Assisted Living Association of South Dakota (ALASD)
             Newsletter January 2016
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Chairman: Steve Vande Kop  

Vice Chairman: Nathan Gellhaus  

Treasurer: Allen Svennes 

Secretary: Kim Eggert 

Western Region Rep: Lezile Snoozy-Kaifors

Central Region  Rep: OPEN

Northeastern Region Rep: Vicky Maag

Southeastern Region Rep: Brandy Fiala 

Member at Large: Colette Broekemeier 

Administravite Director: Lethia Marienau 




Updates  on conference will be posted here! 


After many requests to have member's email addresses added to the news letter,
the association has decided the newsletter and all correspondence from the ALASD
will go to the administrator listed on your application. 

The administrator may share this with any of
their staff they feel would benefit from the information.





"Nathan Gellhaus"

    Greetings ALASD members!  It seems I just got used to writing 2015 and now I must retrain my brain once again.  So happy 2016 to everyone! I also want to send out a special greeting to the 12 new members that joined our organization last year.  Thanks for being a part of our quest for positive change for our residents.
  It honors me greatly to share this positive news with you all.  Last year was a very successful year for our organization and your participation reflects that.  Our membership increased by an amazing 35% in 2015!  We also saw our annual conference attendance jump by more than 39% percent.  Now, as wonderful as it is to see your participation trending upward, it also increases the pressure on us board members to deliver value to you, our membership.  Rest assuredly, that all of last year’s momentum has positioned us to provide you even greater benefits in the years to come.
      Last year we launched our new website and we will continue to upgrade access and content for you.  On a national level we have worked to establish a stronger and more worthwhile relationship with Argentum, which is the new name for the Assisted Living Federation of America.  At the state level, our leadership worked to bring about positive change in the form of two new optional services available to Assisted Living Centers in their ability to offer residents Dining Assistance and Full Assistance with ADL’s.  We are currently working with state government to increase Medicaid reimbursements for assisted living residents.  Our partnerships with providers like Avera will continue to grow, and in turn, offer you better educational opportunities too. 
   This year promises to be another year of positive growth and greater benefit to all associated with the ALASD.  This is thanks in large part to our new Administrative Director, Lethia Marienau.  I cannot share all the new advancements she is working on at this time, but I can attest that as our industry grows and evolves, she will be right there to help assist you in your growth every step of the way. 
     I wish you all a very safe and productive new year.  And please, I invite you to reach out to us.  Give us your feedback; let us know how we can offer you more value, and in turn, help make us all better care providers.  After all, in the end, all that matters is the quality of life of our residents.



The state minimum wage increased from $8.50/hour to $8.55/hour effective Jan. 1, 2016.
The minimum wage is annually adjusted by any increase in the cost of living, as measured in the Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Department of Labor. This year's increase was 0.2 percent and is rounded up to the nearest five cents.
The hourly minimum wage for tipped employees is $4.275/hour effective Jan. 1, 2016, half the minimum wage for non-tipped employees. Wages and tips combined must equal at least the minimum wage.
These increases will apply to all South Dakota employers, with some limited exceptions. For more information, visit our minimum wage Web page






Chris Qualm called me to explain what they are trying to do with this bill. The language will simply state what they are doing presently as far as scheduling inspections. He just wanted us to be aware that it is really nothing to be concerned about and won't affect us. They are not going to increase inspections just identify the frequency they follow now.



State Bill 1026
Please review this bill at





This was such a success last year we are doing it again!!!!!


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