TODAY: The End Is Near


Can You Believe Your Eyes That All This Happened in 2020?

The Century Crammed Into a Year Mercifully Ends

2020: An Awful Year With a Legacy We Won't Soon Escape

The Year in which Comforting American Myths Were Ravaged

2020 Exposed the Myth of American “Security”

2020 Shatters the Myth of American Exceptionalism

America is a failed state. Biden’s inauguration won’t suddenly change that

America’s Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster

As U.S. Vaccine Drive Lags, Fast-Moving Coronavirus Variant Is Making Inroads

The Small Colorado Town Shrugged Off the Pandemic. Then Came the Coronavirus Variant.

COVID Variant: New, Highly Contagious Strain Found In San Diego County

Mink infected with mutated coronavirus strain escaped from Oregon farm afflicted by COVID-19 outbreak

2020 in a Nutshell: New York Sees a Series of Assaults by Vicious Squirrels

2020 was the year of scary bugs, and 2021 will be even worse

2020 was an extraordinary year for fires. Expect more like it.

From floods and fires to locusts, 'climate breakdown' cost rich and poor in 2020

2020: A dismal economic year, unless you were on Wall Street

Emergency cash calls, tech IPO frenzy push 2020 banker fees to record high

2020 was the year of inequality: can we turn it around in 2021?

2021: Year of the Post-COVID Bounceback

Don't say 2021 will be a good year. Please.

Here We Go Again: 21 Saucy Predictions for 2021

Nostradamus' 2021 predictions: zombie apocalypse, famine and solar storms

Are we doomed? An investigation


Trump and Melania will fly back to D.C. TODAY and skip their $1,000-a-head Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve party as Mitch shoots down $2k stimulus checks and Senate Republicans prepare to challenge Biden's win

Sen. Hawley will object to Electoral College results, ensuring a doomed fight to overturn Biden's win

Sen. Josh Hawley Seizes The MAGA Moment – Now It Is Up To Us

Hey, GOP: This is Your Do or Die Moment

Hawley’s anti-democracy stunt will force GOP to vote on Trump's lies

Walmart issues apology for tweet calling Hawley 'sore loser' after his pledge to contest Biden's win

Walmart Staffer Behind Josh Hawley 'Sore Loser' Tweet Gets Offered Free Rent Money

Josh Hawley led the GOP push for stimulus checks. Where else will he take his party?

The GOP Just Let Democrats Have Their Stimulus and Campaign On It Too

Loeffler, Perdue Will Struggle to Win Georgia Without $2,000 Stimulus Checks: Newt Gingrich

Family tied to company with history of hiring unlawful 'aliens' among Kelly Loeffler donors

Sen. David Perdue became wealthy outsourcing work to Asia. Now the former CEO stands with Trump, who wants to ‘end our reliance on China.’

Trump administration declassifies unconfirmed intelligence on China bounties on US forces in Afghanistan: report

Iran accuses Trump of 'plot to fabricate pretext for war'

U.N.: Trump's Blackwater pardons violate int'l law, an affront to justice

‘Great victory’: Gun rights activists celebrate as Trump administration pulls stabilizing-brace ban

Trump’s big policy win: Stronger showers, faster dishwashers. It’s something almost no one asked for.

Trump Appointee Seeks Lasting Control Over Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia

Large majority of Republicans want to keep Trumpism alive

Donald Trump Is Not the Lord Jesus Christ. Got It? Are You Sure?

2020, a good year for bad religion


EU 'regrets' new US tariffs on German, French products

EU agrees investment deal with China, says it will help 'rebalance economic ties'

Europe Embraces Multipolar World With Nord Stream 2 and China Investment Deal

Russia is our most important ally, say over 50% of Chinese people, as leaders Xi & Putin discuss closer ties between countries

Russia, Turkey to Develop Military Ties Despite US Sanctions

Ambassador: U.S. sanctions against Turkey not to affect defense cooperation with Ukraine

Ukraine signs contract for 1.9 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

How China won 2020


This Year Was A Disaster For The Planet

David Attenborough: ‘We’ve had enough for the moment about disasters’

20 moments in science to make you feel better about 2020


In Memoriam 2020: The Musicians We Lost

Paul Stanley Pledges to ‘KISS 2020 Goodbye’ With Explosive Sendoff

Concert Held For Hundreds in COVID Test Records No Infections: Researchers

The government says Brexit touring plans were “rejected” by EU – but the music industry demands action to prevent “catastrophe”

A Requiem for Live Music


A Guide to Wokespeak

Alternative facts, witch-hunt, bigly: the Trump era in 32 words and phrases

Covid-19, cocooning, new normal – 10 phrases that defined 2020

The year of Karen: how a meme changed the way Americans talked about racism

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