TODAY: QAnon's Storm


Well, That Went Great

QAnon Woke Up the Real Deep State

Like QAnon's Capitol rioters, the Nashville bomber's lizard people theory is deadly serious

Twitter Announces Sweeping Ban of 70,000 QAnon Accounts, Further Crackdown on Election Conspiracies and Calls for Violence

Wisconsin GOP Group Condemned for 'Prepare for War' Website Message

Michigan Bans Open Carry of Guns in Capitol Building as Threats of Violence Increase

Pro-Trump Extremists Plan To Stage Armed Attacks At Statehouses Across The Country, FBI Memo Warns

Experts Warn of Inauguration Threat to Soft Targets, 'Fully Expect Violence'

House Democrats Briefed On 3 Terrifying Plots To Overthrow Government

Some members of Congress fear the Capitol mob attack was an inside job

Several Capitol police officers suspended, more than a dozen under investigation over actions related to rally and riot

Virginia Officer on Leave After Capitol Riot Says He Did Nothing Wrong

‘No Regrets’: A Capitol Rioter Tells His Story From Inside

Frank Luntz polls Trump voters to see if their support has changed since the lethal rioting at the US Capitol

Josh Hawley fanned the flames for diehard Trump voters. Will his gambit pay off?

The GOP Has a Choice: Democracy or its Base

Lying to Your Base Is Not Only Wrong, It’s Bad Politics

Trump Blamed Antifa for Capitol Attack in Reported Call With Kevin McCarthy, Who Shot Down Conspiracy Theory: ‘It’s MAGA. I Know. I Was There.’

Trump is reportedly more upset about his club not hosting a golf tournament than he is about likely being impeached for a 2nd time

EXCLUSIVE: Ivanka has bust up with her dad over her plan to go to Biden's inauguration so she would 'come across as a good sport' and save her 'political career' - which Donald said was the 'worst decision she could make'

‘Who Asked Her?’: Ivanka Trump Mocked for Saying She Will Attend Inauguration to Save Her ‘Promising Political Career’

Remember the Alamo? Donald Trump heads to Texas to defend legacy tarnished by Capitol riot

Trump to leave office with the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover

Donald Trump Will Leave Office as America's Richest President

Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank will 'sever ties with Trump and his organization' following election loss and MAGA riots - but POTUS still owes them $300 million in loans

Patriots Coach Belichick Refuses Presidential Medal After Violence At Capitol

Jim Jordan Is The Latest Trump Defender To Be Rewarded With The Medal Of Freedom

Trump's 1st meeting with Pence since Capitol assault lasted 90 minutes, was friendly: Officials

Holding Fast to Trump, Pompeo Angers Diplomats, Foreign and Domestic

Voice of America reporter reassigned after asking Pompeo about Capitol riot riot

Pompeo Returns Cuba to Terrorism Sponsor List, Constraining Biden’s Plans

Pompeo, in Tuesday speech, to accuse Iran of al Qaeda links: sources

Biden CIA pick led secret 'back channel' negotiations for Iran deal

Burns at the CIA


Sheldon Adelson, Jewish-American Billionaire, Conservative Megadonor and Netanyahu Patron, Dies at 87

Some top Republican Jewish donors say Trump must fully exit stage to rebuild party

‘An Epiphany Moment’ for Corporate Political Donors May Have Arrived

Wall Street’s Felon Banks Take a Short Holiday from Financing Political Campaigns

Corporate donor backlash follows Capitol riot, but advocates question if it will last

Why corporate America’s ban on political donations isn’t all that it seems

How CEOs became the 4th branch of government


Israeli human rights group brands country 'apartheid' state

Why B’Tselem is calling Israel an apartheid regime, from the river to the sea

CCP’s Motives for the Cultural Genocides in Tibet and East Turkestan

Why China fears US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Does China Need More Gas From Russia and Central Asia?

Kazakhstan: With elections chore out of the way, it is time for politics

India’s Top Court Suspends Farm Laws That Prompted Massive Protests


CRISPR and the Splice to Survive

CRISPR-edited eggs offer novel way to eliminate slaughter of newborn male chicks

CRISPR cures progeria in mice, raising hope for one-time therapy for a disease that causes rapid aging    

With durable monkey data, Verve selects its first CRISPR base editing treatment for human trials

Editing the DNA of Human Embryos Could Protect Us From Future Pandemics

mRNA Technology Gave Us the First COVID-19 Vaccines. It Could Also Upend the Drug Industry

Moderna Says Its Covid-19 Vaccine Provides One Year’s Immunity


The Big Tech backfire

Why Big Tech’s attempt to stifle free speech could be futile — or worse

No, The Internet Didn't Murder The First Amendment. It Finally Grew The Hell Up.

The Scary Power of the Companies That Finally Shut Trump Up

Social-Media Oligopolists Are the New Railroad Barons. It’s Time for Washington to Treat Them Accordingly

Handing Government The Keys To Social Media Would Make Things Far Worse

Conservatives crying ‘Orwell’ are downright Orwellian


When a Violent Mob Stormed Rome's Capitol

Caligula’s Garden of Delights, Unearthed and Restored

Ancient Persian carpets bring Silk Road to life

The ancient roots of Wonder Woman


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