TODAY: The Air That We Breathe


The New Alzheimer’s–Air Pollution Link

What we do and don’t know about the links between air pollution and coronavirus

The Coronavirus Lockdown Has Not Made the Air Cleaner

Wuhan’s lockdown cut air pollution by up to 63% – new research

Chennai: Air pollution is down by 35% over pre-lockdown levels, shows study

Air pollution levels will bounce back as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, scientists say

Pollution returns to Houston as coronavirus restrictions loosen

9 states sue EPA for suspending pollution monitoring requirements during coronavirus

Study shows the sea breeze is bringing ocean plastic pollution back onto land

That Fresh Sea Breeze You Breathe May Be Laced With Microplastic

Is the New Coronavirus Airborne? A Study From China Finds Evidence

Experiment shows human speech generates droplets that linger in the air for more than 8 minutes

Black light experiment shows how quickly a virus like Covid-19 can spread at a restaurant

Jubilant drinkers flock to Wisconsin bars just hours after judge struck down Democratic governor's pandemic lockdown order in first ruling of its kind that will see businesses reopen today

Wisconsin governor: Republicans, state Supreme Court decided 'facts don't matter' in move to reopen state

Trump says Fauci's warnings about reopening amid coronavirus crisis are not 'acceptable'

After Fauci's testimony, Trump says schools should 'absolutely open'

Trump says critics want him to keep economy closed until election: 'It's a political thing'

Trump Feared Testing Too Many People for Virus Would Spook Stock Markets, Says Report

Rapid White House Tests Could Miss Almost Half of Positive Covid-19 Cases, NYU Study Finds

A Trump Official Tried to Fast-Track Funding for His Friend’s Unproven COVID-19 “Treatment,” Whistleblower Says

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

Coronavirus crisis a window of opportunity for bankers to the rich

How the COVID-19 Bailout Gave Wall Street a No-Lose Casino


Intel chief releases info on ‘unmasking’ of Flynn to Capitol Hill

Trump weighs in on unmasking: 'Greatest political crime in the history of our country'

Trump suggests Obama officials involved in 'unmasking' Flynn should go to jail

Report: Some Trump Advisors “Anxious” About Him Attacking Obama’s Integrity

Not Even the People Ranting About “Obamagate” Know What It Is

Ex-FBI official reportedly undercut DOJ's argument for dropping the Flynn case, and nobody's informed the judge

Court Appoints Retired Judge To Oppose Justice Department In Michael Flynn Case

The Constitution Requires Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Lawless Amicus Order Against Michael Flynn Be Overturned

Manafort Walks. His Fellow Inmate Is Facing 12 More Years.

'Sleeping While Black'; Louisville Police Kill Unarmed Black Woman


‘There’s no humanity left’: A family buries a mother and her unborn child in Afghanistan

Coronavirus in Japan: Arson, ostracism, online attacks against medics, victims

City in denial: Mexico's capital is on the brink of a coronavirus disaster


Can’t eat gluten? Pesticides and nonstick pans might have something to do with it, study says

India steps in to bring Pakistan on board to check locust invasion, drones to be used to spray pesticides

Is private mosquito spraying killing bees? Yes, beekeepers group says

Meat Plant Closures Mean Pigs Are Gassed or Shot Instead

MPs urge UK ban on chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef

Where Bats Are Still on the Menu, if No Longer the Best Seller


The Prophecies of Q: American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase.

UFO Conspiracy Theorists Offer 'Ascension' From Our Hell World for $333

Newly released incident reports detail US Navy's 'UFO' encounters

Does the Navy's Missile-Fooling Plasma Tech Explain Recent UFO Sightings?

SKY NET : Darpa is about to launch US military ‘satellite space swarm’ just like Elon Musk’s Starlink
The Space Force Receives Its 'Kobayashi Maru' Space-Tracking System

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