TODAY: It's All One Big Racket


How Private Equity Is Ruining American Health Care

Covid-19 has exposed the limits of the pharmaceutical market model

In defense of Big Pharma, the innovation engine we love to hate

Drugmakers Tout COVID-19 Vaccines To Refurbish Their Public Image

The Man Betting $1 Billion That Pfizer Can Deliver A Vaccine By This Fall

Moderna Shares Resume Slump As Coronavirus Vaccine Questions Mount

Vaccine experts say Moderna didn’t produce data critical to assessing Covid-19 vaccine

Amid Hydroxychloroquine Uproar, Real Studies of Drug Are Suffering

Trump attacks study, defends using malaria drug for COVID-19

The Trump administration gave a drug-making contract worth up to $812 million to a small Virginia firm founded less than 6 months ago

CEO tapped by Trump to make generic drugs during pandemic has a dicey track record

He opposed public lands and wildlife protections. Trump gave him a top environment job

Trump Administration Waives Environmental Safeguards to Fast-Track 69 Miles of Border Fence Construction

Trump's New Border Wall Contract Will Cost More Than $30 Million Per Mile

Company Wins $1.28 Billion Wall Contract After Wooing Trump On Fox News

Why Trump needs to obscure his Saudi arms sales

Pompeo Declined Interview Request From Inspector General About Saudi Arms Sales

BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Reportedly Hosted GOP Donors, Supreme Court Justices, and Fox News Hosts at Lavish, Taxpayer-Funded Private Dinners

Pompeo’s treatment of closest aide from Kansas was a subject of fired IG’s inquiry

Trump Just Removed the IG Investigating Elaine Chao. Chao’s Husband, Mitch McConnell, Already Vetted the Replacement.

'We need answers': Departure of NASA's human spaceflight chief raises alarm

‘A moonshot mission’: Trump campaign eyes a return to megarallies

GOP operatives seek to get 'extremely pro-Trump' doctors on TV to push immediate economic reopening

Sen. Sherrod Brown inquires of Treasury’s Steven Mnuchin: ‘How many workers should give their lives to increase the GDP or the Dow Jones by a thousand points?’

The ‘Don’t Worry, Make Money’ Strategy Trouncing The Stock Market By 30 Percentage Points

Thousands of sports fans who can't gamble on their favorite teams are reportedly flocking to the stock market instead

Masks required, fewer games, buffet closed: Idaho casino offers glimpse of gambling's future

Casino Reopenings Draw In Gamblers Despite Online Gaming Surges

US Coronavirus Deaths Hit 93,521; Maryland, 16 States See Spikes In Cases Days After Reopening

Florida scientist says she was fired for refusing to change Covid-19 data 'to support reopen plan'

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine sets the example for a smart, efficient reopening

49 of 50 governors have better coronavirus poll numbers than Trump

This 2020 presidential forecast says Trump faces historic defeat due to terrible economy

Why Trump Will Likely Lose in November


The Deep Conspiracy Roots of Europe’s Strange Wave of Cell-Tower Fires

China Has a Whole New Conspiracy Theory About the Origins of Coronavirus

China launches new Twitter accounts, 90,000 tweets in COVID-19 info war

China’s New Outbreak Shows Signs the Virus Could Be Changing

Coronavirus: China's wet markets 'stack odds in favour' of deadly viruses spreading to humans

It’s time to implement solutions that make the bushmeat trade unnecessary

How Coronavirus—and Lack of Tourism—Impact East Africa's Gorillas and Communities


A secret experiment revealed: In a medical first, doctors treat Parkinson’s with a novel brain cell transplant

Scientists find evidence of link between diesel exhaust, risk of Parkinson's

We spend 90% of our time inside—why don’t we care that indoor air is so polluted?


Is Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True?

Matt Lauer: Why Ronan Farrow Is Indeed Too Good to Be True

Ronan Farrow, Ben Smith, and the problem of the superstar journalist


Was This Hit Power Ballad Written by the CIA?

Jane Roe’s Deathbed Confession: Anti-Abortion Conversion ‘All an Act’ Paid for by the Christian Right

Hobby Lobby's Gilgamesh tablet for Museum of the Bible 'stolen,' feds say

Federal authorities demand Hobby Lobby's 'looted' Gilgamesh Dream Tablet be returned to Iraq

The vital work ahead: evangelizing the evangelicals and demythologizing the empire

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