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      Newsletter February 2015.
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Chair: Steve Vande Kop   605-665-7255
Vice Chair: Nathan Gellhaus   605-725-7777
Treasurer:  Allen Svennes  605-339-9123
Secretary: Kim Eggert  605-772-5885
Region 1 Rep: Kristen Maddux  605-722-6380
Region 2 Rep: Brandy Fiala  605-275-0074
Region 3 Rep: Julie Schelling  605-647-5515
Region 4 Rep: Jo Wulf  605-835-9717
Member at Large:  Colette Broekemeier  605-665-7255
Administravite Director:  Lethia Marienau  605-679-4606



Just released 01/05/2015




Kristen Maddux
Golden Ridge Regional Senior Care
200 Montana Avenue
Lead, SD 57732
Fax 605-722-6389

I am Kristen Maddux, Director of Golden Ridge
Regional Senior Care.  I have been the Director
since June 2013.  Golden Ridge is nestled in the
beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Our facility
is surrounded by peacefulness, wildlife and scenes
of serene beauty.  We have 3 studios with full kitchens,
3 – 2 bedroom apartments with full kitchens,
4 – 1 bedroom apartments with full kitchens, 2 – 1 bedroom apartments with kitchenettes, 4 semi-private rooms and
9 smaller studio apartments. 
Our facility is licensed to hold 22 assisted living residents. 

My goal as your new Representative for Region 1 is to
promote our region and the entire state of South Dakota
by informing all assisted living facilities about the outstanding benefits offered as being a member of the ALASD.  I hope
to continue to engage our current members by keeping
them updated on meetings, education opportunities and
current knowledge in the rapidly changing industry.  I will
focus on public awareness which educates seniors and
communities about the benefits of assisted living and
provide opportunities to network with state department
representatives and key political figures. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an
outstanding organization. 


As many of you probably know, the Governor has proposed an emergency resolution to distribute a onetime funding to assisted livings who service Medicaid residents.  Our Association supports this resolution. I have written a letter of support of this resolution and have visited with my Senator about it. I would highly recommend that other members do the same. We need this extra funding to help hire and retain staff for our operations.  

For a copy of the letter go to link below.


Thanks for your support on this issue.
Steve Vande Kop
ALASD Chairman



March 5, 2015

Spotlight On Assisted Living

See Links Below for all the Details!!!!!


10 Reasons It’s Hard to Be the Boss

People who have never managed before often don’t think about the downsides of the job – and people who do manage are often surprised by how hard the role can be! Here are 10 of the toughest parts about being in charge.

1. You have to make decisions people don’t like. Whether it’s ending a popular incentive program, not hiring an employee’s friend, or telling your team that they need to work late, managers have to make decisions that their teams aren’t always happy about.

2. You have to tell people when they’re not doing a good job. Sometimes these are people you like and people who are genuinely trying hard. These conversations are difficult and many managers hate them, but they’re also unavoidable.

3. When things go wrong, you’re the person who gets blamed. When things go right, you give your team the credit. But when they go wrong, you’re the one who shoulders the blame. And even if the problem was due to an employee’s mistake, you’re ultimately the person accountable.

4. Your decisions have high stakes. If you hire the wrong person, release the wrong product, or make the wrong budget trade-offs, your decisions could cause serious problems for the company, even leading to people losing their jobs. Every decision you make, even the smallest ones, could have unforeseen price tags.

5. You have to enforce rules you might not always agree with. If your company has a policy you don’t agree with, it’s still going to be your job to enforce it. And if you don’t, or if you mention your disagreement to your employees, you’ll have undermined your own boss.

6. People bring you ridiculous or awkward complaints. Managers get asked to intervene in personal squabbles, talk to the guy with body odor issues, and tell the receptionist that she’s coughing too much.

7. You need to give up some workplace friendships. Since managers need to have professional boundaries between them and the people they manage, you can’t have the same types of office friendships that you had before you became a manager. You might really click with someone on your staff, but you can’t become close in the same way you could before.

8. You’re being watched and scrutinized. As the boss, everything you say or do carries more weight. If you express enthusiasm for one person’s idea, people will assume that’s the idea they should back. And if you’re in a grumpy mood, people may spend days wondering what they did wrong and agonizing over their relationship with you.

9. You might need to let people go. Easily the worst part about being a manager is telling someone that they no longer have a job. It’s not as hard as being on the employee’s side of the conversation, of course, but for most managers it’s agonizing.

10. Some people just won’t like you. If you’re doing your job, not everyone is going to like you. You are going to tell some people their work isn’t good enough …  hold accountable people who may not want to be held accountable … enforce policies that may irritate the heck out of some people … and yes, fire people. It’s unnerving to know that some people will dislike you simply because you’re doing your job, but it’s unavoidable.

***Of course, there are plenty of upsides to being the boss – probably more than the downsides. But it’s harder than it looks from the outside!  

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