIC) would appreciate all participants of rides to be at the departure point 10 minutes early with a full tank of gas.  If the weather looks suspect then please phone the RIC or check out North Harbour Ulysses facebook page to see if the ride is postponed or cancelled. 

The Rider in Charge will be organizing the day.  Contact them for details.  All riders participating in a Ulysses Ride are expected to hold a current motorcycle license, wear suitable clothing and to have a registered and warranted road-worthy bike.

The organizers and/or the Ulysses Club are not responsible for participants safety and all participants participate at their own risk.

All participants are aware that they are traveling on open public roads and are responsible for their own safety and compliance with all Rules and Laws.

Please check your runs list as some rides or destinations may have changed from initial calendar entry.
Club Night Meeting and Social Evening
Held at Pupuke Golf Club  
 231 East Coast Road (opp Sunnynook Rd) Campbells Bay
1st Thursday of the Month.
Meals available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm
note change of time during daylight savings
Our next social dinner is on 15 February - 5:30pm onwards.  Please email Wayne Painter by Monday 19 if you intend to attend.
Africa is located at 1b William Pickering Drive, Albany
North Harbour meeting point is Pupuke Golf Club bottom carpark at 8:30am and we'll ride out together.  RIC Wayne Painter Ph 027 289 1018
Midweek Tuesday and Wednesday Rides (check out NH Ulysses facebook page for details.)
Are you free to ride Midweek?
Why not join fellow Ulyssians on Wednesday's
Departs NS Cossie Club at 10.30am
Destination decided on the day.
These rides are proving very popular.
Highlight your calendar with these upcoming rides or events.

Runs & Rallies

North Harbour Ulysses Club Night - Pupuke Golf Club, 231 East Coast Road (opp Sunnynook Rd Campbells Bay, Meals are available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm, Email Wayne for dinner reservations.

Twists and Turns - 2 -4pm Kelston Girls High School, 1 Archibald Rd, Kelston.  The school entrance is first on the right as you turn off Great North Rd.

Celebrate and Remember Vaughan - BBQ and get together - 4pm onwards
1847 Kaipara Coast Highway - Bring food to share and drinks to drink yourself.  BBQ and facilities provided.  Bring a tent if you wish to stay.

Shiny Side Up Bike Fest - The Trust Arena, 65-67 Central Park Drive Auckland.
This is a free event.

Wait Car and Bike Show - 10am - 2pm Calesonian Park, Waipu

Leadfoot Festival- Coromandel

Waitangi Day


AUCKLAND REGIONAL HELICOPTER TRUST CHARITY RIDE - Depart Pupuke Golf Club bottom carpark at 8:30am
A must do for all Ulysses Members. This is our event, the helicopter staff need our support. BE THERE !! Lets make this a day to remember. This is one of the Biggest Bike Events of the Year. Buy a T-shirt and a badge and you are in the draw to win great prizes. The money we raise every year is spent equipping the Rescue helicopters with vital life saving equipment. Meet at 9:00am - Don't Be late!! Leave 10:00am Ride Departs Papakura RSA, Elliot St Papakura.

Metzeler Elephant Run 2017- Ride departs 9.30am from Great South Rd in Pokeno (North Waikato) – main street, just down from Pokeno Fuel Stop. Sign-on is between 8.30 and 9.00am.

The ride is an easy couple of hours, ridden at your own pace and taking in some of the region's finest roads. Maps for the route will be provided at sign-on.
Food & drink will be available to purchase in Pokeno and at ride's end. 

For more details click here

North Shore Dinner Night - Africa Bar, 1b William Pickering Drive, Albany Every 3rd Wednesday of the month (5:30 onwards), Bar & kitchen. 5:30 onward. Email Wayne if you are attending.

Back to Basics Rally 17-19 Feb 2017 - Ulysses Waihi/Thames Valley -

Venue: Waitawheta Camp, 439 Waitawheta Road, Waihi. Cost: $15 per person per night. Tent sites, Bunk rooms and Caravan/Camper outlets. BYO - Food, Drink etc. Provided: Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Cooking Equipment (incl BBQ) and Utensils. entry form in Ulyssian
Date: Fri 17 Feb 2017 - Sun 19 Feb 2017 

Paeroa Battles of the Streets

Wanganui Rally - Mayhem in Feb Wanganui's Almost Back To Basics Summer Rally: Mangatepopo Camp on SH47 What to bring: Your bedding (linen and pillows), food, drinks and tea towels for washing up. Available: Heated bedrooms which sleep; 3, 4 and 6 guests (get a group together) Details in Ulyssian

Date: Fri 24 Feb 2017 - Sun 26 Feb 2017 

Meet at the Dairy Flat AutoBahn to travel to Kaiwaka. Leaving at 9:30am assembling at the Fire Station.

For those further north Leaving Kaiwaka at 11:30am for Waipu Fire Station.
Registraion $ 15.00 Including Raffle ticket.
Tea and coffee available at Kaiwaka (Gold Coin donation)
and sausage sizzle and steak Sammy's for sale at Waipu Fire Station. All Funds are donated to the Children’s Burn's Unit,
Come & join us to support this worthy cause. 


Twists and Turns - 2 -4pm Kelston Girls High School, 1 Archibald Rd, Kelston.  The school entrance is first on the right as you turn off Great North Rd.

Frankton Thunder and Destination of Ulysses Waikato Toy Run - Frankton Village, Hamilton 

Alan Thoreson is a Ulysses members who races his Kawasaki on Bonneville Salt Flats. Following the success of the first Frankton Thunder Event in 2016, we are pleased to announce the 2017 Frankton Thunder Event will be held on March 4th and 5th 2017 In the heart of the Frankton business area in Hamilton.
A motoring event with Cars and Bikes that will entertain you all weekend.

Featuring Cars and bikes of all motoring disciplines, Bands and Music from yesteryear and today, Tattoo Competition, Burlesque Show, Miss Frankton Thunder Competition, Markets, Demonstrations, Classic Cars and Bikes, Custom Bikes and Hot-rods, Race Bikes and cars and more. Now is the time to mark this event on your calendar. –This is one event not to be missed!! – Frankton Thunder getting bigger and better every year.

Check out the video clip from this year’s event.
Check out Frankton Thunder on Facebook for more information

Event organised by Frankton Thunder Organising Committee in conjunction with the Ulysses Child Cancer Fundraiser 

North Harbour Ulysses Club Night - Pupuke Golf Club, 231 East Coast Road (opp Sunnynook Rd Campbells Bay, Meals are available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm, Email Wayne for dinner reservations.

TBA - details to come - if weather is good possibly a camping night away leaving 1 pm Saturday - return Mike Orr Sunday. Alternatively a ride Sunday - Mike to confirm closer to the date 

North Shore Dinner Night 
- Africa Bar, 1b William Pickering Drive, Albany Every 3rd Wednesday of the month (5:30 onwards), Bar & kitchen. 5:30 onward. Email Wayne if you are attending.

Iron Thunder MC Poker Run 100% of entry fee equally donated to the Auckland Spinal Unit and the Westpac Helicopter Service. $25 entry. $1500 prize. Prizes for additional hands + spot prizes. Registration opens 8.00am to 10.00 am Departing 10.30am sharp.

All makes of motorcycle welcome. 712 Great South Road, Manukau City.
Permission to wear the Ulysses patch at the event has been granted by ITMC.

Date: Sat 18 Mar 2017 Time: 10:30 AM - 01:30 PM 

Tauranga Ulysses Charity Easter Egg & Toy Run - 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM Departs at Papamoa Plaza, Domain Road, Tauranga. You can support the ride and help by joining in, making a donation, buying a badge, bring an Easter Egg, an educational toy, puzzle or game.

RELAY FOR LIFE, Ulysses Club North Harbour Branch Team . ALTERNATIVELY COLLECT DONATIONS to Donate back to Cancer Society or Hibiscus Hospice. Contact Tracy Unstead

PROPOSED WAIHEKE OVERNIGHTER - please email Niki if you are interested so we can organise accommodation deals and meals etc.


nominations close 7th March 2017 ALL POSITIONS AVAILABLE

Held at Pupuke Golf Club, 231 East Coast Road (opp Sunnynook Rd) Campbells Bay, Meals are available from 5.30pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm 

NOTE:  Ulysses’ events in BOLD
For more details of each event see ad at end of The Ulyssian, or Ulysses website – or, contact local Coordinator or, use Google.
A Message regarding Accommodation for the National Rally in Masterton over Easter 2017

Hello fellow Ulyssians,
The 2017 National Rally is being held in Masterton, Wairarapa over the Easter weekend.
Local motel accommodation is at a premium at this time so members wishing to attend the rally should book now

* Most on line booking sites will indicate the Motels are full over this period.

* Members should Ring the Motels direct and indicate you are from the Ulysses Club as most (not all) motels are holding rooms for us.

There are a number of conflicting events now being held in Masterton over the Easter Weekend so accommodation is filling fast in Masterton and the the surrounding areas.

Remember - You can always cancel a booking but you can't always make one! ----------- Don't miss out!  :-) 

Greg Evans
Ulysses Wairarapa Branch Secretary (temp).

Good Day to you all,

After much blood sweat and tears we have finally managed to get all our ducks in a row. My apologies for the delay but it has been out of our control.

Here is the brochure and entry for the Vic Falls Indaba.  Everything you need is in there.

Please excuse us if you have already received this, we have updated our mailing list.

Any queries feel free to contact us.

Kind regards

Talk to Barry Holland regarding rider training or visit the Prorider website for course and booking information. 
Become part of the Pro Rider Community
Visit your local motorcycle/scooter shop and ask about a Ride Forever voucher from Pro Rider, get one for a friend. Book via the Pro Rider website and have your say on our Facebook page!
The Pro Rider Riders Club is coming soon. Keep an eye on Facebook!
Check out ProRider Website for all available courses.
Our Club Insurances have been renewed again for the coming year with AON.
Please note, our insurer has made particular mention that we communicate to all members that in the event of a incident that may require activating our insurance policy that the insured party (that's all of us as members of the Club) does NOT admit liability for, or settle any claim or incur any defence costs without the prior written consent of the insurer (that's AON).  In other words admit nothing and immediately advise Natcom of the situation.
This information is posted on the links page of the Club website.  

ULYSSES 2016  

            AON has a New Policy Wording with a New Underwriter:
In collaboration with NZI, Aon has a new improved policy wording for Motorcycles.  This Prestige Motorcycle Policy gives you the best of the best in cover for all types of On-Road Motorcycles including 3 wheelers, Off-Road Motorcycles including Quad Bikes, Competition Motorcycles (not covered whilst racing), Motorcycle Collections and Classic/Vintage Motorcycles.  A new policy wording will be sent out shortly.
Some of the BENEFITS:
New replacement Motorcycle if a total loss occurs within 12 months of the insured motorcycle being first registered as a new Motorcycle up to 20,000km – this increases to 24 months and 30,000km for Ulysses Members.
Windscreen/shield, headlights or tail lights covered – Nil excess
Roadside Assistance is now provided on comprehensively covered motorcycles by
FIRST ASSISTANCE – 0800 120 102
AUTOMATIC RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (indemnity value) any one claim per year.
Option to have REPLACEMENT RIDING APPAREL cover - $5,000 (REPLACEMENT value) any one claim per year.  Premium for Ulysses Members $50 plus GST.  (Normally $75+GST)
DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS – Age Discounts, Multiple Bike Discount (conditions apply), Loyalty Discounts, Trike Discounts, Named Rider Discounts and the Restricted Usage Discount – this is now based on riding less than 7,500km per year, per bike! (was 5,000km)
LOWER EXCESSES – The standard policy excess is now $250 (plus underage excesses applying), $500 theft excess and on approved track days a $750 excess only will apply.
RIDE FOREVER If you complete a Ride Forever training course, provide us with your certificate and we will apply a NIL excess for one claim within 12 months of completing this course.
Call us on 0800 65 62 64 and ask for Leonie, Annaliese or Brandon if you have any queries.
ASURE Accommodation Group
Welcome to ASURE Accommodation Group – a nationwide group of motels, motor inns, motor lodges and apartments strategically placed throughout New Zealand, offering you quality, affordable accommodation. 
10% discount is available to all Ulysses Club Members for bookings made online on using the promo code Ulysses  
In addition, all members are eligible to receive our ASURE Loyalty Programme – stay at three or more ASURE properties and receive $100 off your tenth night stay.
Completed loyalty cards must be redeemed direct with the ASURE property and cannot be redeemed online.
Terms & Conditions: Discount available on room only, excludes public holidays and special events and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
You will need to enter your Ulysses Club membership card number to complete your booking – see screenshots below, and you will need your card when you arrive at the accommodation.
A discount of 10% off the best available fare applies for travel dates
1 February through to 19 December 2016
Booking conditions and instructions for members are:
Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online at
Also check out our Premium Plus onboard lounge upgrades for total comfort at for 18yrs plus
Simply insert the Promo code “XULY1”on the “Payment details” page then click on “enter” and this will apply the discount.
Membership card is required at the terminal on check in.  No membership card and retail fares will be charged.
Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request.
The normal conditions of the above fare type apply - e.g. Easy Change is 100% refundable if cancelled.
Bookings made through our call centre are at regular rates.
Members Free Ads

Space here for Members advert.  Please include Your name and membership number.
Paul #8047 & Niki Morrison #8052
Paul Gallagher # 3266
Clive Hawthorne #8617
Dennis Linton
Steve Brackenridge  New Member
Ben Becker 

Need that badge sewn on, then call in on Merine.
Phone 021 708677
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