TODAY: Is Meatpacking Murder?


Profile Of A Killer: the complex biology powering the coronavirus pandemic

AMERICA’S FOOD CHAIN: ‘Essential worker just means you’re on the death track’

‘The workers are being sacrificed’: As cases mounted, meatpacker JBS kept people on crowded factory floors

Nearly 400 asymptomatic workers test positive for COVID-19 at a single Triumph meat packing plant in Missouri

CDC: Almost 600 meatpacking workers in Nebraska tested positive for coronavirus in April

Trump's COVID-19 meatpacking order returns us to 'The Jungle' days just so you can eat bacon

Meat shortage: Costco, Kroger, others limit fresh meat purchases at stores

Wendy’s Burgers Off the Menu in Some Locations Amid Meat Supply Chain Issues

The closure of meatpacking plants will lead to the overcrowding of animals. The implications are horrible.

Rather than Cull Millions of Livestock, Let’s End Animal Agriculture

A Rosa Parks Moment For Animal Welfare

Coronavirus: Calls to shut down 'dirty fur trade'

2 Mink Fur Farms Are Infected With Coronavirus

Thousands of captive tigers in U.S at risk of coronavirus

Rhinos Are Also Coronavirus Victims

Experts in Kenya fear poaching, deforestation are surging during COVID-19 lockdown

China is drawing all the flak, but is India controlling its wet markets?

From wet markets in China to elk habitat in the West, the threat of viruses jumping from animals to humans is growing

Virus origin likely Wuhan wildlife wet market – Australian PM

Dr. Fauci Dismisses Wuhan Lab as Source of Coronavirus, Contradicting Trump and Pompeo

The word that explains why the US is pushing a discredited Wuhan lab conspiracy theory

Fox News and Trump allies keep floating debunked theories about an inflated coronavirus death toll

US Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 70,000; Estimated Deaths Double, From 72,000 To 134,000

US projects 200,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, 3,000 daily deaths by June

White House disavows administration forecast of 3,000 coronavirus deaths a day by June

Researcher Behind Model Predicting 3,000 Daily Deaths Claims It Was Not ‘Intended to Be a Forecast’

This physicist-turned-economist is modelling the pandemic’s financial fallout

Fed study ties 1918 flu pandemic to Nazi Party gains

Nazi slogan sign displayed at ‘re-open Illinois’ rally ripped by Auschwitz Memorial

‘Socialist Playbook’: State Rep. From Western Pennsylvania Compares Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration to Nazis

Historian: Comparing Idaho's Coronavirus Restrictions To Nazi Regime "Extremely Stupid"

Ammon Bundy Blames Jews For The Holocaust At Idaho Anti-Lockdown Rally

A Colorado Man Reportedly Planned to Join an Anti-Lockdown Protest. Then the Feds Found Pipe Bombs in His Home.

Violent encounter in New York City prompts concerns about unequal policing of social distancing

Michigan Residents Charged With Killing Dollar Store Security Officer for Not Letting Customers Enter Without Face Mask

GOP Lawmaker Rejects Face Masks Since They Hide How God Created Us in His Image

Bill Gates Comments on Covid-19 Vaccine Enflame “Mark of the Beast” Worries in Some Christian Circles

People Are Getting Microchipped in Sweden, and It's Pretty Normal

Coronavirus has us even more hooked on big tech than ever before

Apple, Google will warn you if you've been exposed to COVID-19. Here's how.

Here come COVID-19 tracing apps - and privacy trade-offs

How to Track COVID-19 Without Mass Surveillance


Blue-state coronavirus bailouts are unfair to Republicans, Trump says

Trump says he'll be at 'a big disadvantage' if he can't hold rallies before election

Amid Pandemic, Billionaire Donors Swarm To Biden, As Trump's Support Falters

Loeffler, Daines and Markey join list of 10 most vulnerable senators


Does France really have its own strain of coronavirus?

Coronavirus: France's first known case 'was in December'

France’s Covid-19 death toll tops 25,000 following 24-hour spike

Coronavirus latest: UK overtakes Italy with largest known death toll in Europe

World leaders pledge $8 billion to vaccine race as U.S. skips summit


A Pulitzer Prize goes to a New York Times author who knowingly published lies

No One Asked These Mediocre White Guys What They Thought Of Nikole Hannah-Jones’s Pulitzer Prize

Colson Whitehead: Author wins Pulitzer Prize for a second time

Here are the 2020 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoons

This year’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers produced their work in the midst of danger


Don Shula, N.F.L. Coach Who Won, and Won, and Won, Dies at 90

Shula should be remembered for more than wins

Babe Ruth’s baseball swing helped spark teaching revolution in golf

Taiwan Says ‘Play Ball!’ (With Cardboard Fans and Robot Drummers)

Play ball: Korean baseball league begins in empty stadiums

Special report: Baseball in America

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