Dear colleagues,


I write to inform you of a devastating new ransomware infection called Locky and which uses AES encryption in order to corrupt your files.


It is an aggressive, malicious programme which can infiltrate any Windows version.  Once it infects your system, it starts the encryption process.


Locky File Extension is known to be distributed through spam emails claiming to contain invoices.  The word document that comes as an attachment to the email, contains malicious macros and once these are enabled, the infection begins…

And remember, like most ransomeware, Lockey doesn’t just scramble your C: drive.

It scrambles any files in any directory on any mounted drive that it can access, including removable drives that are plugged in at the time, or network shares that are accessible, including servers and other people’s computers, whether they are running Windows, OS X or Linux.

If you are logged in as a domain administrator and you get hit by ransomware, you could do very widespread damage indeed..

After the parasite corrupts all your data, it demands that you pay the so-called ransom for it.  This is not something that we would recommend as there are no guarantees that you will ever get your data back safely -  even after parting with any hard earned money.


So in order to protect your valuable data and save any potential disruption to your business or school, please do NOT open any spurious invoice you are sent unless you know the supplier well and do NOT click on any links you are sent, with the same caveat i.e. unless you are familiar with the person who has sent you the message.


I hope the above is of help to you and if you’re concerned about anything, please call us!


Best wishes,


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