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August Newsletter

This month's success story is of Zara the little cat who suffered from multiple pelvic fractures after she was hit by a car. 
Learn about the relaxing synthetic pheromones Feliway and Adaptil that we are using in our clinic to keep your pets calm and relaxed during their stay.
Currently there is a supply issue with the anti-inflammatory pain relief drug Trocoxil (for arthiritis).
We announce the Pet of the Month Winner!

Hit by a Car - Zara's Pelvic Surgery
Little Zara came into our clinic after she had been missing overnight. She was unstable on her legs and had shredded claws. The vet suspected that she'd been hit by a car. We admitted her into the clinic and started pain relief, IV fluids, and x-rays. 
In her xray (shown above), we saw that she had multiple pelvic fractures, including a fracture that went straight through her hip joint. Zara's owners decided they would like to go ahead with the surgery needed, so we scheduled her for surgery the next day. 
During surgery, our vet Heather removed the top of the femur to allow the pelvis to heal and create a fibrous joint to prevent arthritis in the future. She also placed a screw to stabilize the pelvis. Zara was on a constant pain relief drip before, during, and after surgery. 
After surgery, Zara recovered and woke up gently on our Accell Therapy Mat (which performs a soothing vibration for smooth anesthetic recovery). We made sure she was warm, comfortable, and pain free. 
The next day, Zara was bright and already eating. She handled her surgery and recovery so bravely!
Over the next few days, she was in intensive care with our nurses and vets regularly checking up on how she was doing. She was regularly placed on the therapy mat to help speed up her healing. 
Zara has done amazingly well, we still see her occasionally to check on her progress, but mostly she was sent home to have many weeks of bed rest! 
Comforting Pheromones in the Clinic?!
At The Vets is now using synthetic cat and dog calming pheromones throughout the clinic to keep your pet's visit as stress free as possible. Research has found that when one dog or cat is anxious or stressed in the clinic, they release their stressed pheromones, which may affect the next visiting dog's or cat's behavior. However by using Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) and Feliway (Cat Comforting Pheromones) we hope to create a calm and relaxed environment for your pets.

Adaptil is a synthetic analogue of the safe and secure 'mommy' pheromones for dogs, and Feliway is a synthetic analogue of the  'safe feeling' or 'territory' pheromone (when cats rub their head/face on things). The pheromones do not affect humans or cross species. 

Feliway and Adaptil can also be used to assist behavior change in all sorts of anxiety disorders, and stressful situations (such as shifting house, or by helping your new puppy feel secure in their new home). Pheromone therapy can also help to calm your dog or cat with certain phobias (such as thunderstorms or fireworks). It can be bought a room diffuser, spray, or collars for dogs.

Come in and have a chat with one of our nurses to see if using Feliway or Adaptil would benefit your pet.

Trocoxil Restricted Supply
Trocoxil which has been an effective anti-inflammatory pain relief for our dogs with arthiritis is currently out of stock until at least January 2016, or possibly discontinued. We have contacted the owners that we know to be giving their dogs Trocoxil, and created a plan for them. However if you have any concerns or would like to speak to a Veterinarian regarding Trocoxil, please phone our clinic on 332 6632.

FREE Vaccination and Health Check!

Here's how! Download our At The Vet's app to collect one loyalty point each time you visit and spend over $50 (on anything in our clinic, including medical treatment). When you have 12 Loyalty Points, you will receive a free vaccination* and health check for your pet!
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*core vaccinations only - Dogs - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and/or Kennel Cough. Cats - Feline panleucopaenia (or infectious enteritis), feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus (both causes of “cat flu”).


Pet of the Month!

Pet of the month winner: OLIVE
Congratulations! Olive has won 'Pet Of The Month' for this gorgeous photo of her running in the snow.

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