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July Newsletter

This month we focus on the story of 'Frodo' the cat who was diagnosed with lead poisoning due to paint stripping during home renovations.
We are also pleased to announce that At The Vets is now Best Practice accredited. So, what does that mean for you and your pets?
Accell Massage Therapy is our new and exciting treatment for speeding up healing and reducing stress in your pets while they are at the clinic.
Finally, we announce the Winter Pet of the Month winner!

Frodo's Adventure with Lead Poisoning
Frodo is a young Ragdoll cat who arrived at our clinic one evening very depressed, trembling, and with no interest in eating and drinking. He had lost nearly 1kg, which is a lot for a cat! He suffered from a seizure as his shaking got worse. Frodo was given emergency treatment to control his seizuring, as well as urgent blood tests to try and find out why it was happening.
At home, Frodo's owners had been busy for the last 3 months doing house renovations, including sanding of lead paint. They had tried their best to clean up any dust, but it was feared that Frodo might be suffering from lead poisoning due to breathing the dust or licking it off his coat.
A blood test confirmed that Frodo had toxic amounts of lead in his blood, and we started a series of injections to purge the lead from his body. Frodo soon started to show signs of improvement. He stopped trembling, his appetite returned, and he put on weight! After many weeks of injections, and blood tests on his lead levels, we are happy to say that Frodo is finally back to his normal self.
So, if you are doing house renovations, please be aware that the old lead paint is not only toxic to humans, but also to our pets.
We are Best Practice Accredited!
What does it mean for you as a client?
It means our clinic will give your pet excellent quality of care. You can trust our staff to be professional, caring, experienced in veterinary medicine and healthcare, and continually updating their professional development. The facilities and equipment are safe, modern and well-maintained. All medications are safely dispensed and appropriately labelled for your pet.
Our clinic will be audited every 2 years to stand by our standards of excellence.
Our New Massage Mat (Accell Therapy)
Accell Therapy uses 3D vibrations as a gentle and drug-free way to treat and manage:
Joint Mobility and Inflammation
Torn Muscles and Ligament Damage
Provides Muscle Stimulation
Speeds up Wound Healing
Improves Lymphatic Drainage
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Reduces Post-Op Recovery Time

It is Safe and Free from Side Effects.
$30 per session.
Call us on 332 6632 for any enquiries.
*Accell therapy may be also be used in conjunction with medication, as recommended by a Veterinarian.


FREE Vaccination and Health Check!

Here's how! Download our At The Vet's app to collect one loyalty point each time you visit and spend over $50 (on anything in our clinic, including medical treatment). When you have 12 Loyalty Points, you will receive a free vaccination* and health check for your pet!
Scan the QR code or go to to get the app.
*core vaccinations only - Dogs - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and/or Kennel Cough. Cats - Feline panleucopaenia (or infectious enteritis), feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus (both causes of “cat flu”).


Pet of the Month!

Pet of the month winner: Fabian
Congratulations! Fabian has won 'Pet Of The Month' for this photo of how he keeps snuggly warm in winter.
He wins a free bag of premium pet food and 2 cool pet bowls.

For your chance to win, send us a super-cute pic of your furbaby.
Email your photo to 
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