SIMBA International #4
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SIMBA International #4 May 22, 2015 - Sweden @ MIDEM - Sweden @ The Great Escape - Livemusik Sverige - Polar Talks - Attitude Recordings - Kent Norberg - Into The Valley - Monstera - Imperial State Electric - Little Children - Isabella Lundgren - Polar Music Prize Dinner Party - Elliphant NEW MUSIC Nuaia - John Moose - Daniel Norgren - DLB - Igor - Tallest Man On Earth - Lehnberg - Steinar Aadnekvam - Stockholm Connection - Klas Lindquist PLAYLIST Johannes Räihä & Claes Olson
No Swedish exhibition booth at this year's MIDEM
The international music fair MIDEM, previously held in the beginning of February, has this year been moved to early June. The Industry interest and participation has subsided more so than previous years, especially among the Nordic countries.
The Swedish trade organization Export Music Sweden (ExMS), which was founded specifically to represent Sweden in a booth at MIDEM 1994, has now been forced to renounce their booth participation in Cannes for the first time since they were formed. The reason is economic in nature.
- ExMS and the Nordic export offices, NOMEX's joint Nordic booth, is not going to attend in 2015 at the MIDEM. One of the reasons is that the costs simply are to high for us. It had become too expensive for the Swedish delegates, says Export Music Sweden CEO Jesper Thorsson to SIMBA.
- Many Swedish delegates have chosen not to be part of a Nordic booth and the price has of course been affected.
The absence of a Swedish-Nordic booth is detrimental, particularly given the size of the Swedish music exports.
Dan Häggqvist on Gazell Music, who has visited the MIDEM every year since its inception in 1967, reasons in a similar way.
- A jump from impressive participating for many years to no participation at all seems strange, especially considering Sweden's current position within music exports. Foreigners have probably some difficulty in understanding that the change of date suddenly made MIDEM irrelevant for actors within the Swedish music industry.
Day Häggqvist believes the decreased interest from the Scandinavian music industry partly may be due to the Nordic climate.
- My first reaction regarding the relocation of the MIDEM to June was absolutely negative. However, I think that perhaps this was primarily a Scandinavian reaction based on the fact that a visit to the French Riviera has always been a bright spot in the winter darkness for the Swedish music industry.
Jesper Thorsson announces in conclusion that ExMS will have staff in place during this year's show to monitor progress and to see what is appropriate to do for the next year.
Johannes Räihä

Sweden well represented at The Great Escape
Between the 14
th and 16th of May The Great Escape took place in Brighton, Great Britain. The Great Escape is a showcase festival with performing artists and band from all over the world and Sweden was well represented by a lot of performing acts as Sudakistan, Seinabo Sey, Adna, Mapei and Kate Boy among others.
One of the Swedish bands performing at the festival was Les Big Byrd, a band consisting of members from Teddybears and Ceasar's, among others. The band have just released two EP’s. on different labels. One of the EP's is reeased on A Recordings (the same label that released their debut album They Worshipped Cats) and the other EP is released by the new label Höga Nord Rekords.
Another Swedish band performing at the Great escape was electropop band Akaba. They have now just returned home to Sweden after a whirlwind guerilla tour of Toronto, New York, Brighton and London. Appearing at the music business showcase events Canadian Music Week in Toronto and The Great Escape in Brighton, as well as doing other concerts on their own, the band promoted their upcoming single Life Is What You Choose It and their future debut album planned for release later this year. Due to the success of the tour and new connections made, Akaba will be returning to USA at least two more times in 2015 and and then back again in 2016 for more touring and promotion.
- Generally, The Great Escape was an amazing event, both as participator and as spectator. I also think that the conference programme was great, especially the streaming licensing  and digital pie sessions, says Åsa Carlind of Akaba.

Anna Lindholm

Live Music Sweden grows
Live Music Sweden is an organization working to improve the world. With live music, for live music. The organization is currently representing about a hundred cultural activities and the number is on the rise. The fast growing organization is firmly committed to giving pop music it's rightful place in culture policy.
Live Music Sweden was founded in 2014 and represents, among others: the music festivals Way Out West and Bråvalla, the club Debaser and the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm.
- Live Music Sweden is the answer to the live music scene's need for development, competence and the ability to affect politics. This organization was founded by a bunch of music festivals under the banner ”Festivalsverige” and under that banner we managed to get rid of the police fee's. An achievement that saves our members tens of millions SEK annually, says Joppe Pihlgren, manager at Live Music Sweden.
Live Music Sweden is currently working to make the state recognize pop music as an important part of culture.
- We're in an exciting collaboration with the Swedish agency for economic and regional growth. Right now we're working hard to include pop music in the Swedish culture policy in a more reasonable way. As a matter of fact we make out more than half of the Swedish music industry, says Joppe Pihlgren.
As a part of the rapid growth over the last year the organization has now started a collaboration with MoKS, a music and culture union, which represents about a hundred music associations in Sweden.
- Lately, MoKS and Livemusik Sverige has been talking about collaborating and we are going to keep at it. We complement each other and we both realize that we have to develop event organisers and artists to further strenghten the live music scene, says Joppe Pihlgren.
- In roughly one year we have gone from 35 members to 100. The network, the contacts and our membership meetings gives our members inspiration and knowledge but above all, people get to know eachother and that's good for both development and business, says Joppe Pihlgren.
Olle Hägg

Polar Talks in Stockholm in June
Polar Music Prize has announced that Emmylou Harris and Evelyn Glennie, this year’s laureates, will both attend Polar Talks. Emmylou Harris will be interviewed by journalist Jan Gradvall. In her lecture How to truly listen Evelyn Glennie will teach the audience how to listen.
Polar Talks deploys the talents and knowledge of the guests that every year gathers in Stockholm for the Polar Music Prize ceremony. In a series of thought-provoking lectures and panel discussions the speakers range across cutting-edge topics in technology and latest trends within music and creativity.
This year the panels will talk about fashion, gaming and music.
Polar Music Prize celebrates the Power of Music and in a series of talks the panels will discuss the myraid ways that music can inspire, tranform and breakdown boundaries. Music can be simultaneously entertainment for the masses, a personal soundtrack to your life and even a tool for overthrowing a totalitarian regime. Ian Smith, musician, President of the European Music Council and Head of Music at Creative Scotland and Ramy Essam, ”the Voice of the Egyptian Revolution” will discuss this with Alfons Karabuda, the Polar Talks Master of Ceremonies and chairman of the Polar Music Prize Committee, composer and chairman of the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors. 
Professor of Integrative Medicine at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience Martin Ingvar and composer Carin Bartosch Edström will discuss the beauty of music. What is beautiful music and what is noise? Why do we respond so differently to music?
Frederick Rousseau of IRCAM and the Institute for Music/Acoustic Research & Coordination will talk about technological innovation in music. Rousseau is a pioneer of electronic music, and of the application of technology to entertainment. In a 40 year career, his collaborations include working with music greats such as Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. 
Monocle, the global affairs and lifestyle magazine, has reported that Stockholm is one of the top creative cities in the world and displays a vibrant urban scene with a vital community of creatives from artists to fashion designers. Polar Talks will give an insiders look into the creative industries that have placed Stockholm on the world map. 
Susanne Ljung, journalist and host of Stil on SR P1 will together with Margareta van den Bosch, H&M, Roland Hjort, Whyred, Ann-Sofie Back, BACK and Lena Patriksson Keller, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, discuss the Swedish fashion industry and its success abroad.
Alfons Karabuda will talk to Johan Söderqvist, composer and Per Strömbäck, spokesperson of the Swedish Games Industry, about the growing multi-media applications for music. There is no longer ”just” a film score, it could be a computer game score or a score for a commercial. (More names will be added.)
A panel featuring Fred Bronson, Billboard journalist and author, John Seabrook, author and writer for The New Yorker, and Phil Manzanera, guitarist, producer and member of Roxy Music, and led by Linda Portnoff, MD of the organization Music Sweden (Musiksverige) will discuss what it is that makes Sweden so successful when it comes to music. They will also talk about the international view on the Swedish music phenomenon.
Music during Polar Talks will be performed by Students from Ingesund School of Music, Karlstad University. Spoken word artist Niklas Mesaros will perform a tribute to Laureate Evelyn Glennie.
This year’s Polar Talks will be held Monday 8 June 1 PM – 6.30 PM at Filmstaden Sergel, Hötorget, Stockholm. Everyone is welcome and Polar Talks is free of charge, though tickets are limited
The event is organized by the Polar Music Prize with kind support from Postkodlotteriet, Stockholm Stad and Dagens Industri. Tickets:

Claes Olson

Attitude Recordings opens up a webshop
The record company Attitude Recordings had had a successful spring. Not only has their been a row of new signings, upcoming video releases, European tours and a planned event in Gothenburg featuring all of the company's acts – but also a new webshop for CD and vinyl geeks.
Founder Regina Vallanger says that the company worked hard in recent years and that they finally can start reaping the benefits of  targeting and hard work.
- Hysterica is recording a music video for the song Lock Up Your Son, Greybeard will release their third single We'll Never Die on May 7 and is about to pack their bags for a two-month tour through Europe. All of our artists will also be playing at Trädgår'n in Gothenburg on June 13, the day after the Foo Fighters concert at Ullevi, says Regina Vallanger.
Johannes Räihä

Adore Music has begun a collaboration with solo artist  Kent Norberg, who also plays in the band Sator and the English punk band The Boys. The solo debut Skyll På Mig was released on May 22.

The festival Into the Valley, which will be held for the first time between July 31 - August 1 this year, in Dalhalla outside Rättvik, is already listed as the fourth best festival in the world by the travel magazine Jetsetter.  That although it has never yet been arranged. The focus is on sound, light and art and will present great artists from the electronic music scene.

The booking agency Monstera opens a new Swedish Department. Martin Miggy Johansson, former BraVibb employee, will be in charge of the department. Acts which will be available in this section include Andreas Grega, Far & Son, Karin Park and Saturday, Monday.

Nick Anderson from Imperial State Electric has signed with Sound Pollution for the band's upcoming album, featuring the single All Over My Head.

TEN Music Group has released Love Me Badder, the first single from Elliphant’s second album, planned for release after the summer. The video is directed by the L.A. based team Skinny (David Hache och Marc-Edouard Leon). In June Elliphant will perform at Santos Party House in New York City (june 18) and Firefly Music Festival in Denver (June 20), which will be followed by festivals in both Europe and Australia.

Cosmos Music has contracted the artist, songwriter and producer Linus Luttis' project Little Children. The EP Traveling Through Darkness, from which Song #4 has already been released as a teaser, is released on June 2. The single We're Falling was released on 12 May, and will be followed by gigs in both Sweden and a tour in the US.

Isabella Lundgren Somehow, Life Got In The Way [Ladybird / Naxos] and Daniel Karlsson Trio Fusion For A Fish [Brus & Knaster / Playground] this year share the  prestigious award Gyllene Skivan (Golden Record) for best jazz album. The winners are chosen by a jury appointed by the Swedish jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen and the magazine's readers. Previously, only one female artist (Nannie Porres) has received the award. Daniel Karlsson Trio Fusion For A Fish also recieved this year's Swedish jazz Grammy.

The Swedish band VIDAR will perform at Riche’s 6th Annual Polar Music Prize Dinner Party on Tuesday June 9, the same day as the award show in Stockholm. Two year’s ago VIDAR performed at a private reception for that year’s laureates Paul Simon and Yo-Yo Ma, and this year they will perform a special tribute to Emmylou Harris and Evelyn Glennie. The band is currently negotiating with record labels for the release of their debut album, produced by Swedish artist Anna Ternheim at Dreamland Recordings in Woodstock, USA.

Nuaia Belong To The Moon [BoogiePost Recordings / Plugges] The Swedish-Danish trio Nuaia combines electronics and acoustic percussion to create beautiful soundscapes. The nine track on their second album reminisces of David Sylvian, Radiohead and Massive Attack in their most weightless moments – but the music is far beyond categorization. Nuaia succeeds in their ambition of melting together electro, pop, jazz and experimental improvisations in new forms, and the musical results never feel ”academic”. Definitely one of the best albums of 2015, so far. CO

John Moose John Moose [Anlesser / Border] A few weeks before the official release date John Moose released the whole debut album in a specifically designed mobile app, where the music could only be heard if the listener was in the woods – which made possible by modern GPS-technology. The idea behind the mobile app was more than a strategic marketing tool, since the moods and emotions in the music undeniably relates to the peace and quiet one nowadays can only find far away from modern city life. But pieces such as Home I, Mountain and Villager definitely fits at home or anywhere with closed eyes and a pair of decent headphones. There is reason to eagerly look forward to the next chapter in this book! CO

Daniel Norgren Alabursy [Super Puma Records] Alabursy is Daniel Norgren's fifth full-length album and the feeling of sincerity and genuineness is now complete. He has ingeniously stripped away the last inconsequential parts that felt imitated and impersonal on the last album and replaced them with a peculiar expression. The word atmospheric is often used in review contexts, but never before has the word felt more relevant than now. Daniel Norgren's songs are stripped down and do often contain only his bright voice, a gentle piano, simple drums and a soaring organ sound that brings me back to my childhood shimmering days or towards Nangijala. Norgren sets the bar with songs like As Long As We load, Why May I Not Go Out And Climb The Trees and Like There Was A Door. I can only bow and say that Alabursy is one of the year's best Swedish album. JR

DLB Dominique / Lakin / Badal Girl Talk [Dominique Records / Plugged] Girl Talk offers tones from organist Monica Dominique, bassist Rigmor Badal and drummer Justina Khaki. The trio forms a  quartet when Amanda Sedgwick sits in with her dynamic alto sax through a couple of numbers. It has an American  sound when Niel Heftis Girl Talk and Splanky are on the menu, as well as Frank Foster's Shiny Stocking, Bobbie Gentry's Ode To Billie Joe and Duke Ellington's Satin Doll. Jack Mc Duff's A Real Goodun creates a nice organ groove and it becomes laid-back in Erroll Garner's Misty and Teach Me To Night. DLB is an attraction in itself, especially when Amanda Sedgwick is included. One can only wish the group well for the future - regardless of tempo. GO

Igor Fast & Slow [Lamour] Igor is the stage name of the musician, artist and culture journalist Mikael Strömberg. On the album Fast & Slow, he continues to produce pieces that advance forward through paths that can be said to result from Satie by John Cage to Brian Eno and further forward in the ambient genre. There are small piano loops in focus in the majority of tracks, framed by electro-acoustic collages that both frighten and fascinate - which probably has its origin in Stromberg’s recent acute aortic dissection, where his aorta burst all the way from the top down. Mikael Strömberg has previously written electronic music for aerobatics and smoke sculptures, exhibited throughout cities like timbre monument, designed sound for trucks and started a sound atlas of endangered sounds.  He will later this year release a new album, recorded with bassist and producer Ulf Ivarsson (Thåström, beatundercontrol, etc.). CO

Tallest man on Earth Dark Bird Is Home [Dead Oceans/Border] Not much has happened since The Tallest Man on Earth released his last album (There’s no Leaving Now, 2012 [Dead Oceans / Border]) and for that I am very thankful. It is the same acoustic guitar, sensitive poetry and trembling voice as it was then, and it is just as moving and of the same high quality. The first single released from the album was Sargres, and in my opinion it is the strongest track of this record. It is melancholic but powerful with an optimistic tone of hope and strength. The Tallest Man on Earth has a certain way of making his listener emotionally turn into a lonely wanderer, strolling peacefully on a silent highroad in the summer evening. The music is a stripped down rippling flow of twangs and words that the listener can feel fully comfortable in. Nothing crazy is experimented with but only the exact amount of elements needed are used in the songs to keep them clean and soft but still all through exciting. AL

LEHNBERG False Idols [Lamour] We know David Lehnberg as half of the duo The Deer Tracks, where he together with multi-instrumentalist Elin Lindfors has been releasing electronic music since 2006. He is set to release the first EP from his new solo project LEHNBERG, where David gets deeper into the dreamy forest of electronic sounds that is just as harmonically beautiful as it feels dangerous and almost provocative. This instrumental five-track EP is a brave and adventurous combination of a soft, peaceful soundscape and uneven beats. It gives me a feeling of running away from something, on winding paths threw a magical forest where both unicorns, glittering woodland lakes and elves are to be found. AL

Steinar Aadnekvam Freedom Tree [Losen Records / MMYH Records / Music Makes You Happy / Plugged] The Stockholm-based, Norwegian guitarist Steinar Aadnekvams album Freedom Tree is a pan- Nordic jazz project , which also includes participating musicians with roots in Mozambique, France and Cuba , among others. Musically here are aspects from soul, samba and afro jazz, seventies fusion and Swedish Progressive Music. CO

Stockholm Connection Bengt Nordström / Sven-Åke Johansson / Alexander v. Schlippenbach [Umlaut Records / Plugged] This 3CD box brings together three albums released on vinyl in the seventies and eighties: Rotationer för stor orkester (1970), Kostym (1977) and Girls from Småland (1982). In the center stand two Swedish - and guaranteed "non-traditional" - jazz musicians: tenor saxophonist Bengt "Frippe" Nordstrom and drummer and accordionist Sven-Åke Johansson, who both are featured on all discs. In the last two editions they are heard together with pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach in live recordings from Fasching in Stockholm. The music lacks tradition in a liberating way, but gives in its time rise to wild discussions in the jazz organ Orkesterjournalen where Anita Westin entitled "Noise instead of music" (a text reproduced in the boxes fine booklet) called a concert by the trio "a great misery ". No, this is not music for everyone - but those who dare to approach it with wide-open ears have undoubtedly much to be found in tracks. CO

Klas Lindquist The Song Is You [DO Music Records / Plugged] Alto saxophonist, clarinetist, arranger and composer Klas Lindquist is a jack of all trades. He is heard in contexts ranging from New Orleans jazz to swing and big band jazz. In 2005 he received Arne Domnérus Guldsax and as well as the  Alice Babs scholarship. The Song Is You is made in an intimate quartet formed by guitarist Erik Söderlind, bassist Svante Söderqvist and drummer Jesper Kviberg. Lindquist and Söderlind have composed one melody each, the rest is - with the exception of Alice Babs / Titti Sjöblom Nilsie (dedicated to Alice's husband Nils Ivar) - well-known standard tunes like Ellington's I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart and I Got It Bad. Jerome Kern's The Song Is You, and Tangerine, Invitation and swing classic Broadway. Lundquist's alto sax has similarities to both Arne Domnérus and Hodges and his clarinet playing is superb with a soft touch. Söderqvist and Kviberg have a responsive interaction, Erik Söderlind contribute to the quartets melodic direction and overall the group is very homogeneous in their way of playing. GO

Anna Lindholm (AL), Claes Olson (CO), Göran Olson (GO), Johannes Räihä (JR)

PLAYLIST Johannes Räihä

ASKER Hey you 
Hanna Järver Samma gamla himmel
The Cryin Shames Please Stay  
The Roches Hammond Song [Warner Bros. Records Inc.]
Dolce Hand i hand  [Nomethod Records]
Todd Terje Delorean Dynamite [Olsen Records]
Molly Drake Do You Ever Remember?  [Squirrel Thing Recordings]
Susanne Sundfør Darlings   [Sonnet Sound]
Bibio à tout à l'heure [Warp Records Limited]

PLAYLIST Claes Olson

Elliphant Lave Me Badder [TEN Music Group]
Little Children Song #4 [Cosmos]
The Refused Elektra [Epitaph / Playground]
Nuaia belong to the moon [BoogiePost / Plugged]
Les Big Byrd Stockholm Death Star [’a’ / Border]
Lehnberg False Idols [Lamour]
Thieves Kastrup [Kastrup / Spinnup]
Farsta Efter kalaset [BMG]
Igor Imdur [Lamour]
Space/Sthlm Skinnarviksberget [Space / STHLM]
Mbongwana Star Malukayi (feat. Konomo No 1) [World Circuit / Playground]
Vilma Flood Hases Live @ Shangri-La / Hornhuset, Stockholm
Steve Reich Live @ Dramaten, Stockholm
Bill Öhrström & Slim Notini Live @ Sam Charters Memorial, Stockholm

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