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Friends of Alewife Reservation

Silver Maple Forest
photo: David Mussina
Anthropology Report on Alewife Reservation
LETTER: Preserve the Alewife Reservation ecosystem


About Friends of Alewife Reservation

Please post from your reservation sightings what you see and share it with us on our FAR Sightings Blog!
Anthropology Report on Alewife Reservation

Alewife History and present day circumstances. (article)

Dedictated to 7th grade Cambridge class project and FAR. (Also see Alchemy at Alewife 2 sections for more history by state leaders and city officials- 1995)

LETTER: Preserve the Alewife Reservation ecosystem

Your editorial June 2 on water scarcity and climate change is a good global lesson in global drought and scarcity, but no reference to Cambridge in matters of water flow, quality or cleanliness of water, which pours through our city through the Charles and Mystic River watersheds. (article published in Cambridge Chronical)


Alchemy at Alewife

"Produced by top state leaders and environmentalists of the time in 1995 by Editor, Jerry Howard, and could be of great use to Cambridge's newly appointed Alewife Committee in 2016. Well planned Alewife Region at the time. We hope to learn from these great planners and conservationists."
-Ellen Mass June 2016
(section 1, section 2)

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