Dear Students, Families and Staff,

Last year’s Summer Challenge was to read as much as possible and to create a personal journal.  We all know that reading books of interests ignites our passion and journaling is an excellent way to express your thoughts and explore new ideas.
This Summer we are going to be Explorers as well as readers!
Ready?  Here is the challenge:
Challenge Part 1: EXPLORE 
We make sense of the things, places and people in our world by investigating, questioning, forming/testing and refining ideas, as well as playing and interacting with others.  Summer is a perfect time to explore. 
You can explore right in your home, your block, your city, or a neighborhood park.  Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you find along the way.  Learn about your family and relatives and find out what it was like when they were young.  Practice and learn a new art form.  Investigate new foods, or an ethnic grocery store and make an interesting international meal.  Visit a museum you’ve never been to, or a fire station, a zoo, an aquarium.  Make maps.  Learn about stargazing… the choices are limitless.
Exploring is all about the open-ended, hands-on experience that comes from your own curiosity.  Find something you are interested in and enjoy!
Explorers also have journals, so keep one!  Remember that journals do not have to be written… you can keep a scrapbook, make a photo album, draw, create a comic book, a digital scrapbook.  It doesn’t even have to be a book, it can be a memory box, a collection of lists, a collage… Use your imagination!!
Students will bring their Exploration Journal on the first day of school and we will have a school-wide exhibit for everyone to view.
Challenge Part 2: READ 
Follow your interests and passions in reading as well.  Discover new books, challenge yourself.  Fiction.  Non-Fiction.  Comics, Newspaper, Magazines, so much more!  Read, read, and read!  Then read some more!!
  • Go to the library, go to the bookstore, search your home library, or a friend or relative’s library to find something great and interesting to read.
  • Use the links below if you need book ideas:
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