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MaldivesEven if you weren’t stranded by the latest blizzard, you’re probably scared of being stranded by the next. What to do when a snowstorm cancels 7,600 flights and you’re battling a gazillion people trying to find seats on planes? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Don’t wait on hold with the airline while the few empty seats to your destination disappear. Instead call one of the airline’s English-speaking overseas reservations numbers (say, in England or Australia)—whichever office is open and is not dealing with a snowstorm. Gary Leff of View From The Wing says he’s had good luck lately calling Delta in Hong Kong and Singapore. (Use Skype so the call is cheap.) Should that fail, contact Brett Snyder of Cranky Concierge. For a $150 fee, he’ll work his magic to get you on the first possible flight out. Some of the people Brett’s been rerouting around Snowmageddon have even arrived ahead of schedule. Happy travels!  —Wendy
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