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September Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the September newsletter from At the Vets.
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If you haven't visited us in a while, come in and meet the team.

Veronika is having a few months off from the end of September on maternity leave, and Suzanne Anderson will be joining us until January.  We are sure our clients will enjoy meeting her.  We look forward to welcoming Veronika's new addition.
Victoria has returned to work after her maternity leave - our staff family functions are rapidly expanding!!

Cool new flea products:

I treated my dogs this week for fleas - and I don't have to do it again for a whole 3 months!!
Bravecto is a totally new chewable treat for dogs that tastes great (according to my girls who wanted more) and is still killing fleas 3 months later.  No more avoiding swimming or bathing after treatment.
I'm now planning to treat at the start of each season.  Job done!
Come in and ask the nurses about this great new product.  Prices range from $45.60 for an extra small dog, to $60.10 for a giant dog.
Activyl, is a new topical flea treatment for dogs and cats - available in single dose packs, and 4 dose multipacks.  Super safe, and really effective and cheaper than other similar products.  The single dose packs are popular, especially where you have several pets over different weight ranges (or just trying to save a little money but still get quality products).  A single large cat dose is just $12.80.

During September - with every pack of Activyl or Bravecto sold get a free Drontal Cat or Dog worming treatment!!


Is your pet over 8 years old?

During September and October – take advantage of lower laboratory fees for geriatric pets!
Because of the special needs of senior pets and how quickly they age, it is important that these special family members receive complete physical examinations at least twice yearly.  At these checkups our veterinarians are evaluating internal organs as well as the eyes, ears, skin, heart, joints, any lumps and dental disease.
As pets age, organ systems often begin to fail and common diseases we see in senior pets include:
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Dental Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Cancer
  • Joint disease - arthritis
  • Endocrine diseases – Thyroid, Diabetes and Adrenal gland disease
  • Intestinal – Inflammatory bowel disease and colitis
Blood testing is one of the best methods to identify medical conditions which cannot be identified through examination alone.  Blood tests can detect disease before clinical signs become obvious. Disease states can be identified and treated faster, with a better outcome. 
And if all tests are normal, then you have peace of mind that your pet is healthy (and we will also now have baseline values to compare future test results to). 
During our last senior pet promotion, we found less than 10% of pet’s we tested were completely normal.  Most geriatric disease therefore goes undiagnosed.
Chemistry and haematology blood tests provide a detailed look into your pet’s health from the inside.
Haematology testing involves a detailed look at blood cells – Red blood cells provide information about your pet’s oxygen carrying ability (telling us about potiential anaemia’s), while White blood cells provide information about your pet’s immune system and overall health.  Platelets are important to evaluate the ability of blood to clot.
The Chemistry panel looks in depth into liver and kidney disease, blood protein and electrolyte levels and glucose levels.
We use a VetScan in-clinic laboratory system to evaluate your pet’s overall health, allowing us to perform all chemistry and haematology tests quickly in-house.  Part of your senior pet’s wellness check will involve evaluation of a blood smear by our pathologist (looking more specifically at cell types and picking up disease such as circulating cancer cells), and evaluation of a urine sample (including sediment analysis looking for signs of kidney and bladder disease or infection). 
Senior cats frequently suffer Thyroid disease resulting in hyperthyroidism, so the senior cat panel includes checking for thyroid hormone levels (and incurs a higher cost than the dog panel because of this).
When booking your senior pet checkup, please try to remember to collect a fresh urine sample from your pet at home if possible, (please ensure you collect it into a clean and dry container, seal it and store it quickly in the fridge) and bring it along with you.   If you cannot get a urine sample, come along anyway and we can try to collect one in-clinic.
Your pet’s senior wellness checkup will include:
  • A full physical examination
  • Blood and Urine testing :
  • Full blood chemistry panel
  • Complete Haematology Panel and evaluation of blood smear
  • Urinalysis (dipstick and specific gravity measurement) and evaluation of urine sediment
  • In cats, measurement of thyroid hormone level (T4)
Costs until end of October 2014:
      Dogs now just$250 (value $395)
      Cats now just $295 (value $475)

Please mention this promo when booking your appointment so we can allocate time accordingly.

Pet of the Month!

Pet of the month winner: Lucas
We bet there's a treat being held up just outside the camera shot, but what a stunning pic of Lucas!
Lucas has won himself a free bag of premium pet food (of his choice!). 
We had so many fabulous pics sent in this month that it was really hard to choose just one.
For your chance to win, send us a super-cute pic of your furbaby.
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