At a time of year when we pause to be thankful for all that is good in our lives, CONCORA is thankful for you -- for attending our concerts, for supporting CONCORA's song by donating and volunteering, and for being an advocate for the arts in our community, especially the choral music we all love. Thank you! You make a difference!
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On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, people around the world participate in Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to be thankful for, and to support, the organizations that make a difference in our lives.

This year, Giving Tuesday is today, November 29. CONCORA invites you to participate in this global movement by supporting choral music right here in your community with a
tax-deductible gift to CONCORA. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference.

Click Here to Support Choral Music with a Gift to CONCORA
Wondering how much to give, and how your donation might be put to use? Here are just a few ideas for gifts that will directly support the music you love:

$5, $10, $25, or more -- that's about what it can cost to provide one piece of music for one singer. Multiply that by 20, 30, or more -- that's what it can cost to procure enough copies of just one piece of music for the entire ensemble, accompanist, and conductor. Multiply that by another 10 or 12, and that's what it can cost to purchase music for an entire concert.

$100 can purchase music storage boxes for our choral library, so we can safely store the music for later re-use.

$175 will provide tuition for an aspiring musician at CONCORA's Summer Festival.

$200 will tune a piano for a concert.

$400 will move risers and other equipment to and from a concert venue.

$750 will print programs for a concert.

Depending on the music, number of musicians, venue, and other factors, a single concert can cost several thousand dollars. Ticket prices cover only a portion of the cost, and support from foundation and government sources has dwindled.

Perhaps you are able to underwrite a concert in whole or in part? Or perhaps you're interested in dedicating your gift to a special purpose, such as sponsoring the tenor section for the season, or sponsoring all our keyboard collaborators for the year, or covering the costs of all our concert venues...what appeals to you?

If a gift of this sort might be possible, please contact the CONCORA office at or 860-293-0567 
-- we'd love to talk with you!
Did you know that your gift does more than support concert-making? It is also an investment in the future of choral music in Connecticut and beyond. As CONCORA expands its educational and outreach programs in the region, your generous gift will make it possible for us to provide more programs for school kids, create more performing opportunities for young singers, and offer more mentoring and teaching opportunities for aspiring professional musicians.

CONCORA relies on people like you -- people who understand and appreciate the beauty of human voices joined in song -- to sustain beautiful choral music today and into the future.

Your gift makes a difference! 

Please respond as generously as you can!

Thank you!
When you click on any of the "donate" links in this newsletter, you will land at a secure site where you can make a tax-deductible gift in any amount in just a minute or two. You will receive a confirmation by email. If you prefer, you may contact the CONCORA office at 860-293-0567 or to talk with a member of our staff, or you may simply mail your check (with "Giving Tuesday" in the memo line) to CONCORA, 233 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT 06103.
Click Here to Support Choral Music with a Gift to CONCORA
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