TODAY: The Price Of Loyalty


Warnock makes history in winning Georgia runoff, CNN projects, as control of Senate down to Perdue-Ossoff race

Abrams’ revenge: Warnock’s victory a direct blow to her rival Kemp

"Buckle Up!": Schumer Drunk With Power After Ossoff Declares Victory

With Black and Jewish Candidates in Deep South, Dems Projected to Win Georgia and Take Senate–Putting Biden’s ‘FDR-Sized’ Promise to the Test

How Biden can repair the rocky road Trump left behind

After Four Years of Trump, the Republic Still Stands

Trump Will Get Away With It and Leave Us With the Mess

Blame Everything, but Especially Trump

Republicans turn on Trump after Georgia loss

Trump failed the final loyalty test to the GOP. Why should Republicans burn their own fates to be loyal to him?

Mike Pence Put His Soul on Layaway and the Devil Has Come to Collect

Breaking Announcement From Trump: “Pence And I Are In Total Agreement That The VP Has Power To Decertify Illegal Election Results”

Trump attorney suggests Pence rejecting electors would be unconstitutional

‘YOU ARE BREAKING THE CONSTITUTION!’ Utter Chaos Breaks Out in PA State Senate as Republicans Refuse to Seat Democrat, Remove Fetterman from Presiding

Video shows Romney being called "traitor" by Trump fans while on flight

Trump supporters clash with DC police in BLM plaza ahead of ‘Save America’ rally (VIDEO)

D.C. Police Make Several Arrests As Pro-Trump Supporters Flock To The Capital To Protest Election

Proud Boys Leader Released From Jail, Banned From Wednesday Protests In D.C.

Enrique Tarrio Faces Three Years in Jail Over Weapon Charges Outlined in Court Files

Kyle Rittenhouse pleads not guilty to fatal Kenosha protest shootings

Jacob Blake shooting: Kenosha protests peaceful after no charges announced for police officers

Nearly 4 Times as Many Cops Killed Themselves Than Were Shot and Killed in 2020

Massive 1-Year Rise In Homicide Rates Collided With The Pandemic In 2020

4 Numbers That Make the Pandemic’s Massive Death Toll Sink In

Why it’s so difficult for journalists to get inside hospitals to document COVID-19 cases

Some hospital services suspended in San Joaquin Valley due to COVID-19 demand

Thousands of L.A. health care workers sickened by coronavirus, worsening crisis in hospitals

‘We forget about them as being essential workers.’ COVID-19 has made farm workers even more vulnerable — and created momentum to protect them

Biden’s appointment of a health disparities adviser is historic. But will the White House empower her?

Greens rip EPA's new 'secret science' rule as last-ditch attempt to hamstring Biden

Conservationists Slam Lame-Duck Gut of Migratory Bird Protections

Trump Admin Reportedly Proposes Staggering Rollback Of Civil Rights Protections

Trump signs executive order blocking transactions with Alipay, WeChat Pay, and six other Chinese apps

WHO team blocked from entering China to study origins of coronavirus

New Covid strain: China rushes to control virus outbreak in city of 11 million


Test of the American Man

Traditional stereotypes about masculinity may help explain support for Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Really Mad About Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Also Doesn’t Know What a Pronoun Is

People Have Used They/Them as Singular Pronouns for Hundreds of Years

Netflix’s ‘History of Swear Words’ is the doomscrolling companion for this effing moment


Metallica Fuels Student Protests in Istanbul as Dozens Detained

Vietnam jails journalists for 'propaganda' critical of state

Hong Kong arrests 53 pro-democracy activists for trying to 'overthrow' government with unofficial votes

India Is Targeting Defenders of Indigenous Rights as ‘Terrorists’


The RBG Affect: Where the Rubber ‘Meats’ The Road On Science, Global Warming And The Convenience Of Hypocrisy

Global Warming Already Baked In Will Blow Past Climate Goals, a New Study Says

Average Temperatures in Cities Forecast to Spike as Climate Change Worsens

Climate change has altered the winter season and the gardener’s sense of it

My green home: $90,000 in clean tech upgrades, $20,000 in tax breaks

It's electrifying! This is how Earth could be entirely powered by sustainable energy

The Energy 202: Trump administration opens millions more acres of Alaska to drilling

My tribe holds a funeral every week for people killed by fossil fuels. This isn’t progress – it’s environmental genocide


Mr. Bean Must Be Stopped Before He Defends Free Speech Again

The Case Against Julian Assange Is Also a Case Against a Free Press

How Julian Assange Beat Extradition


Let's Talk About This Intriguing Object Seen In The Scoot-And-Hide Hangar At Area 51

A CIA spyplane crashed outside Area 51 a half-century ago. This explorer found it.

About That “Alien Technosignature” We Found Last Month…

Are UFOs a threat to national security? We may find out in 6 months

Mass of Drones Storms Manhattan in Trial to Counter Future Threats

Why the US wastes billions on nuclear weapons it doesn’t need

Race is on for hypersonic weapon supremacy

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