TODAY: The Great Space Race Reboot


Welcome to 'Blade Runner' year, now where are my damn off-world colonies

China’s Moon Landing: ‘New Chapter in Humanity’s Exploration of the Moon’

Watch the moment China’s rover touched down on the far side of the Moon

China's Chang'e 4 sends back first photos of moon's far side after historic landing

Chang’e 4 landing on dark side of moon marks start of China’s space race with the US

The space race is back on – and is China in the lead?

Heather Wilson: Air Force Pursuing Space Mission as Trump Pushes Space Force

Air Force Wants to Increase Space Industry Partnerships in 2019

U.S. Wants Asian Allies to Partner in Confronting China in South China Sea

Philippines urged to work with Vietnam on South China Sea code

Beijing to restore coral reefs ‘damaged by island building’ in South China Sea

China’s Atlantean ambition for the South China Sea

China Resurrects Mao-Era Forced Labor for Ethnic Minorities

Joe Lieberman formally registers as lobbyist for Chinese telecom giant ZTE

iPhone Sales Croak, China’s Economy Deteriorating Faster than Expected, Apple Warns. Shares Plunge

Apple is basically blaming Trump’s trade war for disappointing iPhone sales in China

Apple bombshell sends investors to safe havens; 'flash crash' jolts currencies

The woman who nailed 2018 stock-market volatility blowup now warns of ‘bubbliciouness’ in loans

Manhattan Home Prices Fall Under $1 Million for the First Time Since 2015

Construction Industry Layoffs Surge Most On Record

Big Pharma ushers in new year with price hikes on hundreds of drugs

How capitalism is killing us


The survivor: Nancy Pelosi makes history — again

What is Paygo? Why progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez oppose Pelosi’s rule

Nancy Pelosi says she won't rule out indictment, impeachment for Trump

California’s Rep. Brad Sherman to introduce impeachment measure

Ex-Bush and Whitman adviser: Trump won’t be impeached, but he will leave the presidency in 2019

Lindsey Graham: If Trump Backs Down On Border Wall Fight, His Presidency Is Over


'He shunned pretty women': How Marine vet 'spy' aroused suspicion of Russian intelligence and was 'caught red-handed in Moscow hotel room with flash drive containing names of Russian secret agents'

Mysterious tale of man accused of spying in Russia steeped in contradictions

North Korea’s defecting ambassador an intelligence gold mine


Our Freshwater Emergency Is Worse Than You Think

Egypt confronts water 'poverty' in shadow of Ethiopia's dam

Jordan to drill 'fossil water' wells a half-mile underground

Contaminated groundwater, a toxic legacy of Georgia’s air bases


Slandering the Unborn: How bad science and a moral panic, fueled in part by the news media, demonized mothers and defamed a generation.

Five Weeks After the Guardian’s Viral Blockbuster Assange/Manafort Scoop, No Evidence Has Emerged – Just Stonewalling

Pro-war ‘Trump circus’: Veteran reporter quits NBC with biting critique of corporate newsroom

Ex-New York Times Editor Dings Paper as ‘Unmistakably Anti-Trump’ in New Book


Hiroshima's Last Survivors Tell of the Horror 75 Years On: Starving Children Died With Stones in Their Mouths

The Nazis Killed 25% Of The Holocaust's Victims In Just Three Months, Study Finds

After a Century of Delays, the Senate Finally Votes to Outlaw Lynching

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