Laura Peck Consulting Presents:
Tools for Effective Leadership, Issue 14 (October 2016)
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Build Your Own Learning Agenda

Tools for Effective Leadership

October 2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Are you curious about how you can help yourself grow and improve your performance? Would you like to determine the skills and knowledge you should acquire in order to make you more valuable in your current and future positions? This guide will offer some questions and practices to encourage meaningful conversation, focused planning, and measurable improvement.

-Laura Peck

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Professional Workshops

Meetings that Work: Tips, Tools, and Hard Won Wisdom

Thursday, November 3, 2-6p at my office (World Headquarters!) in Albany

A 4-hour, hands-on workshop guaranteed to provide useful perspectives and practical solutions to your real-time challenges.

Design and facilitate meetings that ignite learning and move action forward. Learn strategies to align purpose and agenda, establish context and connection, set clear decision roles and rules, and assure honorable closure.

Workshop size is limited to allow for peer exchange and lots of practice time. I will survey participants so that content is customized to your needs and offer a 30-min follow-up phone consultation.

For more information and to register click here.

Check It Out

Center for Strategic Facilitation teaches ToP Facilitation Methods, powerful and proven ways to fully engage the right people, enable better ideas to surface, and secure the commitment needed to turn ideas into results. Their work contributes to building a more participatory culture in our world. They have two offerings coming up: 
Oct 13-14 (Oakland) and Dec 8-9 (Oakland).

I learned these methods 30 years ago and they remain an important part of my tool kit.

Gracious Space
Gracious Space: A Practical Guide to Working Better Together by Patricia Hughes -- Under a hundred pages, this book is full of methods and language to create a setting where we invite the "stranger" and embrace "learning in public". I return to it often for inspiration.

Oct 16 R&D Retreat Cancelled

I espouse the value of reflection and discernment and I try to walk my talk.

My remarkable 91-year-old mother died August 30. As the N.L.D. (nearest living daughter), I have been front line helping her age with grace and grit. It's a big shift in my life.

So I'm taking the 16th as a personal retreat, a time to listen in to what is ending, what is emerging, and what is calling me. 

I love holding space for others to listen in and will likely be back with a series of retreats/ Listening In workshops in 2017. Stay tuned.


DIY Professional Development

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