TODAY: Stuck In The Middle With Hope


It’s okay to feel hope

‘A weight has been lifted’: Washington locals express hope as Biden sworn in

President Joe Biden offers us reasons for hope, at last — but hope can be hazardous

Under Trump, these communities lived with fear. They see hope in Biden but want action

'We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres': Antifa mob smashes up Portland's Democratic Party HQ, burn US flags in Denver and run riot in Seattle in protest at Biden presidency

Get Ready to Fight Joe Biden

Texas Republicans greet Joe Biden’s inauguration with vows to fight his agenda

Freshman Republicans Send Letter to Joe Biden: 'We Can Rise Above the Partisan Fray'

Conservatives like me found lots to like in Biden's inaugural address. Will he deliver?

Biden said the right things — now comes the hard part of governing

President Biden Will Struggle To Make The Center Hold

United by Unity: President Biden Vows to Make Politics Boring Again

Joe Biden repeats call for unity at inauguration night Lincoln Memorial concert

New Radicals reunite at Biden’s Inauguration Day but cut key lyrics from hit song

Read the full text of Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem ‘The Hill We Climb’

Oprah Gave Poet Amanda Gorman, 22, Earrings and a Caged Bird Ring to Wear on Inauguration Day

Why Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton all wore purple to the inauguration

Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict Kamala Harris becoming Vice President?

Why Kamala Harris is delaying moving into the vice presidential residence

A look inside Biden’s Oval Office

Bidens quickly fire White House chief usher installed by Trump

Joe Biden must usher in a new era

Unlike Trump, Biden in no rush to file for re-election

Biden’s Chief Of Staff Directs All Executive Agencies To Immediately Freeze Trump’s ‘Midnight Regulations’

President Biden Has Repealed Trump's Travel Bans And Wants To Undo The "Harms" They've Caused

Biden’s 17 Executive Orders and Other Directives in Detail

Biden to sign 10 executive orders aimed at turning around the pandemic

Fauci: US to repeal anti-abortion rule on aid and join Covax vaccine scheme

Biden puts forth virus strategy, requires mask use to travel

Why Biden's limited mask mandate may not do much to lift the U.S. economy

Dow set to add to records in first full day of Biden administration

Biden logs best stock-market rally from Election to Inauguration Day in history

Record Wall Street Euphoria Is About To Trigger First BofA "Sell Signal" Since 2008

Tesla is the proxy for a stock market gone mad

Big Banks' Earnings Reflect the U.S. Economy Joe Biden Is Inheriting

US jobless claims decline to a still-high 900,000 as Biden inherits faltering economy

Can Biden succeed in economic rescue mission?

Joe Biden’s Plan to Build the United States of Italia

The Labor Movement Has a Game Plan for the Biden Era

Biden Fires NLRB General Counsel After He Refuses to Resign

Former GOP operative Michael Ellis placed on administrative leave from NSA’s top lawyer job

Army falsely denied Flynn’s brother was involved in key part of military response to Capitol riot

Exclusive: How Officials' Fear of Donald Trump Paralyzed Intelligence Agencies, Led to Capitol Riot

The Ultimate Irony: How A Threatened Swamp Fulfilled Trump’s Doomed Dream To Crack Down On Riots

Trump's useful thugs: how the Republican party offered a home to the Proud Boys

‘A Total Failure’: The Proud Boys Now Mock Trump

Trump is a Cuck for Not Pardoning Julian Assange

The Ponzi schemer, trade secrets thief and others pardoned by Trump

Trump's Last Pardon Minutes Before Leaving White House: Who Is Albert Pirro Jr.?

Trump removes tariffs on aluminum from UAE shortly before leaving office

United Arab Emirates signs deal to buy F-35s, drones just before Biden sworn in

Trump extended Secret Service protection for 13 members of his family as he left office

Former President Trump now at ‘home’ in Palm Beach County

Donald Trump Leaves the Presidency with a Whimper


Witless Ape Rides Helicopter

Trump Fails to Ascend as God Emperor, Leaving Diehard Fans Adrift

‘It’s Over’: Devastated QAnon Believers Grapple With President Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Qollapse: Maybe The Real Q Was “All The Friends And Happy Memories” We Made Along The Way, Or Something

What’s Happening to QAnon Now That Trump Is Out of Chances to Arrest the Satanic Elites

Little Man, What Now?: MAGA should be properly understood as the product of a bored and restless middle class

With Trump Gone, Biden Admin Stares Down Lingering Prospect Of MAGA Insurgency

The Establishment Wants You to Know Trump Is Just Like Bin Laden

Saying Trump 'Provoked' the Capitol Riot With 'Lies,' Mitch McConnell Tries To Distance His Party From a Dangerous Demagogue

GOP senators warn McConnell could face backlash if he votes to convict Trump

Top GOP lawmaker Liz Cheney gets first primary challenger after voting to impeach Trump

115 House Republicans Sign Onto Effort to Remove Neocon Liz Cheney as GOP Chair

Lindsey Graham: ‘If You’re Wanting To Erase Donald Trump From The [Republican] Party, You’re Going To Get Erased’

MAGA Minus Trump May Make Republicans Great Again


Baghdad: At least 32 killed and dozens injured in twin suicide attack on Iraq's capital

About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen

Myanmar: Trafficking issues, plight of Rohingyas in Thailand

Biden Administration to Probe Rohingya Genocide Claim

Uighur refugee Gulbahar Haitiwaji: 'The Chinese want to eradicate the Uighurs'

I Would Rather Be Born A Woman In China Than India


World leaders laud US return to climate fight under Biden

The US will rejoin the Paris climate agreement, but that was the easy part

Sen. Ted Cruz Brings Up Pittsburgh In Criticism Of Pres. Biden Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement

‘Keep Pittsburgh out of your mouth’: Steel City to Ted Cruz over Paris Climate Accord barb

Greta Thunberg Mocks Ted Cruz, Welcomes U.S. Return to 'Pittsburgh Agreement'

'No more broken treaties': indigenous leaders urge Biden to shut down Dakota Access pipeline

Arctic Drilling Ends on Day One as Biden Cancels Keystone XL, Signaling a Larger Shift Away From Fossil Fuels

Keystone Rejection Tests Trudeau’s Balancing Act on Climate and Energy

The Keystone Pipeline: A Never-ending Saga


Denial, conspiracy and double-speak: Trump-loving OAN and Newsmax’s bizarre coverage of Biden’s inauguration

Trump-ally media outlet OAN quietly deleted articles about Dominion despite publicly doubling down on election conspiracy theories

Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt, Who Defended Network’s Early Arizona Call, Laid Off After Months-Long Exile From Air

Controversial head of Voice of America resigns hours after President Biden takes office

Sean Hannity attacks President Biden for not having COVID pandemic under control

Steve Doocy Warns: Joe Biden Did NOT Assure Conservatives They Won’t Be ‘Deprogrammed or Purged’ in Inaugural Speech

Feel The Healing: MSNBC Analysts Discussing Banning Republican Speech, Years Of “Detox” For The Right

The Media Reaction to DC's Military Occupation Is Beyond Hypocritical

Media trust hits new low

The media had a role to play in the rise of Trump. It’s time to hold ourselves accountable.


A Bitter Archaeological Feud Over an Ancient Vision of the Cosmos

Humans could move to ‘floating asteroid belt colony’ within 15 years

New Mars rover may collect first sounds recorded on another planet

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