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One on One with Steini
Our second annual "One on One With Steini" gave DLSPH alumni the chance to ask Dean Steini Brown about Ontario’s COVID vaccine rollout, and how to better prepare for future adverse public health events. As expected, our alumni asked some tough, pointed questions — and we recorded it! 


"I would like to provide you with a brief update on the Fall term at our School. As you know, in May we made the difficult decision to continue delivering the majority of DLSPH classes online for the Fall term.  We made the decision early to allow all members of our community — many of whom were already working or studying remotely — adequate time to plan for the Fall. Nothing has changed in this respect. With few exceptions, courses will continue to be delivered remotely."

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Meet DLSPH’s New Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Growing up in Toronto, Ryan Hinds always thought he’d become a physician, following a classic newcomer dream of what it meant to be successful in his new country. Read more

The Undervalued Potential of Good Samaritans

Researchers have found that the world is undervaluing a cheap and potentially significant way to save many more lives: basic first aid.

Paying it Forward: IHPME Alum Creates Scholarship to Support Future Health System Leaders

Malcolm Moffat, an IHPME graduate, jumped at the chance to provide aid to graduate students training at the Institute.


“My whole career is building around epidemics and pandemics,” says Nelson Lee. “Being able to work in this field is a privilege.”

A New Interim Director for the Institute for Pandemics

Almost 20 years ago, Dr. Nelson Lee returned from postgraduate training in Vancouver to become one of the first infectious disease physicians in his native Hong Kong. A year later, in March 2003, his hospital became ground zero for the SARS outbreak. Read more

DLSPH Prof. Setting the Stage for an MPH in Black Health

In one of her first tasks as DLSPH’s first Black Health Lead, Asst. Prof. Roberta Timothy is developing a Master of Public Health in Black Health. 


"My focus is going to be on ethical issues in maternal health and maternal healthcare, with a specific focus on Black women, who globally, experience higher maternal health disparities," says Titilayo Esther Davies.

Titilayo Esther Davies: It’s Time to Make a Difference

Titilayo Esther Davies is not taking a break after her Master’s in Bioethics. She’s jumping right into a PhD program in the School’s Division of Social and Behavioural Health Sciences. Read more

Christina Ricci: Making Waves in Maternal Health

Christina Ricci is finally ready to hit the workforce after seven years of university studies. With a job waiting for her after graduation, Ricci says the transition from school to work will be effortless.

Thilaxcy Yohathasan: It’s Not the Way Things are Supposed to Be

Thilaxcy Yohathasan’s journey to an MPH in Indigenous Health took many turns. She studied political science and planned to attend law school until a chance conversation with a roommate changed the course of her education and career.

Iman Musani: Marrying Psychology and Public Health

Iman Musani, the outgoing co-president of the Public Health Student Association, is headed back to U of T. After spending two years in DLSPH’s Division of Epidemiology, she will pursue an MA and PhD in clinical psychology. Read more


Tenfold Podcast: Vaccine Mini Series
Hosted by PHESC  

Race, Health & Happiness: Episode 4
Host: Onye Nnorom
Guest:  Kern Carter 


"This is a global war. You can't simply say we're going to vaccinate Canadians and we'll be safe," said Prof. Prabhat Jha.



Protect Canadians from another COVID-19 wave by ramping up vaccination in developing countries, experts say

Millions of people around the world are still suffering the ravages of the pandemic as they desperately wait for vaccines, doctors and scientists say. Read more 


"Clinical trials are necessary for vaccine approval. They assess vaccine safety, efficacy and immunogenicity (or how the body’s immune system responds to a vaccine). But a different set of epidemiological methods – known as observational studies – are needed to know how well a vaccine works once it’s rolled out in the population," writes PhD Candidate Catharine Chambers.

Evaluating COVID vaccines: Clinical trials vs. observational studies

"Scientists have proven that COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective over the short term in clinical trials. But, as with all newly approved vaccines, we don’t know how effective these vaccines will be over time," writes PhD Candidate Catharine Chambers. Read more 
Vaccines extremely effective against COVID variants of concern: Canadian study
Research led by a team at ICES, Dalla Lana School of Public Health and Public Health Ontario in Macleans

What you need to know about the delta variant
Ashleigh Tuite, Jeff Kwong and David Fisman in CBC News

Canada’s top doctor discusses Lambda COVID-19 variant of interest
Ashleigh Tuite in Global News



“It’s not fair that resource-poor parts of the world that have done their research with vaccines that seem to be effective and work, get excluded from travel,” Prof. Anna Banerji said. “It creates barriers and it discriminates against those countries.”
European Union lifts barriers for Canadian travellers
Anna Banerji in The Toronto Star

UK’s Boris Johnson confirms removal of remaining COVID-19 restrictions but urges caution
Ashleigh Tuite in Global News

COVID19 vaccine mixing is leading to major travelling mix-ups
Anna Banerji in The Toronto Sun



“We want to be mindful about why we’re approaching conversations around vaccination. Is it out of genuine curiosity and not coming from a place of judgment? And curiosity in terms of … is there is a safety aspect to it when people are trying to figure this out, because they’re trying to evaluate their own risk?” said Prof. Dionne Gesink.

A Toronto strip club is making vaccinations mandatory for staff and customers. Should businesses have to answer to that?

Prof. Dionne Gesink says when it comes to broaching these conversations, however awkward, it’s important we are sensitive and non-judgmental. Read more 
The evolving etiquette of asking about someone's COVID-19 vaccine status
Dionne Gesink and Kerry Bowman

Calls growing to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for Ontario health care workers
David Fisman in CityNews Toronto

My vaccine status is private
Andria Bianchi in

Does your doctor or dentist have to tell you if they've been vaccinated against COVID-19? Technically, no.
Andria Blanchi in CBC News

Ontario government, boards, unions not tracking data on school staff vaccination
Barry Pakes on CTV News



“It’s not that the technology advanced profoundly during the pandemic,” says Michael Anderson, a researcher at the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health. “I think it’s the management and social structures that changed. All sorts of things have been possible from a technological perspective for a long time, but there wasn’t ever the willpower."

Canada is still ‘flying blind’ when it comes to using technology to deliver health care 

“The human component was very slow to change,” says researcher Michael Anderson. “Necessity unlocked the potential that was already there.” Read more 
After the flood: How High River recovered after climate disaster struck
Katie Hayes on CBC Radio

School COVID-19 safety Q&A with air quality expert Prof. Jeffrey Siegel
Jeffrey Siegel in CityNews

‘Baby brain’ is real and could have long-term impacts. Should parents be worried?
Jennifer Brooks in Global News

Troops deployed to help battle blazes in Manitoba
Jeffrey Brook in Winnipeg Free Press

StatCan data shows youth unemployment rates have risen during the COVID-19 pandemic
Arif Jetha in The Canadian Press

I struggled with office life. Now others are alive to benefits of remote working

“In our research, what we found was that working from home was amongst the most required accommodations or support that people with all types of disabilities reported needing,” says Prof. Arif Jetha. Read more


Virtual Hereditary Cancer Series
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Trainee Rounds seminars: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Aug. 10 | Details

Dalla Lana Certificate in Health Impact
Aug. 25 | Details

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Dalla Lana Certificate in Health Impact
Sept 1 | Details

C.P. Shah Alumni Award of Excellence in Public Health
Sept. 10 | (Save the date)

Returning to Work: Safe Together for Workers (Tier 1)
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