TODAY: The Future Of Forever War


Neurotechnology overview: Why we need a treaty to regulate weapons controlled by … thinking

The US Needs to Rethink Nation-Building to Prevent the Next Forever War

Kent State and the War That Never Ended

No, COVID-19 Isn't Like the Vietnam War. It Isn't Like Any War.

Why Vietnam won and US lost their Covid-19 wars

Chinese Embassy in France Mocks U.S. Coronavirus Response With 'Once Upon a Virus' Animated Video

Inside the Early Days of China’s Coronavirus Coverup

Nothing to See Here, Just ‘Labs in China’ Being Sloppy with ‘Biological Disposal’

Trump admin pulls NIH grant for coronavirus research over ties to Wuhan lab at heart of conspiracy theories

Meet the Scientists on the Frontlines of Protecting Humanity from a Man-Made Pathogen

Top US spy agency says coronavirus was ‘not manmade or genetically modified’

Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accidental release

Trump claims he has seen evidence linking coronavirus to Wuhan lab

Trump claims on Covid-19 origins criticised as ‘conspiracy theory’

Fact check: Hilton CEO shatters Trump's testing conspiracy theory while sitting beside him

The ridiculous claim that Pelosi flew to Wuhan, China, after impeachment failed

NYPD Arrests QAnon Conspiracist Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Joe Biden, Had Car Full of Knives

Pence threatened to punish the reporter who proved his office knowingly ignored the rule that he needed a mask to visit the Mayo Clinic

Trump Hails Kushner’s PPE Airlift, But Details of Sales Are Secret

Maryland National Guard Protecting COVID-19 Tests from Feds in Undisclosed Location Says Republican Governor

Whistleblower complaint set to lift lid on Trump pressure to push untried drug

Justice Dept. scrutinizes White House-connected doctor linked to disputed coronavirus treatment

Well-connected Trump alumni benefit from coronavirus lobbying rush

The Oil Execs on Trump’s “Opening the Country” Council Are Major GOP Donors

Revealed: US fossil fuel companies handed at least $50m in coronavirus aid

Chevron says profits jump on asset sales, cuts 2020 spending plans again

Exxon Mobil posts big loss, $3 billion writedown on oil price plunge

As Oil Industry Swoons, Tar Sands Workers Look to Renewables for Jobs

In the middle of a pandemic, renewables are taking over the grid

How coronavirus 'blows holes' in clean energy projects

That Unusually Large Ozone Hole Over The Arctic Has Closed Up Again

Cleaner air in Europe amid coronavirus lockdown is averting thousands of deaths

Pittsburgh region is a hotspot for air pollution and COVID-19 deaths: Report

This Is How Horribly They’re Treating the Dead in Brooklyn

Texas coronavirus deaths hit one-day high ahead of reopening

Antibody tests were supposed to help guide US reopening plans. They've brought more confusion than clarity amid coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Scientists conclude people cannot be infected twice

How Coronavirus Mutates and Spreads

Expert report predicts up to two more years of coronavirus spread

Exclusive: Too risky to come home, crew of 'clean' U.S. warship in coronavirus limbo

'I can't live on this ship forever' say US crew members still stuck on cruise ships

‘No one comes': the cruise ship crews cast adrift by coronavirus

Inside the Nightmare Voyage of the Diamond Princess


Tara Reade Knows She Has A Difficult Allegation. And She’s Had A Difficult Time Getting A Hearing.

Joe Biden responds to Tara Reade sexual assault allegations: ‘They aren’t true. This never happened’

If Trump is a Pathological Liar, What Type of Liar is Biden?

Should We Always Believe Women?

Democrats Are Reaping The ‘Whirlwind’ Kavanaugh Warned About


Nobody Has Seen Kim Jong-un for 19 Days. What Does It Mean?

Kim Jong-un 'dead' claims surge as insider says North Korean leader 'can't walk or stand'

Putin's critics try to tap discontent over coronavirus lockdown pain

'Poisoning social relations': German coronavirus 'snitches' spark rows

How To Nab Suspects While Social Distancing? Indian Police Try Giant Tongs

The threat of Covid-19 looms large in Mali's camps for the internally displaced

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims Stuck at Sea in Refugee Crisis With ‘Zero Hope’

What It's Like to Be a Refugee During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The sun is less magnetically active than similar stars, and we don’t know why

Earth ‘wobbled’ before two major earthquakes

Can AI predict the next big flood before it happens?


Do civilisations collapse?: The idea that the Maya or Easter Islanders experienced an apocalyptic end makes for good television but bad archaeology

3 Africans in Mexico City Grave Tell Stories of Slavery’s Toll

This 17th-century plague diary hits a little too close to home

Shakespeare’s answer to the plague? More sex and comedy

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