Students and teachers from Boston Architectural College study hydrology and storm water in a field trip to Cambridge's prize-winning storm water wetlands at Alewife. They will do individual  planning projects with Alewife in mind. FAR hosts the visit and shares brochures and maps.
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11th Annual DCR-Alewife Park Serve Day- Clean, spruce up and show your love for the natural resources at Alewife and everywhere. Join thousands in Massachusetts for spring cleanup of our parks and public spaces.

We will pair up with Sunnyside neighbors in Somerville to connect at the Rotary greenway, something FAR has been trying to do for 8 Park Serve Days.

Wildlife Photography of Alewife

See the Photography show of Alewife and surrounding flora and fauna at The Cambridge Homes through May, 360 Mt. Auburn St., open 7 days a week. The Show features noted photographer, George Mclean and Rindge and Latin Student, Jake Stout.

A tribute to the Natural Resources of Cambridge.

Alewife Planning: Envisioning and Climate Projections
Many have been chosen to help plan the potential 2500 unit addition within the Quadrangle adjacent to Blair Pond, its meadow, woodlands.  Additional storm water discharges would go into the already heavily contaminated Little River.

FAR was not among  the chosen to help plan the area, despite the amazing Alewife library and grand array of environmental maps and materials that could be useful in city-neighborhood discussions which will now ensue under auspices of Community Development, nor were adequate environmentalists chosen, but last night's Climate report meeting indicated many residents are aware of the importance of the floodplain and exhibited respect for ecology and natural resources.

Quadrangle floodplain

We hope to see a campaign to keep the Quadrangle floodplain largely free of buildings because US FEMA floodplain must be respected, especially since New England and Alewife are projected to receive heavy sea rise and unknown surges as it is between 5 (T stop) and 8 feet (further west) above sea level. Cornell projects 50-70 percent increase of precipitation from 2011. Cambridge's projection was 15-30 percent by 2030. Science has sharpened its projections via Cornell U. which is the measuring base by many top hydrologists:

FAR has continuously projected the Cornell figures taken from FAR's paid silver maple hydrologist after the recent felling (2014) of Cambridge's partial 2 acre forest, mostly in Belmont (5 acres). The protected Alewife Reservation "buffer zone" in Cambridge abuts the new Belmont development where developer's storm water contains the danger of contaminating Perch Pond and Little River in the Reservation.

Planning the Quadrangle will have many of these challenges and more, as the  city dump and old drainage systems.

See you at the Cleanup At Alewife on the 29th!

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