Choosing Pleasure: even and especially during the holidays, and when healing heartache.
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Consciously Uncoupling.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
It's time to let you know that Sacred Temple Arts is undergoing changes as my relationship with Ian has. In the year since the above photo was taken of us, we have continued to love and adore each other beyond any relationships prior. We co-created the highest peaks of orgasmic loving, and the birthing of immense new awareness and healing. With these massive expansions came contractions that left me reeling in sorrow like none before. My heart, my whole being, has been on a roller coaster ride that's brought about the greatest taste yet of the fullness of my desires and Vision. With it also came the bitterness of heartache, and the recapitulation of some very old stories and beliefs from my childhood I am purging.
Ian and I are continuing to live and work together until the spring. We have dedicated ourselves to taking the high road, to consciously uncouple, and to learn more about this process through our personal choices and experience, as well as through the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas Through my studies with Charles Muir, I always appreciated his model of "happily even after", as he has so beautifully demonstrated in his lifelong friendship and connection to his always beloved, once wife, Caroline Muir.
My love for Ian is also unconditional and forever. Our relationship transition out of partnership is no one, and no particular thing's fault. We simply have very different priorities and goals at this point. We received help from this local couple over the summer, and we highly recommend their intensive process/therapy work. It's very different from our work and approach, but also similar in that it is holistic and energy/body/heart centered. Even with all the drama and trauma that has been, and is, part of our personal relationship experience, I do believe this couple helped us move to a more exceptional relationship.
Yes, of course as coaches and healers, we needed and were/are grateful for the support from others in our field, like Malcolm and Yhanna. The path to consciously creating "the best" or the most "exceptional" relationships we can, is treacherous at times, as is our spiritual awakening and growth. 
I trust this process. Even in it's most challenging moments, it is allowing us to continue to grow and to better serve our clients, and the planet at large. Choosing, creating and having a Best Sex & Love Life is different for everyone. Ian and I's concepts of such have become incompatible. Sometime in the near future I will post a Blog with more on this. In the meantime, please hold us in your hearts at this delicate time. And know I/we welcome sessions and clients, the more the merrier! We believe in transparency about what we are working on personally and together, as part of our commitment to being the best intimacy and relationship coaches we can be. As we navigate creating our new and separate visions for our Best Sex & Love lives EVER, we will continue to hold and love each other, to do practices of Orgasmic Meditation and Sex Magic, to continue to harmonize our energy and home, and to be the best friends we can be to one another.
We truly wish this for all: More Love, More Intimacy, More Passion, More Sex, More Energy & Vitality, More Pleasure, More Joy!
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With endless love and appreciation to you now and always, 
Sacha (& Ian) 


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