TODAY: That Sinking Feeling


Squandering America’s Strength: How centralization created a single point of failure in our Covid-19 response

World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way

Trump has been a great president for China. For America amid coronavirus, not so much.

China’s Coronavirus Success Is Made Possible by Xi’s Brutality

China Gives Fresh Details of Virus Response, Denies Cover Up

EU chief demands investigation into origin of coronavirus outbreak amid Wuhan lab scrutiny

Did the Coronavirus Originate Outside of Wuhan?

The Non-Paranoid Person’s Guide to Viruses Escaping From Labs

The coronavirus pandemic reawakens bioweapon fears

Chinese deception fuels fears of ethnic biological weapons ‘experiments’

Coronavirus would have failed as a bioweapon

Covid-19 threatens to spark biodefense arms race

Pundits with undisclosed funding from arms manufacturers urge ‘stronger force posture’ to counter China

Mark Kelly's business subsidies, ties to Chinese tech firm under fire

Exclusive: Pompeo, DeVos and other Trump cabinet members have deep financial ties to China

DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools

Covid-19 wreaks havoc on US universities leaving their finances in disarray

Coronavirus exposed the failures of America's employer-based health insurance system

Coronavirus drives health insurers back to Obamacare

In defense of Big Pharma, the innovation engine we love to hate

Researchers Are Designing a Biosensor to Detect Viruses in Transit Hubs and Hospitals

Facial recognition firms are scrambling to see around face masks

Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections [Updated]

DHS begins collecting DNA from undocumented immigrants after whistleblower complaints

ICE Agents Fight Sex Trafficking by Paying Potential Victims for Hand Jobs

More Than 50 People Say This Cop Framed Them For Murder. Now Prosecutors Are Going To Review His Cases.

Gregory McMichael, ex-police officer charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery, had service weapon suspended in 2019

Georgia Officials Investigate Note Left at Ahmaud Arbery Memorial; Lawmakers Press DOJ for Civil Rights Investigation

Loeffler supplies documents to DOJ, SEC, Ethics regarding stock sales

Feinstein asked 'basic questions' by FBI over pre-pandemic stock sales, amid Burr investigation

Is the FBI Attempting to Silence a Republican Senator?

Insider Trading Explained: Why Senator Burr Is Being Investigated And How Certain Stock Trades Are Illegal

Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds

How Rogue Traders Make a Fortune on Volatile Markets

The Dawn of the BlackRock Era


Two Americas: Lockdown Left vs. Re-open Right

‘Traitor!’: Local News Reporter Abused and Stalked By Lockdown Protestors on Long Island (VIDEO)

A noose, an ax and Trump-inspired insults: Anti-lockdown protesters ratchet up violent rhetoric

Supercut Shows Fox News’ Willingness To Turn Against Anyone Who Angers Trump

Top health officials vanish from national TV interviews as White House refocuses messaging

Trump Refuses To Wear Mask At Mask Supplier, Suggests Coronavirus Testing Is ‘Overrated’

Trump: Without Coronavirus Testing ‘We Would Have Very Few Cases,’ Here Is The Reaction

Jared Kushner Reportedly Convinced Trump in March That Coronavirus Testing Was a Bad Idea

Federal Whistleblower Rick Bright Tells Congress How Trump Officials Bungled Coronavirus Preparations

Bumbling Joe Biden gaffes his way through COVID-19 roundtable as he falsely claims '85,000 jobs have been lost in the US and millions of Americans have died' since pandemic began

Biden says he doesn't remember Tara Reade, tells women they 'probably shouldn't vote for me' if they believe her claims

The Teflon Campaign  —  Column: Why nothing sticks to Donald Trump or Joe Biden


How an Israeli intel firm allegedly harassed pro-democracy activists in Ukraine

Israel Eyes Expanding Export of Surveillance Systems in Shadow of Coronavirus

In the Era of COVID-19, Russia’s Strategic Politics of Aid Takes the Stage in Africa

No airstrikes in Somalia for five weeks, but AFRICOM says al-Shabab fight continues

No, ISIS Isn’t Resurging Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic


Solar panels are more efficient than you’ve heard. This material could make them even better.

The Sun Is Asleep. Deep ‘Solar Minimum’ Feared As 2020 Sees Record-Setting 100-Day Slump

Electrons May Very Well Be Conscious


Are there laws of history? Historians believe that the past is irreducibly complex and the future wildly unpredictable. Scientists disagree. Who’s right?

Futurists predict what your sex life may look like after the pandemic

The Future of Air Travel ‘Will Be as Enjoyable as Open-Heart Surgery’

The future of bars and nightlife after COVID-19

How Climate Change Is Shaping The Future Of Human Conflict

Earth’s Partially Uninhabitable Future Is Now

The bunker builders preparing for doomsday

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