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Issue 11 - December 2016
The Churchill Poppy Pen
Is there a Doctor in the house? 
A superb silver pen - the latest release from Stratford Pen Company
Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia
The perfect pen for Christmas
What could be more fitting than the beautiful Churchill Poinsettia
Conway Stewart Churchill Lawyer's Pen
Perfectly balanced for lawyers
Two magnificent pens created specially for the legal profession
Conway Stewart Series 100 Ballpoint
Variety is the spice of life
Can you ever have enough Conway Stewart Churchills?


Welcome to our latest issue of Manuscript - the 11th newsletter from Bespoke British Pens - and as you might expect at this time of year there's not only a Christmas flavour, but also a review of 'The Best of 2016'. There is a look forward to the New Year, too and a 'heads up' on what you are likely to see from BBP in 2017. 

Movie News

As mentioned in the last issue of Manuscript (#10) we have been asked to provide pens for a new British film about Winston Churchill. It's entitled 'Darkest Hour' and is scheduled for release in late 2017.

Gary Oldman is Churchill and the cast includes John Hurt as Neville Chamberlain, whom Churchill succeeded as Prime Minister; Lily James (“Downton Abbey”) as Churchill’s personal secretary; Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI and Kristin Scott Thomas as Churchill’s wife, Clementine.

“Darkest Hour,” is derived from Churchill’s phrase to describe the period of World War II between the fall of France in June 1940 and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union a year later in 1941, when the British Empire stood alone against Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers in Europe. During that period, the United Kingdom was under constant threat of invasion and bombardment. 

It's a well-known fact that Churchill used Conway Stewart pens throughout the war years and as the film includes many scenes of him writing there's more than a touch of authenticity in the pens being used! 

The pens must have created a good impression with the film's director, as he subsequently arranged to give a Conway Stewart pen to all the principal actors.


Website upgrade

We have been aware for some time that our website was beginning to creak under the strain of so many new products being added to it, so when one of our regular customers described the experience of navigating around the site as 'clunky' we decided we needed to do something about it! It's taken a while but it's now fully operational and hopefully it's much easier to navigate and see prices etc. Take a look and let us have your thoughts.

And on the subject of websites, we have recently added a selection of our products to the equivalent of Amazon in China, and have just launched 49 new 'native language' websites across Europe, Middle East and Asia in a collaboration with PayPal.

A Churchill theme...

There's a Churchill theme running through this issue of Manuscript. From 'Pen of the Month' for December to the Lawyer's Pen and the gorgeous Poinsettia, all are the much admired Churchill, the flagship of the entire Conway Stewart range.

In this issue you will also find details of the new Doctor's Pen recently released by Stratford Pen Company to universal acclaim and there's a final chance to benefit from our special Christmas offer of a worthwhile discount on a wide range of our pens. 

Have a happy and peaceful holiday

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement during the past 12 months. We all appreciate it and wish you and your friends and family a happy and peaceful holiday season.

If you enjoy 'Manuscript', please forward a copy to your pen friends and colleagues and express your enjoyment by 'liking' us on Social Media. You'll find all the links at the bottom of this email. It all helps to spread the word about BBP worldwide!

Best wishes

David Cooper

PS I'd love to hear your feedback about 'Manuscript' - good or bad! If there's anything pen-related you'd like to discuss or share then drop me an email to:
Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia

Breathtaking - and only 2 remain!

Long associated with the festive season, the bright and colourful poinsettia plant is a familiar sight in many homes during the winter months. Its rich dark green and red foliage is the inspiration behind this Conway Stewart Churchill Poinsettia – a wonderful addition to the Conway Stewart Churchill range and the perfect Christmas-time gift or exactly the right choice for a little something with which to reward yourself as a special festive treat! But hurry - there are only 2 left.
Conway Stewart Churchill Red Stardust

The captivating Red Stardust - only 3 left! 

Introduced as the 'Pen of the Month' for December, the Churchill Red Stardust's background of deep raspberry hues is infused with strands of shimmering pearlescent red which appear to move as the pen turns in the hand. Speckled throughout the length of the cap and barrel are tiny flakes of gold, which sparkle like stars on a clear winter’s night. It’s a captivating combination – and one that makes the Churchill Red Stardust a stand-out pen whether it’s in your hand or on your desk. Only 3 remain.

The Best of 2016


The Shakespeare Pens

In April we launched the first pen under our own brand - Stratford Pen Company - The Shakespeare in Sterling Silver - to celebrate the 400th Shakespeare anniversary. It became hugely popular with Shakespeare enthusiasts and pen collectors alike and was quickly followed with a version in Vermeil silver. See below. 


Stratford Pen Co Shakespeare Pen in Sterling Silver
Stratford Pen Co Shakespeare Pen in Vermeil Silver

Conway Stewart Churchill Poppy pen (below)

2016 was the centenary of the Battle of The Somme and it seemed appropriate to launch The Churchill Poppy pen. It has a chased (engraved) barleycorn pattern on both barrel and cap that make it very, very tactile. Add the sterling silver fitments and the 2-tone rhodium/gold nib and you have a pen that looks simply magnificent. In addition, you will notice the beautiful sterling silver guilloché enamelled button to the top of the cap, representing a poppy - a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made 100 years ago.   
Full details here. 
Conway Stewart Churchill Poppy Pen cap
Churchill Poppy Pen

Feedback from customers:

"Yesterday I became the proud owner of a beautiful bespoke Conway Stewart fountain pen like the one used by Sir Winston Churchill during World War II. It's an old-fashioned pen that fills from a bottle with a lever on the barrel. It has a large ink capacity, larger than any pen I've owned with one of those converters that you can insert in lieu of a cartridge. The pen glides effortlessly across the paper with never a skip. This very British pen seems designed primarily with a view to functionality, but is a work of art at the same time."

Morris T Reagan, USA

The Professionals

Three other pens introduced in 2016 are part of our new Professionals range. 

The first elements of this collection are 2 Conway Stewart Lawyer's Pens - one a Churchill and the other a Series 100, while the other is the Doctor's Pen created by Stratford Pen Company. They are soon to be follwed by an Accountant's Pen and, later in 2017, an Engineer's Pen.
Conway Stewart Churchill Lawyer's Pen - full details here. 
Conway Stewart Series 100 Lawyer's Pen - full details here.
Stratford Pen Company Doctor's Pen - full details here.  


Conway Stewart Lawyer's Pens
Stratford Pen Company The Doctor's Pen in sterling silver

The Dragonfly Blotter - perfect on any desk

We also added this magnificent Dragonfly Blotter to our Accessories page in 2016 - and it has proved to be very popular. Made in England from a pewter dragonfly casting that's silver plated then mounted on a semicircular glass 'bottle', we think it deserves a place on every writing enthusiast's desk. Supplied with blotting paper already fitted (and some replacements), we think you'll love it. (And it makes a great gift!)
Dragonfly Blotter
Dragonfly Blotter 2
Dragonfly blotter 3

A Christmas Gift from us to you...

As mentioned earlier, here's a quick reminder about how you can make a worthwhile saving on a wide range of our pens. It's not quite a Boxing Day Sale, but more of a 'Thank You' to our customers for all the support you have given us in the past two years since BBP came into existence. 

You will find the whole Christmas range here.  Enjoy!

Feedback from customers:

I've received the Conway Stewart Churchill fountain pen and I am impressed. 
The nib, the line, the sound of writing, the deep and powerful types of green that colours the body, the pen itself is a great joy to write with. Thank you and all the Bespoke British Pens crew for your work and passion. Have a wonderful day!" 

Mircea Radu, Romania

Stop Press! 

There are lots of new pens planned for 2017, so without giving too much away, here is a quick 'heads-up' on a few of the pens you can expect to see in the next 6 months.

Firstly, a new range of acrylic Stratford pens (nameless for the moment) with sterling silver fittings. They are slightly smaller than the Shakespeare pen range.

At the other extreme, we are producing a new version of the Conway Stewart Churchill as a plunger-filler with a size 8 Conway Stewart nib. Wow!  

We have also uncovered some more Conway Stewart Churchills in tiny editions, this time in what we are calling Marine Blue plus a Conway Stewart Raleigh with a superbly engraved barrel. Both look magnificent. 

If you would like advance notice of any of these new releases, just send an email marked 'New Releases' and I'll make sure you'll be the first to receive information about them.

And finally...

We will be closing our offices and workshop for a well-earned break over the holiday period from Friday 23 December until Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Of course the website is open 24/7 but any orders will not be acknowledged or despatched between these dates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue. Please forward it to your pen friends and contacts and click on the buttons below to share it on Social Media.

Thank you.
Merry Christmas from Bespoke British Pens
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