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Friends of Alewife Reservation

Silver Maple Forest
photo: George Mclean
  • From The President
  • Bald Eagle @ Little Pond
  • Elhwa River Freed
  • Biodiversity4LivableClimate Conference
  • Globe Reporter: David Abel
  • Boston Adaptation Report

Join Us For These Great Events!

March 10th: Speaker- Nancy Hammett, MA Rivers Alliance Staff
(former Executive Director of the Mystic River Watershed Association & former member of Watertown's Conservation Commission and Stormwater Advisory Committee)

7-8pm; Lesley University Room 2-026 (Second floor by information desk, glass room)
FAR Board Meeting & Speaker on what we can do at Alewife to improve Little River's D- Report Card


March 12th: Tour-Wildlife Tracking and Ecology Event

10am-1pm; meet at Alewife T entry bridge
Rescheduled walk from February 13th
Tracking at Alewife Reservation: Sponsored by Friends of Alewife Reservation (617) 415-1884
** At least 2 days notice will be given for any further event cancellation
*** Wear STURDY boots, bring water, snack bar, & warm clothing
Youth over 14 welcome, young children over 9 can be carried over some terrain.


About Friends of Alewife Reservation

Please post from your reservation sightings what you see and share it with us on our FAR Sightings Blog!

Did you notice we were hacked today? Apologies to everyone, we're working on it. 

From the President

Ellen Mass, President of Friends of Alewife Reservation

The US-EPA will soon grant the rivers and streams of this nation a great service by enforcing the new MS4 regulations directed at the millions of pipes and various outfalls, streams and discharge equipment carrying toxins and pollutants into precious water bodies that function as protections for humans living nearby, and animals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and carbon sequestering plants which are nourished and thrive in these natural resources. Testing and keeping track of outfalls will require cleaning our poor quality water systems in Belmont and West Cambridge, both of which fail safety and health standards of the Commonwealth and Nation.

“Goal of MS4 for municipalities in 2016 is “to make serious efforts to control their storm water pollution, we have a chance to finally make shared local streams and lakes swimmable, boatable, and healthy homes for wildlife. That is the goal of the proposed MS4 permit.”

Nancy Hammett

Bald Eagle in Alewife sub-watershed
(Little Pond in Belmont)
Thanks to Stephanie Liu

Elhwa River Freed- Brings glorious biodiversity to Washington State and beyond.

What happens to nature when a large dam is removed...

Next Biodiversity4LivableClimate Conference at Harvard University: The Power and Promise of Biodiversity: Visions of Restoring Land, Sea and Climate, April 30, 2016 

Globe Reporter:  David Abel Explains Clean River Water Options from new EPA River regulations

Strong storm water Implications for changes to  Little River D- report card
Alewife sub-watershed of Mystic River Watershed 

"Municipalities will be required to do whatever they can to allow more water to drain directly into the ground and wetlands, which filter out the phosphorus and other harmful chemicals, rather than have that water flow into the river.

Over the next 20 years, communities will be required to replace asphalt with porous pavement, increase street sweeping, clear catch basins more regularly, and rebuild wetlands, among other things." 

This link is the original Boston Adaptation report put out by the Adaptation Advisory Committee in September 2011. 
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