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 Newsletter October, November & December 2016
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Chairman: Steve Vande Kop  

Vice Chairman: Nathan Gellhaus  

Treasurer: Allen Svennes 

Secretary: Kim Eggert 

Western Region Rep: Lezile Snoozy-Kaitfors

Central Region  Rep: Lori Mc Carty

Northeastern Region Rep: Vicky Maag

Southeastern Region Rep: Brandy Fiala 

Member at Large: Colette Broekemeier 

Regulatory Advisor: Deb Carlson

Administravite Director: Lethia Marienau 

Welcome your new board members for 2017


Western Region

 Scott Engel
Key City Retirement Home

Northeastern Region

Vicky Maag
Country View Assisted Living Center

Vice Chair

Brandy Fiala
Sioux Falls

Member at Large

Heather Moechnig
Edgewood Greenleaf



Season’s Greetings,

 The holidays are just around the corner and as this is being written our first significant snow fall is on the way.  It has been a great year for ALASD and we are planning for an even better 2017. 

 Thank-you to everyone who attended the annual conference in Fort Pierre this past September.  It was an amazing conference.  Thank-you also, for adding your comments and suggestions so that we continue to improve and meet the member’s needs. We have read through the conference evaluations and this year’s feedback rated a 4.5 out 5.  Please continue to provide feedback regarding your membership benefits.  Next year’s conference will be in the Western Region.  Currently two venues are being looked at. The venue should be secured by our January meeting and will be announced at that time.  The past three years, we have had a region sponsor facility to help with the conference planning.  This has worked out really nicely for the Association, as well as the sponsoring facility. 

 Please contact us if anyone in the Western Region is willing to jump on board with your assistance.

 The current Board of Directors met for a meeting immediately following the conference. The meeting minutes are available in downloads below.  We will be having a Board meeting on January 13th, 2017 in Chamberlain.  This will be the meeting to pass the torch to the new Board members, as well as to get down to business on our 2017 plans and goals. 

  Congratulations to the following new Board members:  Nathan Gellhaus; assuming the Chairman position, Brandy Fiala; Vice-Chairman, Scott Engel Western Region Rep, Brandy Salts; Southeast Region Rep, Heather Moechnig; Member at Large.  Thank-you to Vicky Maag for serving another term as the Northeast Region Rep.  Thank-you also, to the Board members going off the board after their service, Steve Vande Kop, Colette Broekemeier, and Lezlie-Snoozy Kaifors.   

 Al Svennes, current Treasurer has announced his retirement.  We will be filling the position of Treasurer.  A big Thank-you to Al, for all of his years of service to the Association.  His input has been invaluable and he will be dearly missed.  We wish Al all the best in his retirement.

Download General Board Meeting Minutes Here
Download Board Meeting Minutes Here

Your 2017 ALASD Board is:
Chairman- Nathan Gellhaus
Vice Chairman- Brandy Fiala
Treasurer- Open
Secretary- Kim Eggert
Southeastern Region Rep- Brandy Salts
Northeastern Region Rep- Vicky Maag
Central Region Rep- Lori McCarty
Western Region Rep- Scott Engel
Member at Large- Heather Moechnig

The next Spotlight on Assisted Living will be in Mitchell March 9th, 2017. 
Download Save the date flyer here:

Wishing you the happiest of Holiday Seasons





                         News From SD DOH

Assisted Living Center Top Ten Deficiencies from 
                       October 21, 2015 to October 20, 2016                                  

  1. 44:70:04:11 Care policies – Each facility shall establish and maintain policies, procedures, and practices that follow accepted standards of professional practice to govern care and related medical or other services necessary to meet the residents’ needs. Are professional or manufacturer’s recommendations followed for medication administration or for the use of the chemicals for disinfection.
  2. 44:70:05:02 Resident care plans and programs – A facility shall provide safe and effective care from the day of admission through the ongoing development and implementation of written care plans for each resident. The care plan shall address medical, physical, mental, and emotional needs of the resident. Does the resident’s care plan reflect the current status and the resident’s individual needs.
  3. 44:70:04:04 Personnel training – A formal orientation program and an ongoing education program for all personnel. Are fire drills conducted quarterly for each shift, education for the eight required subjects, and additional personnel education based on the provider’s identified needs (hospice, oxygen, or resident specific cares).
  4. 44:70:03:02 General fire safety – The facility shall be constructed, arranged, equipped, maintained, and operated to avoid undue damage to the lives and safety of its occupants in case of fire or other emergency.
  5. 44:70:03:02 General fire safety – The fire alarm shall be sounded each month.
  6. 44:70:04:13.01 Restricted admissions Facility forms – The facility shall provide a form, developed by the department, to the residents physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner prior to admission, yearly, and after a significant change in condition.
  7. 44:70:07:07 Medication administration – The facilities policies and procedures related to self-administered drugs shall include a description of the responsibilities of the resident, the resident’s family members and the facility staff. At least every three months the supervising nurse or the physician shall evaluate and record the continued appropriateness of the residents’ ability to self-administer medications.
  8. 44:70:04:10 Tuberculin screening requirements – Each new healthcare worker or resident shall receive the two-step method of tuberculin skin or blood assay test to establish a baseline within 14 days of employment or admission to the facility.
  9. 44:70:04:13.01 Restricted admissions Facility forms – Each facility shall use a validated screening tool for evaluation of a resident’s cognitive status upon admission, yearly, and after a significant change in condition.
  10. 44:70:06:01 Dietetic services – The facility shall have an organized dietetic service that meets the daily nutritional needs of residents and ensures that food is stored, prepared, distributes, and serviced in a manner that is safe, wholesome, and sanitary in accordance with the provisions of 44:70:02:06 (that regulation references the Food Service Code 44:02).
Assisted Living Center Survey documents are provided below for download.  These documents are used at facility surveys and you will find them very useful in staying within regulation compliance.
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