TODAY: The Myth-Busting Virus


'All the psychoses of US history': how America is victim-blaming the coronavirus dead

I believe in American exceptionalism. That’s what makes this crisis so hard to accept.

Covid-19 Is Destroying the Myth of American Exceptionalism

The American Dream Is Alive and Well

Here’s How to Square a Rising Stock Market With the Dire Economy

On Earth, the Economy Is Tanking. In the Cloud, It's Fine

The office is dead, according to most startup founders

Inside the new homeless shelter at Amazon’s headquarters

Even Americans Who Hate Amazon Can’t Seem to Live Without It

Americans use their $1,200 stimulus checks to splurge at Walmart and Target — here’s what they’re buying

Americans are in financial trouble — why $1,200 stimulus checks are only a Band-Aid

Jobless claims jump 4.4 million in mid-May as applications for federal benefits surge

Global COVID-19 cases top 5 million. A 5th of them are in the U.S.

Researchers estimate earlier lockdowns could have prevented tens of thousands of U.S. coronavirus deaths

Trump Blames 'Incompetence Of China' For 'Mass Worldwide Killing'

Trump attacks Michigan Secretary of State with false claim; Benson quickly responds

Trump deletes incorrect tweet on Michigan absentee ballots, doubles down on threat to withhold funds

Mika Brzezinski slammed Trump for spreading a debunked conspiracy theory that her husband and cohost Joe Scarborough was involved in a murder

Trump's 'Obamagate' conspiracy theory just got blown to pieces

Two Weeks Ago, She Predicted Trump Would Use COVID to Arrest Obama. Now She’s a GOP Senate Candidate

The Church of QAnon: Will conspiracy theories form the basis of a new religious movement?

The religious roots of Trump's magical thinking on coronavirus

Reopening guidance for churches delayed after White House and CDC disagree

NC churches can reopen. Why these ministers will keep the sanctuary doors closed.

Coronavirus: Over 1,000 California pastors agree to defy state's orders, reopen churches on May 31

Minnesota church leaders say they will resume service, with or without Walz's blessing

Ex-CDC director Tom Frieden: Coronavirus outbreak at Arkansas church shows 'what you do affects others'

Nurse says patients are attending ‘coronavirus parties’ to intentionally get sick

Nearly 600 workers from North Carolina Tyson chicken processing plant test positive for COVID-19

New Outbreaks In Fruit And Vegetable Operations Threaten Farm Workers And Food Supply

Study Finds an Association between Dicamba Use and Increased Risk of Developing Various Cancers

Farm to fork: EU wants to slash pesticide use by 50% and boost organic farming

EU Pledges €10 Billion for Plant-Based and Alternative Proteins

The End of Meat Is Here

With flexibility and faith in the future, beef producers will prevail
The myth of the Ghost Dance


Pro-Trump super PAC spent $1.3 million on legal fees in April, an unusually high amount for a super PAC

Kelly Loeffler’s Husband Pours $1 Million Into Pro-Trump Super PAC

GOP Donor’s Construction Firm, Under Audit by DoD, Gets Largest Border Wall Contract Ever


After New Coronavirus Outbreaks, China Imposes Wuhan-Style Lockdown

China signals plan to take full control of Hong Kong, realigning city’s status

China voices concern over Israel’s West Bank annexation plan

What’s Fueling Israel’s Settlement Push?

How to End the Special Relationship With Israel


Oil companies drilling on federal land get break on royalties. Solar and wind firms get past-due rent bills.

A proposed mine in Alaska will endanger brown bears – and much more

Who’s financing deforestation in Papua New Guinea? A new report follows the money.


Egg Laying or Live Birth: How Evolution Chooses

Astronomers witness baby planet being born for first time

A Mysterious Ancient Galaxy Just Rewrote the Universe's Timeline

No, NASA didn't find evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backwards

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