TODAY: The Trump Rally Putsch


America Has Entered the Weimar Era

Does the Assault on the Capitol Show America Is Doomed?

American Democracy Will Survive Trump’s Failed Insurrection

Trump will soon leave office. But the ingredients of homegrown fascism remain

The Pro-Trump Attack on the U.S. Capitol Was Fascism Coming Home

Behind The Putsch: Video Of Trumps Jamming To ‘Gloria’ Before Inciting Mob

Trump calls for end to violence he incited as pressure on White House mounts

Decoding President Trump’s Announcement Given January 7, 2021

MAGA Twitter Insists Trump ‘Didn’t Concede’ After POTUS Posts Concession Speech on Twitter

Donald Trump Slammed On Twitter For Saying Capitol Rioters Didn't Represent The Country

Trump Says Pro-Trump Capitol Rioters 'Will Pay' For Breaking Law

Justice Dept. Open to Pursuing Charges Against Trump in Inciting Riot

Tucker turns on Trump: Fox host says president has reached his 'shelf life' as he blames him for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot after he 'recklessly encouraged' his supporters

If Trump Cares About the Movement He Helped Build, He Should Now Go Away

After The Insurrection, Rebuilding The Trump Coalition Without Trump

Elites Have Extracted What They Needed From Trump. Now They Can Discard Him.

Republic of unequals

Beyond Economic Populism

Poverty Grows Despite Economic Recovery

Millions of families had no financial cushion to last three months — and that was before COVID-19 struck

US economy slashes 140,000 jobs in December as COVID surge undermines recovery

A record number of people died from Covid the last two days in America as rioters stormed U.S. Capitol

Family of woman who died at US Capitol riot releases heart-wrenching statement about Trump

Who Was Brian Sicknick? Capitol Police Officer Who Died Was Iraq War Veteran

Capitol Police officer on life support after pro-Trump riot, union official says

Capitol Police chief resigns a day after Congress was taken by a violent pro-Trump mob

Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob

FBI releases photo of person accused of placing two explosives amid DC riots

Insurrectionists’ social media presence gives feds an easy way to ID them

A Facial Recognition Company Says That Viral Washington Times “Antifa” Story Is False

Media Spent Months Downplaying Violent BLM, Antifa Riots. With The Capitol Riot, They’ve Suddenly Changed Their Tune

Black Lives Matter boomerang: How media flipped script on violent protests after Capitol riot

In America, Leftist Protesters Get Violently Beaten and Arrested. Right-Wing Protesters Get to Take the Capitol.

Capitol Rioters Walked Away. Climate Protesters Saw a Double Standard.

“A Rise of 1.2 Degrees Celsius is Already Hell for Me”: Ugandan Climate Activist Vanessa Nakate Says We Need to Act Now

Earth’s Margin for Error Narrows After Another Year of Record Heat

Climate Change Is Turning Cities Into Ovens

The Climate Crisis Will Be Steroids for Fascism


The Only Strategy Left for Democrats: After this week, the mandate is clear: Make people's lives better. And stop trying to placate Republicans.

After Coddling Trump for Four Years, WSJ Editorial Board Joins Other Newspapers in Calling for Trump to Leave Office Immediately

‘The biggest mistake I’ve ever made.’ Danforth rues mentoring Hawley, blames him for riot

Publisher Cancels Book By Sen. Hawley, Citing His Role In Inciting Capitol Attack

Hawley, facing calls for expulsion from Senate, stands firm; 'I will never apologize'

Ted Cruz remains defiant amid calls for his resignation, saying 'I ain’t going anywhere'

West Virginia lawmaker who filmed himself storming U.S. Capitol won't resign, his lawyer says

The Trump Administration Officials Who Resigned Over Capitol Violence

Gary Cohn Is a Test Case for Trying to Wash Off the Trump Stink

TV Is Starting to Cut Ties with Trump, as His Legacy Wreaks Havoc on Reality

Evangelical leader Albert Mohler says he’s horrified by chaos at Capitol, but stands by Trump vote

Trump's toxic legacy is a huge problem now for US evangelicals

We need to call Trump Christians back to the faith they left

We Serve the Purposes of God, Not the Politics of Men

Politics: America’s Astonishingly Awful Religion


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard unveils missile base amid US tensions

US Air Force Deploys MQ-9 Reapers, 90 Airmen in Romania

‘Global Britain’ takes aim at China in South China Sea

The EU just sold human rights down the river for minor commercial gains in China

Lawmakers call for tougher EU disinformation laws in wake of US riots

Why Ghana Does Disputed Elections Better Than the United States

Is America Seriously Going to Lecture Other Countries About Democracy Now?

The delusion of American exceptionalism


The Wild World of Mink and Coronavirus

At risk of extinction, black-footed ferrets get vaccinated for COVID-19

What We’ve Lost: The Species Declared Extinct in 2020


On 'Greenfields,' Barry Gibb Takes The Bee Gees' Legacy To Nashville

John Fogerty Is Still Trying to Get the Country to Understand His Lyrics

What If Bob Marley Had Defeated Cancer and Had Lived Twenty More Years?

Rush Says the Band Is ‘Over’ After Neil Peart’s Death

Neil Sheehan, N.Y. Times reporter who obtained Pentagon Papers and chronicled ‘Bright Shining Lie’ of Vietnam, dies at 84

How to Watch Alex Trebek's Last Ever 'Jeopardy!


A Meditation: We Must Grow Past our Inabilities to Learn from History or Accept the Value of Science

Newly Unearthed Site Shows How Early Humans Adapted to Environmental Changes

Partnering With Nonhumans for Climate Action

Sharing Leftovers Likely Turned Dogs Into Man’s Best Friend

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