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Now We Know What Happens When a President Won’t Concede

It Can Happen Here. It Just Happened Here.

The Pro-Trump Movement Was Always Headed Here

The chickens come home to roost

The Confederacy Finally Stormed the Capitol

Don’t exaggerate the threat of the Capitol rioters

The Capitol Riot Will Hurt The People Who Were Already Hurting Most

It Was A Trap, And MAGA Fell Into It

Trump summoned supporters to "wild" protest, and told them to fight. They did

Trump Told Crowd ‘You Will Never Take Back Our Country With Weakness’

'Let’s have trial by combat’: How Trump and allies egged on the violent scenes Wednesday

‘Is this really happening?’: The Siege of Congress, Seen From the Inside

A Pro-Trump Mob Stormed the Halls of Congress. Photographs From Inside the Chaos at the Capitol

Video timeline: How pro-Trump insurrectionists broke into the Capitol

Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks in Plain Sight. The Police Weren’t Ready.

Capitol Police inability to secure seat of U.S. government raises serious questions

Did cops remove barricades for pro-Trump mob? Internet says 'add a red carpet' as video from capitol goes viral

Rioters breached US Capitol security on Wednesday. This was the police response when it was Black protesters on DC streets last year

Kid glove treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say

Rep. Matt Gaetz and other GOP politicians baselessly suggest antifa is to blame for pro-Trump mob rioting into Capitol

Facial recognition firm claims antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

Expert Andy Ngo: It wasn’t antifa at the Capitol riots

Fact check: Man with painted face wearing fur and horns rallied for Trump and QAnon, not Antifa or BLM

'QAnon Shaman' Who Stormed Capitol Denies He Is Antifa as Conspiracy Theorists Turn on Him

The day QAnon captured America

Ashli Babbit: Husband pays tribute to ‘great patriot’ and QAnon believer shot dead in attempt to storm US Capitol

'Nothing can stop us': Slain Trump supporter tweeted conspiracy theories and her devotion to Trump in days before her death

4 dead, 52 arrested after chaos on Capitol Hill

Assault on democracy: Sen. Josh Hawley has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt

Ted Cruz accused of abetting sedition and inspiring pro-Trump riot by resisting Biden’s victory

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tweets for calm amid Capitol shitstorm he helped create

Trump got a free pass from Twitter and Facebook, and the result was a storming of the Capitol
President Trump banned from Facebook, Instagram indefinitely

Trump deletes Capitol tweets that sent account into lockdown, will regain access after 12-hour suspension

Ivanka Trump Calls Rioters ‘American Patriots,’ Then Deletes Tweet

Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. Are in Furious Damage Control Mode Following Capitol Hill Siege

First lady's chief of staff and former WH press secretary resigns over violent protests

Too Little Too Late: The List Of 11th Hour White House Resignations

Those who threw in their lot with Donald Trump are now tied to his mob

The ‘Oh Fuck’ Moment Is Finally Here for Trump’s Enablers

Lindsey Graham: “Count me out. Enough is enough”

Sen. Lindsey Graham Dramatically Sells Out President Trump During Debate On Electoral Objections

RNC leaders stand by Trump's effort to remake party: 'Nobody's turning on Trump here'

‘He screwed the country’: Trump loyalty disintegrates

Republicans consider drastic options to stop Trump

U.S. trade group asks VP Pence to ‘seriously consider’ invoking 25th Amendment to remove Trump

Inhofe: "I've never seen Mike Pence as angry as he was today"

Pence took lead as Trump initially resisted sending National Guard to Capitol

Trump Retaliates Against Pence By Banning VP’s Chief of Staff From White House Grounds

Today, you’ll hear Trump conceded. He didn’t. He’s likely just buying time.

Donald Trump Finally Admits His Presidency Is Over, Calls it 'Greatest First Term' in History

The Trump Presidency’s Inevitable, Wretched End

Trump's presidency ends with American carnage


With New Majority, Here’s What Democrats Can (and Can’t) Do on Health Care

Biden pledges further stimulus as Democrats win control of Senate

Why Warnock and Ossoff Won in Georgia


Here's how newspaper front pages across the world looked after mobs stormed the Capitol

Foreign reaction to the "disgraceful scenes" at the U.S. Capitol

China Goes Online to Mock ‘Beautiful Sight’ of US Capitol Chaos

Beijing likens Capitol storming to Hong Kong protests, hopes US can enjoy ‘peace, stability and security as soon as possible’

Asia delights and despairs in Trump’s Capitol siege

Across Latin America and in Miami, storming of U.S. Capitol recalls chaos at home

Putin Silent on Washington Unrest as Russian Foreign Ministry Calls U.S. Electoral System Archaic

Iran President Says Western Democracy "Fragile" After US Capitol Siege

What happened at the US Capitol can happen at the Israeli Knesset


There Should be a few Supernovae in the Milky Way Every Century, but we’ve Only Seen 5 in the Last 1000 Years. Why?

Galaxy-Size Bubbles Discovered Towering Over the Milky Way

Primordial black holes could hide a multiverse of possibilities


Break News: How MAGA rioters destroyed thousands of dollars of TV cameras and chased down journalists reporting on US Capitol chaos - before making NOOSE from camera cord and hanging it from a tree

Fox News Reporter Describes Being Intimidated By Trump Mob: They Demanded 'Oath of Allegiance to the President'

Pete Hegseth Defends Capitol Mob: ‘These Are Not Conspiracy Theorists,’ These are ‘Born-Again Americans’ Awake to What the Left Has Done

Trump and His Mob Outdid Themselves, and Then Tucker Carlson Did Too

At least the media finally came around to the idea that riots are scary


Why Did Everyone in 19th-Century Think They Could Talk the Dead?

Control group outperforms mediums in psychic test

How to (Finally) Start Meditating

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