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Newsletter November 2014.
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Congratulations to our new Board Members: Nathan Gellhaus, Vice Chair, (currently Region 2 rep), Brandy Fiala will be the Region 2 rep in Nathan’s place. Kristin Maddux, Region 1 Rep. and Julie Schelling, (Re-elected) Region 3 rep. Thank you for volunteering your knowledge and service to the Board.

Nathan is the owner and Administrator of Angelhaus in Aberdeen, SD. Brandy is the Area Marketing Manager for the Edgewood Vista facilities. Kristen Maddux is the Director of Golden Ridge Senior Care in Lead SD. Julie Schelling is the owner and Administrator of Hilda’s Heritage Home in Lennox SD. These positions take effect January 1, 2015.

The Board consists of:
Outgoing Chair: Lezlie Snoozy-Kaifors   605-723-3000            
Incoming Chair: Steve Vande Kop   605-665-7255
Vice Chair: Nathan Gellhaus   605-725-7777
Treasurer:  Allen Svennes  605-339-9123
Secretary: Kim Eggert  605-772-5885
Outgoing Region 1 Rep: Jim Quinn  605-423-8084
Incoming Region 1 Rep: Kristin Maddux  605-722-6389
Region 2 Rep: Brandy Fiala  605-275-0074
Region 3 Rep: Julie Schelling  605-647-5515
Region 4 Rep: Jo Wulf  605-835-9717
Member at Large:  Colette Broekemeier  605-665-7255

Please contact Lethia if there are any correction need to be made to contact information.


Introducing your new Administrative Director:  Lethia Marienau.  I (Lethia) am the Business Manager of Autumn Winds and Prairie Homes Assisted Living in Yankton SD.  I have been with the companies for 11 years.  Prior to this I was the Business Manager for a trucking company in Hawarden, IA.  My home is in Hawarden.  My husband Mark and I have two children; Steven, a sophomore in college at SDSU and Shania a Senior at West Sioux High School.  I am so excited to begin this position and look forward to bringing the Association to the next level of excellence for all of it’s members. I will be busy working on increasing membership, and improving the member’s services and communication with all current and prospective members.

Our new mailing address is:  
ALASD, Box 818, Yankton, SD 57078. 

Phone number will be set up soon. 

You can reach me at
Phone: 605-689-0439


Thank you to Barb Szymonski our outgoing President (Administrative Director).  Barb served the Board for the past 17 years.  She was an original member of the Association and was a supportive and dedicated member and leader.   Her many years of service are appreciated.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors and wish her a Happy Birthday, 10/29/2014.


New Rates for 2015:
  • 1-19 Beds $14.00 per bed
  • 20-49 Beds $13.00 per bed
  • 50-69 Beds $12.99 per bed
  • 70+ Beds $11.00 per bed
Updated forms will be arriving with the second November Newsletter.


The South Dakota Department of Health has initiated the formal rules process to amend ARSD 44:70. The proposed changes would allow assisted living centers to admit and retain residents requiring dining assistance or needing additional staff for up to total assistance to complete activities of daily living or to turn or raise in bed and to transfer. A copy of the proposed rules can be found
The public hearing will be held starting at 10:00 am (central) on Monday, November 24th in the Health Laboratory Building located at 615 East 4th Street in Pierre. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you may submit comments in writing or via the website above.


20:48:04.01:16. written protocol required for the delegation of insulin administration by the subcutaneous route to unlicensed assistive personnel. A written protocol for the delegation of insulin administration by the subcutaneous route to unlicensed assistive personnel is required prior to delegation by the registered nurse. The registered nurse must ensure that the following requirements are included in the protocol and are completed by the unlicensed assistive personnel:

(1) Completion of a five hour Board approved training in the following areas:
(a) Diabetes basics;
(b) Hypoglycemia;
(c) Hyperglycemia;
(d) Blood glucose monitoring;
(e) Glucagon administration;
(f) Insulin types and methods of administration;
(g) Nutrition and physical activity;
(h) Documentation;
(i) Universal precautions;
(2) Successful completion of a Board approved written examination. A passing score of 85 percent is required on the test with an opportunity to retake the test one time. If a student fails on retake, additional instruction is required before further testing is allowed;

(3) Completion of minimum of five hours of clinical or laboratory instruction including the demonstration of individual competence utilizing a Board approved competency checklist in the following areas:
(a) Blood glucose monitoring;
(b) Insulin administration;
(c) Glucagon administration;
(d) Carbohydrate counting/diet management;
(e) Universal precautions;

(4) Annual review of individual competence as identified in subdivision 20:48:04.01:16(3); and

(5) Current registration with the Board.
Source: 41 SDR 12, effective July 31, 2014
20:48:04.01:17. Qualifications of the registered nurse for delegation of insulin administration by the subcutaneous route to unlicensed assistive personnel. A registered nurse must meet the following criteria in order to delegate insulin administration by the subcutaneous route to unlicensed assistive personnel in accordance with §§ 20:48:04.01:11 and 20:48:04.01:16:

(1) Hold an active registered nurse license or privilege to practice in the state of South Dakota;

(2) Have two years of clinical nursing experience;

(3) Have written evidence to support demonstrated competence in the area of diabetes management in the past five years or completion of a diabetes train the trainer program approved by the Board; or

(4) Hold current specialty certification as a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).



The Alzheimer’s Association of America is hosting National Memory Screening Day, November 18.

During the event, healthcare professionals are providing free, confidential memory screenings at sites across the country, including senior living communities, doctor’s offices, hospitals, libraries, pharmacies and Alzheimer’s agencies. The screening is not a diagnosis, but can indicate if participants may want to follow up with their doctor for a full exam.

To participate as a screening site or to find a screening location in your area, see

The group’s CEO, Charles Fuschillo, said there is substantial benefit to identifying a 65 year old with mild cognitive impairment who is currently in a stage in which FDA-approved medications can slow progression of symptoms and possibly participate in clinical trials examining early stages of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a volunteer panel of national experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine, said this year that current evidence is not sufficient to assess the benefits and harms of screening for cognitive impairment.  
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