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EMMA: Providing multilingual access to European MOOCs

The European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, EMMA for short, is a 30-month project showcasing the diversity of MOOCs in Europe and piloting an innovative approach to their use. EMMA’s special features and tools will facilitate learners to follow whole MOOCs or to construct their own personalised learning path with units from several MOOCs and from different countries, as their building blocks. A transcription and translation tool will help students to access courses in multiple languages as the project goes on. Analytics and tracking data allow for monitoring and upgrading of the service. EMMA involves a  team of 12 partners across 8 countries, including experts in technology enhanced learning, machine translation and learning analytics. As the project evolves, other universities will be invited to join and make their MOOCs available through the EMMA platform. The registration for the first round of MOOCs will be opened at the beginning of October, keep checking the website for the latest info:

Automatic Transcription and Translation of MOOC content

by Dr. Jorge Civera, Associate Professor of computer science at UPV, Spain (partner in EMMA)

One of the most appealing services of the EMMA platform is the possibility of having your course materials automatically translated into other European languages opening up your student community. In the case of audiovisual materials, such as videos, subtitles are automatically generated in multiple languages. At the current state of the project, transcription systems that generate subtitles from videos in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese have been developed. Translation systems have also been deployed for the following translation pairs: from Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese into English, from Spanish into English and Catalan. The translation systems will be employed to translate both, subtitles and textual content of MOOCs in the original language. The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology behind the EMMA transcription systems have been developed at the European project transLectures ( coordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de València. This technology is based on state-of-the-art ASR techniques combining Deep Neural Network for acousting modelling and n-gram models for language modelling. The translation systems are grounded on the publicly available MOSES translation toolkit that implements a state-of-the-art phrase-based translation system. In addition, lecturers and students may have the possibility of reviewing automatic transcriptions and translations of their MOOC courses to improve not only current transcriptions and translations, but also future ones taking advantage of transcription and translation system updates from these reviewed materials. As the project progresses, MOOC courses from other European universities will be uploaded involving new languages, such as French and Estonian, being automatically transcribed and translated into English. Moreover, an English into Italian translation system will be put into place to translate Spanish MOOC courses into Italian (and vice versa) passing over English as a pivoting, quality assurance language. To find out more and to see the transLectures tools in action check:

Open call position papers on MOOCs

The call for position papers on the opportunities and characteristics for European cooperation on MOOCs organised by the HOME project is open until 13 September 2014…. Read More

16 - 19 Sept 2014 

EC-TEL 2014

Ninth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Graz, Austria

23 - 24 Oct 2014 

EADTU 2014

The Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, Krakow, Poland

27 - 28 Oct 2014 


The 8th EDEN Research Workshop, Oxford, UK

30 - 31 Oct 2014 

ECEL 2014

13th European Conference on e-Learning, Copenhagen, Denmark

20 - 21 Nov 2014 

M&L 2014

Media & Learning Conference, Brussels, Belgium

3 - 5 Dec 2014 


Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Call for Interest in taking over the running of the French FUN-MOOC platform

The French Ministry of Education has published a Call for Interest in taking over the running of the national FUN-MOOC platform, less than a year after the launch of the France Université Numérique programme... read more

The EMMA consortium meets in Naples to prepare platform launch

The EMMA consortium, working on the deployment of EMMA, has gathered at the University of Naples Federico II, to discuss the last design issues of the platform before preparing the launch of the first 10 more

Working Committee to explore collaboration amongst European MOOC related projects

Several European MOOC initiatives and projects have been set up in the last year, most of them funded by the European Commission under different programmes. As there are a lot of common interests amongst these more

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