TODAY: Rebels Yell


The Trump Mob In Their Own Words

‘We Just Wanted Our Voices To Be Heard.’ Capitol Protesters Speak Out

Trump Rants in Near-Empty White House: I’ll ‘Never’ Say Biden Won

Trump is isolated and angry at aides for failing to defend him as he is impeached again

Pence. Kushner. McEnany. Ingraham. Even Giuliani… Here Are All People Trump Now Reportedly Feels Have Betrayed Him

Trump Plans To Stiff Giuliani On Legal Fees After Failing To Steal Election

Trump angrily watched impeachment proceedings while asking about path forward: Sources

After He's Impeached, Trump 'Unequivocally' Condemns 'the Violence That We Saw Last Week'

Remember when there was an attack against the US and Jim Jordan cared?

Jim Jordan doubles-down on Trump defence days after Medal of Freedom

Rep. Jordan says House Democrats want to ‘cancel’ Trump at impeachment hearings

Meet the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump

Liz Cheney faces blowback after embracing impeachment

Crenshaw Raises Eyebrows Over Defense of Cheney's Impeachment Vote

Republican Party Suffers From Shortsightedness, Sells President Trump Down the River

Impeachment only feeds divisions, elevates Trump in his supporters’ eyes

GOP voters choose Trump — again

Arizona's GOP Has Become a Trump Cult

Arizona GOP Knows The Real Antifa Is ... Cindy McCain????

CBS Boosts Conspiracy Theory GOP Lawmakers Part of ‘Inside Job’ Attack on Capitol

Capitol Police Officers Said They Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Members Of Congress Helped Plan The Attack

I’ve been shot by police – their Capitol inaction was no shock

“No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years

The Capitol Police Had One Mission. Now the Force Is in Crisis.

The Gutted, 'Unnerving' State of the Agencies Supposed to Keep the U.S. Safe

FBI Washington field office got an F for fighting domestic terrorism from bureau officials

Why Didn't The FBI And DHS Produce A Threat Report Ahead of The Capitol Insurrection?

F.B.I. Urges Police Chiefs Across U.S. to Be on High Alert for Threats

FBI warns law enforcement to use caution when arresting Capitol rioters

Two Off-Duty Cops Charged In Capitol Riots; One Allegedly Bragged He ‘Attacked The Government’

Man Photographed In 'Camp Auschwitz' Sweatshirt During U.S. Capitol Riot Is Arrested

Texas Pastor Tells Followers to Stock Supplies, Keep Guns Loaded Before Biden Inauguration

Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them

Armed 'militias' are illegal. Will authorities finally crack down if they show up at state capitals next week?

Authorities tracking multiple threats for a 'week of siege' after Capitol breach

America is tuning out the coronavirus at the peak of its destruction

Coronavirus updates: U.S. sets single-day death record, and new variants emerge

Unemployment Claims Spike To Nearly One Million As Pandemic Layoffs Continue

Dow Sets Record as Biden Set to Unveil Massive Spending Package


The Untold Story of How the Republican Attorneys General Association, Funded with Large Sums from Corporate Felons, Including OxyContin Drug Pusher Purdue, Participated in Recruiting the Mob that Attacked the Capitol

QAnon reshaped Trump’s party and radicalized believers. The Capitol siege may just be the start.

QAnon believer who plotted to kill Nancy Pelosi came to D.C. ready for war

QAnon Enthusiast Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A New Conspiracy Theory About Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Marjorie Greene says she will file for impeachment against Joe Biden on the first day of his presidency in order to avoid violence

Biden tweets about impeachment vote, reminds Senate of 'other urgent business'

His Cabinet Still Unconfirmed, Biden Looks At Plan B For Early Days In Office

Can Tom Hanks Bring America Together For Biden’s Inauguration?


'A famine not seen in 40 years': US Yemen decision will lead to disaster, predicts UN

Turkish authorities rebuff UN inquiry into murder of Syrian-American journalist

Turkey Urges Dialogue With US After Missile Sanctions

US bans all cotton and tomato products from Xinjiang over slave labour links

China bars two members of WHO coronavirus mission as depleted team reaches Wuhan

The other virus that worries Asia


'That Is Not Justice!' Outrage as Snyder Hit With Just Two Misdemeanor Counts Over Role in Flint Water Crisis

HAZARDOUS HOMES: Thousands of U.S. Public Housing Residents Live in the Country’s Most Polluted Places


Weeks Before The Siege, The FBI Was Investigating Parler User’s Call For Proud Boys Violence On Capitol Hill

Parler CEO says social media app may not return

Parler's Laughably Bad Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon

Amazon Court Filing Includes Chilling Death Threats Published on Parler

Amazon, eBay remove QAnon merchandise from their marketplace after Capitol Hill riot

Exclusive: Over 1,000 brands ran ads alongside election misinformation

Facebook Has Been Showing Military Gear Ads Next To Insurrection Posts

Revealed: walkie-talkie app Zello hosted far-right groups who stormed Capitol

Zello Recordings of Capitol Rioters Revealed: This Is ‘Everything We F*cking Trained for’

Telegram blocks ‘dozens’ of hardcore hate channels threatening violence

Chatbot shut down after saying it ‘really hates lesbians’ and using racist slurs

Humans won't be able to control artificial intelligence, scientists warn

IBM on the Rise of Hybrid Cloud, AI, and Quantum Computers


The truth is out there … perhaps: CIA releases thousands of UFO files

Everything We Know About The Mysterious Dark Helicopters That Have Been Circling Los Angeles

New Destroyer, Armed With Lasers and Hypersonic Missiles, Envisioned as Navy’s Future Centerpiece

Russia to finish naval base for doomsday weapon in 2022

US Space Command Announces New Home State For Headquarters

Did your state receive the most defense dollars? We’ve got the numbers.

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