10th Annual FAR Summer Ecology Camp Wraps Up.

On Friday August 12, participants in the 10th annual FAR Summer Ecology Camp celebrated the successful completion of camp with a picnic at the Reservation. Pizza, salads and rolls were generously provided by Bertucci's in the Alewife T-station. Thank you, Bertucci's!

FAR Summer Ecology Camp Goes to Beacon Hill

On Friday August 5, campers visited the legislature to meet with several state lawmakers who represent citizens living near the Reservation. The campers planned to ask the representatives what is being done to improve water quality in Little Pond and Little River. Their trip coincided with the end of a busy legislative session, so the campers ended up meeting mostly with legislative aides. For many, this was their first time visiting the state capital! It was also a valuable lesson in civic engagement but youth felt that their questions were mostly unanswered. They remained hopeful that Little River would become a priority at the state house as the water quality has been a D- rating.

FAR Summer Ecology Camp Wiki
This year's FAR Summer Ecology Campers, like those from previous years, built a wiki! It includes pictures of the work done and creatures encountered on the Reservation as well as artistic endeavors, some of the presentations given by guest speakers and other content. Check it out at:

You can also check out the wikis of previous years at:
Water quality testing reveals coliform contamination. Coliform bacteria can cause severe stomach discomfort if ingested and infections in cuts and scrapes.
Water quality testing in Little Pond and Little River showed elevated levels of phosphates. High phosphates often lead to algae blooms and lower dissolved oxygen levels.