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Gerard’s personal Vu! 

I recently returned from a surfing trip in the north of Indonesia!
Read the Quirky Vu below.

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Office Vu’s
With Christmas fast approaching and time off over the summer break, if you need additional cash flow for the period we can arrange personal loans - easy process, simple application.. With all the correct information we can get a 'same day' approval and funds available within hours!

Winning Vu!
Currently we are winning on interest rates. Secure your loan / debt position for 5 years under 5% - this gives you consistent cash flow for 5 years without interest rate variations. This is a cracking Vu! 

Vu of the month ahead
Halloween has been and gone... Nippers has started... Christmas is only 4 weeks away!
PLUS It's GIFT Time!

During December and January we are giving you, a friend or relative, a chance to receive a years subscription to the magazine of your choice.
All that’s needed, is to have us formally approve a loan and we will pay for a magazine subscription of your choice up to the value of $250.00.
Choose from any of the magazines found at:
For further information give us a call!

Quirky Vu!
Great waves enjoyed on my recent surfing trip, but 6 weeks prior the ol' body broke down! My doctor advised  had the shoulders of a sixty year old (NO I'm not that old!)
Enter the team at Envy! They re-built the body ready for the trip.
Gotta kink you need straightening or just want to get fit for summer! Visit the team at Envy Sports Science Clinic in Mosman or Balmain. Envy is Sydney’s leading Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Personal Training facility. Click here for more info.

We hope you have enjoyed the Vu. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Gerard Hansen
GWM Advisor Services Limited AFSL No. 230692
Malvern Financial Services Pty Ltd ACL No. 395118
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F: (02) 9969 5923
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