January 2015 Newsletter


Another busy month for 4 Shires, please read for updates, gala reports, swimmer of the month and appeals for help ! 


A word from our Head Coach … Kim

South East Winter Regional Championships
& South Zonal Championships
Rebecca Hoadley, our Ladies Club Champion, has become the first 4Shires swimmer to qualify and compete in the South East Region Winter Championships at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. Whilst Felicity Darwent has become the first 4Shires swimmer to qualify and compete in the South Zonal Championships held at the London Aquatic Centre.
I really regret not being able to see Rebecca swim but we had a large team competing at the same time at a Maxwell Meet. Rebecca set three outstanding new PBs in all her events, 50 Freestyle, 100 Individual Medley and 50 Butterfly finishing very respectably in what are highly competitive events.
I was lucky enough to be present when Fe produced a remarkable PB in 100 Backstroke breaking her 50m PB on the way. By doing so she improved her standing from 80th qualifier to 27th out of 84 entrants and 14th in her age group.
These were all brilliant swims, I hope we can build on their successes and get more 4 Shires swimmers to qualify for these prestigious events in the future.
Congratulations to them both.
Bring on the Counties at next weekend
A very proud

Felicity Darwent and her very proud coach !

Upcoming galas

COSC Development Gala 3
We are looking forward to this meet at the brand new pool in Blackbird Leys Oxford  on 7th March. We have had a record 4 Shires entry of 39 swimmers ! Club entries are now closed and we will send out more information once we have confirmation of entry acceptance from Oxford.

Sheffield L1 Gala 27th - 29th March.
Another chance to swim in an International standard pool for those that qualify
Internal Closing date 6th Feb - click here for information. Please send entries to Kath Lamb or Louise Berry

Gloucester L2 Meet
11-12th April.
All swimmers that qualify are strongly recommended to enter, as this will be one of the last opportunities to obtain qualifying times for the Regional championships in May.
For details click here

Internal closing date 8th February - entries to Kath Lamb or Louise Berry

For more dates of possible future galas click here

 Kim's Gala Report

Mid County Report 2015
A very good start to the Counties giving us our best results ever, so far.
We had 7 Girls in 800 Fs, 3 in 400 IM & 4 in 400 Fs
Resulting in 9 PBs
Medal Winners     Fe Darwent 3rd 400 IM & 3rd 400 Fs, Evie Sanders 5th 400 IM & Rebecca Hoadley 6th 400 IM & 5th 400 Fs.
Notable results
Eloise Upton 10th 400 Fs, Megan Stockford 18th 400 Fs. 800 Fs Rebecca Hoadley 14th, Fe Darwent 21st, Megan Stockford 54th, Eloise Upton 62ndEmily Alsop 67th, Kate Edgerton 68th & Kirsty Pearson 69th.

19 Girls & 8 boys
Boys 11-12 Med, 18th from 24, 1 DQ, 11-12 Fs 17th from 23.
Girls 11-12 Med, 25th from 28, 1 DQ, 11-12 Fs 20th & 24th from 30
Girls 13-14 Med, 11th from 28, 1 DQ,  7th & 26th from 28
3 avoidable  DQs – learning for the future.
And finally......
So you think Coaching is easy!
1 swimmer forgetting all her kit, costume, goggles, hat etc (Thank you Kath & Mel) 1 swimmer stubbed her already damaged big toe causing it to bleed and delay the relay (thank you to our own Dr Catherine Lawrence who patched her up but missed her own Ellie swimming),
2 swimmers goggles came off at the start.
Despite all this we’ve had a lot of outstanding swims which gave other clubs a surprise and made me really proud


 Chipping Norton Partnership Schools Gala

On Wednesday 21st January 4Shires facilitated at the Chipping Norton School Partnership Gala an event where the primary schools in the CN catchment are invited to compete  against each other Here is Kim's report.......

Overall a good competition, probably the most competitive ever.Thank you CN Partnership and in particular Jo Philips.


It was Great to see so many 4 Shires hats and costumes!


Thank you to the following from 4Shires SC for giving up their time and helping out. Kath the organiser, John, Rachel, Sarah Holland, Rosa Holland, Sarah C, Heidi, Debbie, Jo, Nina, Bill & Barbara. With Sam & Emily who were there with CN school.

A special thanks to Aaron & Megan our two Club Captains, who apart from spotting talent, also gave a short chat to over 100 children, Parents, Teachers and Coaches about the Club. Well done.


30 potential swimmers have been selected and hopefully all will come for trials and join us in the coming weeks.



New Members

We’re delighted to welcome the following new swimmers to the Club:
Gabriel Lanham, Olivia Hogan, Gethin Collins, Edward Fernandez, Toby Fernandez, Rhiannon Voepel, Oscar Ward, Eric Beckett, Laurence Barnes, Arthur Eve, Olivia Hill, Evie Littlewood, Lauren Hester, Charlie Blackburn and Gabriel Lanham
We hope you enjoy your swimming, make good progress and make lots of new friends!

Swimmer of the Month


Oliver Crabtree is Kim's swimmer of the month. Here is John handing over the trophy and congratulating him for his hard work and good progress.


Parents - Your Club Needs You !

Our club is growing rapidly and it is great news that we are entering more swimmers in more galas across the year. Every time we enter a competition we are asked by the host club to provide time keepers (usually a ratio of 1:10 kids) and at least one official.

We already have some very valued parents volunteering to help us in these roles but we desperately need more, especially for the Development meets that our Academy swimmers enjoy.  To become an Official requires some commitment as you need to go on courses and be continually assessed but we would find the courses for you and only ask you to go to galas where your child is swimming.

 If that sounds too much for you then maybe you could be a parent timekeeper - no formal training required at some galas. If you think you might be interested get in touch with one of the committee members - think how great you would look dressed all in white !

Officiating not your thing ? We also need additional help on the Committee - perhaps you could be our Open Meets Co-ordinator, or take up some administrative duties? Or do you have a talent for fundraising and tracking down sponsorship ? If you think you could help and have some time to spare we would love to hear from you !

The Committee - Who's Who ?

We often refer to the committee in our communications but do you know who we all are ? Over the next few months we are going to give you a short profile of each committee member so you know who to go to if you need us. This month we start with our Chair Person Katherine Lamb ......

Hello, just in case we haven't met, I’m Kath and the Chair of the swimming club. I am also mum to Aaron, Emily, Kirsty and Lewis, and when I am not sat poolside, or walking our 5 dogs, you will find me at work, at Slade Fire Station in Oxford. As you can imagine, I have lots of free time, and I enjoy peaceful weekends prioritising my own activities, and lazy Sundays reading the newspaper with a coffee!

Here I am with my family - can you spot me ?

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