TODAY: The Trumpster Fire Burns On


An extraordinary story from The Washington Post kicked off a depressing start to 2021

Trump's Phone Call to Georgia to Flip Election Is What a Coup Looks Like

Trump Wasn't a Dictator, but He Played One on TV

Donald Trump in The Codfather

Ex-solicitor general says Trump 'talking like a mafia boss, and not a particularly smart mafia boss'

Trump accused of "criminal extortion" after asking Georgia official to "find" votes

Brad Raffensperger Opens Up About Pressure From Trump in Leaked Call: I ‘Never Believed it Was Appropriate’ to Talk to Him, But He ‘Pushed’

President Trump Reveals SHOCKING REVELATIONS About Vote Fraudster Ruby Freeman in Raffensperger Phone Call: Behind 18,000 Illegal Votes

In leaked recording, Trump pushes conspiracy theories that spread on social media

Study: Folklore structure reveals how conspiracy theories emerge, fall apart

‘You’re The Arsonist’: Chuck Todd Accuses Ron Johnson Of ‘Starting The Fire’ On Election Conspiracy Theories

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood goes even further off the rails in new 'Lizard Squad' conspiracy rant
Trump Repeats Debunked Election Claims in Call With Georgia Official

The media are lying about Trump’s phone call with Raffensperger

Is Trump Making Democracy-Threatening Phone Calls to the Pentagon, Too?

10 former defense secretaries call on Pentagon leaders to keep the military out of election politics

Pence “Welcomes” Efforts by Republican Lawmakers to Overturn Biden’s Victory

Two Republican lawyer-senators look for loopholes in democracy

Ted Cruz Plans To Restore Confidence in the Election System by Lending Credence to the Wild Fraud Claims of a 'Pathological Liar'

What the new science of narcissism says about narcissists

People With 'Dark' Personality Traits Responded to The Pandemic With Key Differences

Trump Rages Over His Own Administration’s COVID-19 Death Toll: ‘Fake News’

California funeral homes run out of space as COVID-19 rages

COVID-19 Cases Surge In U.S. As Vaccinations Fall Below Government Predictions

U.S. may cut some Moderna vaccine doses in half to speed rollout, official says

America's vaccine rollout: What went wrong

EXPLAINER - Why Indonesia is vaccinating its working population first, not elderly

UK inoculates first patient with Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Britain takes a gamble with Covid-19 vaccines, upping the stakes for the rest of us

UK coronavirus: COVID-19 cases rise in a ‘vertical line’ with record figures

The Trump administration approved faster line speeds at chicken plants. Those facilities are more likely to have covid-19 cases.

Chinese consumers are turning away from imported meat due to COVID-19 fears

China’s pig herd expansion hasn’t translated into lower hog prices

Even Though We Pay A Lot, Do You Know How Much Money A Farmer Actually Makes In India?

Slave Labor at Brazilian Cattle Farms Focus of New Report

American Debt Slaves in Weirdest Economy Ever


Pelosi Is Narrowly Reelected Speaker

Every Member Of ‘The Squad’ Voted To Reelect Nancy Pelosi As House Speaker

Here are the five House Democrats who did not vote for Pelosi to be speaker

Who is Marjorie Taylor Greene? QAnon rep thrown out of House floor for not wearing mask to 2021's first session

Researchers Say Christian Nationalism is Making It Harder to End the Pandemic

On LA’s Skid Row, dueling visions of what it means to be faithful to God amid COVID

'Amen and Awoman': Minister Who Delivers Opening Prayer for 117th Congress Doesn't Know Meaning of Declaration

Christianity is on the ballot in the Georgia Senate runoff between Warnock and Loeffler

Can the bi-partisan Christian base in Georgia save America from radical Raphael Warnock?

Senate race thrusts ‘Black America’s church’ into spotlight

Return of the Strong Gods: Understanding the New Right

What Thomas Jefferson Never Understood About Jesus


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will NOT be extradited to the US to face spying charges after British judge says he would be a suicide risk in an American jail

Covid restrictions and Brexit confusion see UK nationals turned away from flights to Spain

Vaccine immunity for flights and mass events: Israel mulls 'green passports'

Israel approves plan to seize more Palestinian land near Bethlehem

Iran says it has seized South Korean tanker as tensions with US mount

Iran Says It Has Resumed Enriching Uranium To 20% Purity, Further Breaching Nuclear Pact

Acting secretary of defense orders USS Nimitz to remain in the Middle East following Iranian threats

Soleimani's shadow: How the general's death upended Iranian strategy in Iraq

Exclusive: Lukashenko plotted murders in Germany

Ukraine investigates audio recordings discussing journalist's murder

Is Jack Ma dead? Conspiracies go wild after China's richest man goes 'missing'


After one-horned rhinos, Smuggling of pangolins to China increasing in Northeast: WCCB

Poachers’ Paradise: Gulf Hunts Fuel Pakistan Falcon Trafficking

Mexico City’s Roaring Trade in Wildlife Trafficking


'Where Are The Women?': Uncovering The Lost Works Of Female Renaissance Artists

Revealed: The long lost secrets of the ancient world’s second Rome

Is this Baboon Skull a Clue to Egypt's Lost Kingdom of Punt

What Japan's Wild Snow Monkeys Can Teach Us About Animal Culture

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