TODAY: We've Been Here Before


Plagues and Humanity

Pandemics Have Changed History, and This One Will Too

COVID-19 Has Brought The World 50 Years Into The Future—Where We All Live Virtually

The future of work is here: Why the COVID-19 crisis calls for a fundamental reset of labor markets

Could increased dependence on robots during pandemic hasten the departure of humans from the workforce?

Will Shopping Ever Be the Same?

US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs

Consumer prices post biggest decline since 2008 as coronavirus puts clamps on inflation

Americans create new economic threat with their own savings

The U.S. is `printing' money to help save the economy during COVID-19 crisis: How far can it go?

Why The Crisis May Make Powerful Corporations Even More Powerful

Wall Street Bets Virus Meltdown Gives Landlords a Chance to Grow

Big money lines up behind Democrats in key Senate races as donors sense a chance to win the majority

David Perdue Got Sweetheart Deal That Grew North Of $6 Million After Election To The Senate

U.S. Sen. David Perdue restructures retirement savings, won’t trade individual stocks

Supreme Court debates Trump's ability to keep financial information and taxes secret

Trump's effort to block tax subpoenas meets the Supreme Court he shaped

The Supreme Court Is About to Decide Whether or Not to Place Donald Trump Above the Law

Trump Accused Obama of Committing a Crime, But Left the Details Up to Your Imagination

Barack Obama is Worried About Something, That Is Obvious

Grenell declassifies names of Obama admin members who spied on Flynn; release up to Barr

Mitch McConnell Moves to Expand Bill Barr’s Surveillance Powers

McConnell: Obama 'should have kept his mouth shut' on Trump's coronavirus response

Trump Storms Out Of Coronavirus Briefing After Female Reporters Challenge Him

Reporter Asks Trump Asinine Question: Is Chinese Food Racist? It Goes Downhill From There

Trump Says Reporters Were Conspiring Against Him After 'Ask China' Clash

Reporters Refused to Let Trump Bully Them, So He Ran Away

When it comes to Covid-19, another case of white flight

Man says he ran 2.23 miles holding TV to make point about Ahmaud Arbery killing in viral TikTok

The viral video of Ahmaud Arbery’s killing shows whose deaths we afford privacy and whose we don’t

Feds Weighing Possible Hate Crime Charges In Ahmaud Arbery Case

2019 saw most anti-Semitic incidents in US in 40 years, tally finds

Violence Against Asian Americans Is on the Rise—But It’s Part of a Long History


“Trump’s Feeling Is, ‘Why Are We Losing Everywhere?’”: With Advisers Feuding and Numbers Plummeting, Trump Eyes Campaign Shake-up

Trump Takes Credit For High Approval Ratings of Governors as His Numbers Continue to Flounder

Trump’s pandemic response could complicate down-ballot races for Republicans

Trump is getting trounced among a crucial constituency: The haters


Coronavirus: 'Modern slavery' at the heart of German slaughterhouse outbreak

New coronavirus cases in Germany almost tripled within 24 hours — less than a week after the country started reopening — as it considers an 'emergency brake' to reinstate harsher lockdowns

Russia to ease lockdown: Economy couldn’t afford to wait for Covid-19 curve to flatten, while government poll ratings fell

The Coronavirus Death Toll In Russia Keeps On Climbing, But Putin’s Had Enough Of It

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hospitalized with COVID-19

Saudi Arabia hikes taxes, slashes oil output amid COVID-19 woes

Toyota sees 80% profit drop as virus wipes $14 billion off car sales

Rough ride ahead for Toyota, Honda and Japan Inc


What it is Really Like to be a Bat

This Pandemic Has Reignited a Passionate Debate Over Bats and Disease

In defense of bats in a COVID world (commentary)


A Tooth Proves 8,000 Years of Overlapping Between Modern Humans and Neanderthals in Europe

Neanderthals may have learned jewellery-making from us

Neanderthals Made Leather-Working Tools from Bison and Aurochs Ribs

Caddis fly larvae are now building shelters out of microplastics

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